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Chances are high that you know of the 12 step recovery program

Chances are high that you know of the 12 step recovery program

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Addiction is a complicated problem to handle, and you may understand the gravity of the situation if you have handled a loved one who is struggling because of the problem. Because it involves multiple factors, it cannot be solved by only using one strategy of ‘building your willpower to say no to drugs’.

The official definition is that it is a disease that affects the brain, and it brings along various consequences – to the spiritual, mental, physical and social areas of your life. The treatment and medical responses are helpful in dealing with it, but there also needs to be therapy strategies in use so that the person is assisted to recover completely – even in their mindset towards drugs. Addiction is a serious illness that causes death and other negative effects, but the good news is that it is possible to fully recover.

Recovery on the other hand, is an interesting process because it implies there is remission as well as improvement. In addition, there is an implication of hope that the person will avoid dangerous outcomes when they go through recovery activities. Among the many recovery strategies that are in use is the implementation of twelve-step recovery method, which has been a popular form of treatment in the past.

In spite of the important role that the treatment program has in the lives of many people who are battling various addictions, it is easy to remain skeptical of its effectiveness if you are not familiar with its steps. Research shows the contrary though, as findings constantly state that individuals that participate in the program have a greater chance of future success. In addition, people who have gone through the program also help others, o it makes sense to understand what makes this therapy method so special.

What is 12-step recovery about?

Chances are high that you know of the 12 step recovery programInitially begun by the founders of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in 1939, it seeks to set some rules regarding the overcoming of alcohol addictions – and by extension, other forms of substance abuse. It has been in wide use since its initial success with rehabilitating alcoholics led to other therapists sing it in their own treatment methods.

Even though the method relies on spirituality to a large extent, this does not need to discourage you from joining if you are non-religious. Many people have found success through the program because it emphasizes that you need to understand the presence of God in your own way. It therefore allows for different belief systems and interpretations.

Is there a correct way of doing the therapy method?

Recovery is not a process that ends when you leave rehab, as it continues to be a lifelong goal you must strive to achieve. Because of this, there is no specific right way to participate in the program – it gives you room to decide the best path for you. Many times, a participant will want to go through certain steps more than once, or they feel they want to handle more than one step at certain times.

The twelve steps involve admitting you are powerless over the substance, you need a higher power to help you on the right track, you surrender to this higher power, make a deliberate search of your own morals, admitting our wrongs to God and other people, being ready to allow God to remove our character defects, and making a list of people we have wronged so that we amend our relationships with them. It also involves taking full responsibility over your wrongdoings, communicating with God, and experiencing a spiritual awareness that we need to practice sobriety in all the things you do.

The therapy involves participation in a group, even though the steps must be carried out at an individual level. In addition, the major literature that the method uses as its basis is the Big Book, and each treatment method has modifications of the twelve steps to use in their own strategies of recovery.

The only things you need to be aware of when deciding to join the program is having a willingness to stop alcohol and substance abuse, or any other addiction you may have, and maintaining your anonymity is essential to help you elevate your principles above your own personality.

Is the treatment method effective?

The program does not really use the names of people who have been through the treatment process, and there is also no results from formal research, so it is not easy to objectively say whether it is helpful or not. However, when you consider the stories that come from former addicts who have been through it, then that m suggests how effective the program is.

The least it does is giving the person some support, accountability, and encouragement; especially when they want to overcome the problem of their addiction. The regular and set meeting times, as well as the sponsorship model of operation, guarantee that the individual will get the support they require to help them stay clean. 

Why is it important to consider it as a form of treatment?

In the journey to sobriety, it is important to consider that each case is different and every individual will have their own path towards recovery. The plan usually includes the implementation of this program, and it allows the patient to receive support from others in overcoming their own addiction.

Every person struggling with addiction needs to learn with it in their ways, so the therapy method you use needs to factor your specific and unique requirements into the treatment plan. When a person is allowed to participate in the treatment plan that communicates in a direct way to their addiction, it helps them recover more effectively without risking relapses or other future problems.

Final thoughts

If you would like to find a rehab facility that offers12-step treatment therapy, there are numerous ones. It is important though that the person struggling with the addiction to be willing to go through the process to increase the chances of success.


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