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Best Cheap Beard Trimmers 2017

Best Cheap Beard Trimmers 2017

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

The Best beard trimmers are small battery or electrically powered units which are used to trim a person’s beard to the desired length.

A lot of beard trimmers come with plenty of attachments that allows various trimming ranges of specific lengths. The nifty modern tool uses a specific set of metallic blades that have been tipped with a set of arranged teeth. Over the years, facial trimmers have evolved constantly to deliver precision trimming. They have gone compact making them even more attractive for everyday or frequent use. Trimming manufacturers these days are including various additions that deliver high-quality performance on their products.

The trimming hair tools are often an inch in width and are pit on top of each other. The blades move at the rapid rate when powered on since the teeth of the device tends to overlap against each other. When place on the facial hair against the face, the metallic blades will automatically trim them with ease. There are instances where you can find other trimmers that do more than just trimming. Some have actual features like having an ergonomic grip that makes it easier for you to do your trimming without the hassles. Others have lubricated grip handles and easy sliding features that can go with the curve of your face.

Cheap beard trimmer products to keep an eye on:

Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless

Best Cheap Beard Trimmers 2017The  features of the product consist of:

  • The product has titanium coating on their blades – an effective trimming technology for smoother shave
  • The blades are always moist and has a lube which means no oiling necessary
  • Has an easy movable wheel that can be adjusted to as many as 9 length settings so you the option for choosing whatever hair length that you want to maintain
  • Cuts your facial hair clean with less tugging
  • The beard trimmer product comes with a rechargeable LED indicator
  • A wide blade ensures a fast and effective trim with detailed blades used for trimming impossible-to-reach spots
  • The blades are made for precision rather than being stamped for high-quality trimming performance

The best beard trimmer for a cheap price is the Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless. The features of the product include:

  • Five-position guide lets you create precise trims and looks
  • Consists of high-carbon steel  that maintains sharpness
  • A storage base keeps pieces organized and within reach and for proper storage
  • Has an extra personal trimmer included for ear, nose, and brow
  • Comes with a 2-year limited manufacturing warranty
  • Can safely trim your ear, nose, and brow and with an eleven-piece kit, you have everything you need

Panasonic ER224S Cordless

Panasonic ER224S CordlessThe Panasonic ER224S Cordless is second-best beard trimmer for men. The features of the product consist of:

  • Tackles beards, sideburns, moustaches and other bodily hair
  • Has a quick adjust dial features of 14 length settings
  • Consists of a pop-up detail trimmer that expertly shapes facial hair
  • Has a precision-cut with its stainless-steel and fast acting blades that are skin friendly
  • Is very Easy-to-clean and can be washed with water
  • Can work quickly, efficiently, and safely to deliver custom, professional-quality results perfect for any facial structure

The Philips Stubble Setting 

The Philips Stubble Setting is one of the best beard trimmers in terms of practicality a. The features of the product include:

  • The barber trimmers product has a customized contour following comb arranged for speed and comfort
  • Can adjust to any facial/body curves to give fast and comfortable results
  • Has steel blades sharper than titanium long lasting life
  • Has a hardened Inox Steel  self-sharpening blades for precision trimming
  • The SteelWave self-sharpening feature has blades for precise results
  • Its revolutionary wave-shaped blades channels and cut hair for accurate results


If people would ask what are the best beard trimmers for men? Then their question would definitely be answered. There are so many beard trimmers out in the market but only a few can be named as the best beard trimmers for men. Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless, Panasonic ER224S Cordless, Philips Stubble Setting   may be the best beard trimmers for men but not all customers would prefer them.

Being the best beard trimmers for men mean the majority of its target market was glad of the way it gives reliable and satisfying results. However, there are some people who will not be suited with trimmers even though it is the best beard trimmer for men. It will all come down to the preference of the customer because no matter how best or expensive the product maybe if it will not suit the needs of the customer, then it will not be the best for him.




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