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Top 20 Best 3D Valentine Cards for Her 2019

Top 20 Best 3D Valentine Cards for Her 2019

Last Updated on January 11, 2019 by Frank

Couples who love each other, on Valentine’s Day 14/2, often send roses and chocolates with sweet romantic wishes. Besides, Valentine cards are also indispensable.

Here are the 3D cards with the best and most romantic Valentine wishes that will be a very meaningful gift to lovers on Valentine’s Day.

1. Love Birds Card

A beautiful card for couples in love or husbands for wives. Give her this romantic card. Surely she will be very touched when reading what is written on this card.

” Love everything about you

Can’t imagine life without you

The smartest thing i’ve done

is make you mine.

Love thingking of forever

Just enjoying life together

You’re always be my love,

my Valentine “

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2. Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card – Bridge Card 

A beautiful card for guys who want to send heart words to their girlfriend, this card is very suitable. This poetic scene will help her easily accept your feelings. Let those whisper in her ear:

The is a hand I love to hold

a face i love to see

There is a voice i love to hear

that means the world to me

There is a heat that undertands

What i am dreaming of…

And all of these belong to you…

The wonderful one I love.

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3. Fish Card – Romantic card for her

A great card for boys, husbands who want to send heart words to their girlfriend (or wife), this card is very suitable. Beyond that vast blue ocean ” I’m so lucky to be in this life with you”.

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4. Roman Car Card

A romantic car carrying a couple on the road full of the moon and stars full of romance only you and her. Please bring her wonderful Valentine’s Day and this card, she will definitely look forward to it

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5. Hot Air Balloon Card

A romantic space, the two of you sit side by side watching everything from above. Spend time with her as the message of this great card. Surely she will be very touched and feel the sincere love you have for her.

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6. Bouquet of Brilliant Flowers Card

This gorgeous bouquet will replace you with many things. The card is very suitable for the first time guys expressing affection.

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7. Love Explosion Pop Up Card

The card with pink hearts conveys your love to her. Looking at this card she will know you love her very much!


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8. Handmade 3D pop-up card with romantic couple under an arch of beautiful flowers

Card with clear wishes about love, family. It is very suitable for those guys who have had close girlfriends long enough to prepare plans for the future. It is also a beautiful ending for both of you on this Valentine’s Day

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9. A Dance on Moon Boat To The Edge Of The World Card

The card with a poetic scene is the desire for any girl on Valentine’s Day. Give her your surprises and sincere love. This time will be the best time for couples in love.


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10. I Love You Card

The card is simple but the message is clear. It is very suitable for straightforward and personality men. Your message as if the whole world must know “I Love you”

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11. Winged Heart Card

The card is a message to bring love to sublimation for both. Please bring it to her as a promise that your feelings will always endure and support each other like these two hearts.

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12. Loving Couple Card

A clear message when you send her this card. Give her the heartfelt love and passionate kiss on this Valentine’s Day

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13. Bag of Roses Card

The card is for guys during the initial appointment. It can also be for husbands to give to their wives. It is very gentle and polite for initial relationships.

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14. Love Birds Card

The romantic card for couples who are in love. It is also great for husbands to give to their wives. Loving and romantic is what she can feel when she receives this card

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15. Lovers in Dogwood Tree Pink Card

The poetic scene, only two people in the shade of a swing. Please confide in her. It is a great time that any woman wants


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16. Pop Up Flower Cards

 A heart card with a romantic pink flower tree. Love also needs to cultivate and care like this tree. Please join her to nurture the affection, it will surely be the happy flowers for you and her

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17. Cupcakes Card

Sweet cakes like your love for her. Leave this card as a messenger for your love on Valentine’s Day

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18. Love Toaster Card

A lovely card for Valentine’s Day. Give her the gentle and emotional moments like the card you send her

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19. 3D Love Pop Up Card and Envelope Card

A lovely card with roses and successive hearts like to tell her that your love is very much. Please bring her warm moments like the heart you give her

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20. Lily Bouquet 3D Greeting Card

A colorful lily will be a wonderful card for girls who love this flower. Especially, the red lily flower symbolizes the passionate love you give her

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Wish you and her have a happy Valentine’s Day and full of sweet love!


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