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Discover Top 14 Premium Creed Cologne for Men 2019

Discover Top 14 Premium Creed Cologne for Men 2019

Last Updated on June 11, 2019 by Frank

Nearly 260 years of life with 6 generations of succession and glory, Creed created for itself a beautiful, quintessential scent and unmistakably unique empire. Thanks to the refined essence aroma material, which blends with the experience and the passion of running in the arteries, Creed is a perfumery that makes scent lovers smile at any time. contact. Simply, we understand one thing, whenever smelling a Creed creation, it is not just a scent but also a long-lasting, enduring and sublime journey.

Because of its popularity in the world of high-class perfumes, Creed has too many markets. Similar to the fashion world, the name is bright and the name is pressed against fake, so is Creed. It can be affirmed, Creed is the highest perfumery perfumer. Speaking of fake Creed problems, Creed is … silent. Want to “enjoy” a true Creed scent, you should be a thoughtful and responsible consumer.

Let’s explore Top 14 best Smelling Creed Cologne for Men:

Amazing Guide to Top Smelling Creed Perfume For Men 2019

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best time to useCustomer Reviews
Creed Tabarome Millesime Spray for Men, 2.5 Ounce4-6All times4.0
Creed Santal Eau De Parfum Spray for Unisex, 4 Ounce7-12Spring, Fall and Winter3.8
Creed Silver Mountain Water by Creed for Men - 2.5 oz Millesime Spray4-6Spring and Summer5.0
Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce7-12Spring,Summer and Fall3.5
Creed Creed Original Vetiver Men Millesime Spray, 2.5 Ounce7-12Spring and Summer4.6
Erolfa By Creed For Men. Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz.4-6Spring and Summer3.5
Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 4 Ounce7-12Spring, Fall and Winter4.0
GREEN IRISH TWEED by Creed Men's Millesime Spray 4 oz - 100% Authentic7-12Spring, Summer and Fall4.4
Creed Himalaya by Creed for Men Millesime Spray, 2.5 Ounce4-6Spring,Summer and Fall4.1
Creed Virgin Island Water for Men Millesime Spray, 2.5 Ounce7-12Spring,Summer 4.5
CREED ROYAL OUD by Creed:EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 2.5 OZ7-12Fall and winter4.2
Creed Millesime Imperial Spray, 4.0 fl. oz.4-6Spring,Summer 3.5
Creed Royal Water by Creed for Men and Women - 4 oz Millesime Spray7-12Spring,Summer 3.6

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Review Top 14 Premium Creed Cologne for Men 

1. Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018Officially recognized by Creed as the most favorite scent in the history of perfumes, and also the creation of a highly successful contemporary fragrance. Launched in 2010, Aventus immediately became “fad” lasting until now, 8 years later, and of course, Aventus fever has no sign of cooling down. Many Aventus fans are seen to the point of instant collection at various Aventus jars. Not only that, before being successful beyond the imagination of this scent, other perfume companies also had to admire themselves, then took advantage of the aroma of Aventus style, the essence of the fragrance’s success.

Talking about Aventus, Creed created scents to honor Napoleon’s heroic spirit. Aventus pineapple ripe topic. However, hidden under the scent of this heat-rich fruit is Creed’s characteristic aroma notes. On the master’s skin, the aroma is persistent and passionate, attractive and vibrant. The charm of Aventus is strong, it is also extremely warm. The luxurious scent, but not stylish, nor aloof. Read more review here.

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2. Creed Himalaya

Olivier Creed created the masculine Himalayan scent to commemorate his expedition to the Tibetan mountains. The scent of the Himalayas portrays the beauty, grandeur, strength and eternity of the mountains with this snow-covered snow. Himalaya was launched in 2002 and is classified as an oriental wood incense line for men.

The aroma of Himalayas opens with the explosion of citrus notes including bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine. Soon after, the aroma converts to oriental notes, which have hidden notes and are not listed, including juniper fruit with nutmeg, vetiver and pepper Finally, Himalaya leaves a fragrance of wood, combined with white musk, ambergris and tonka beans.

Add a little session to your daily life with the Himalayas. This fragrance is a perfect choice to explore your masculine aspect and still maintain quiet confidence. Use it before going to an important meeting to feel a source of energy spread over a long day.

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3. Creed Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water is the Creed brand of unisex perfume. Inspired by Olivier Creed’s skiing fun, Silver Mountain Water is designed to spark images of waterfall streams in the Swiss Apls.

This is a fragrant perfume that is easy to identify. Tea leaf flavor, citrus, black sour and musk mixed together make the top notes really stand out. The scent is a little sweet, sweet and sour, the tea leaves bring a little bitterness that some people will like or hate. Silver Mountain Water’s scent will bring you to the snowy mountains, where the air is cool and fresh. And before the scent transforms from cool to woody, you can feel the scent of the black and white scent also enticing along with that cool scent.

Silver Mountain Water is a unisex line, but the fragrance is fresh and unique. It is very suitable for use during the daytime for street festivals. The crisp and pure fragrance makes Silver Mountain Water more luxurious and easy to satisfy users. You only need to spray a little perfume on your wrist or neck so that the fragrance can spread throughout your body to create your own unique scent.

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The Creed brand of Imperial Millesime (unisex) was launched in 1995. The Imperial Millesime belongs to a group of citrus scents. Its creator is the Olivier Creed 6th Generation.

The citrus scent brings ocean head flavors open with fruity notes and mineral salts. Middle notes include lemon, bergamot, iris and citrus. The base notes are musk, wood incense and some marine flavor ingredients. The first impression of the user is freshness like a watermelon, however, this fruit flavor will soften to make room for the ocean flavor to remind a sea breeze.

There are many people who like this unique scent because it is a perfect fragrance that does not overwhelm the sense of smell of those around you. This fragrance is suitable for use in offices, meeting partners or customers.

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5. Royal Water Millesime

Royal water is a fresh and pure scent that is believed to be the perfume for the royal generation which was launched in 1997. This fragrance of Creed can be used by both males and females and belongs to the fragrant citrus perfume group and is also the spirit child of Olivier Creed 6th.

Perfect scent. The citrus scent unfolded seemed quite strong with the bergamot orange flavor, lemon green skin and lemon yellow skin. The whole fragrance is cleverly blended between peppermint and basil to create a herbal flavor. Juniper fruit flavor notes bring mild spicy flavor to perfume fragrances. Olivier once again created a timeless fragrance with a balance between classic and modern. As it gradually dries, the fragrance retains its excellentness with freshness and soap properties with its musk and rare notes of ambergris. You will imagine yourself going into a British garden with the warm sunshine with the aroma of herbs wafting in the air.

Royal water is a pleasant scent emitted with herb flavor so it is suitable for those who like sophistication and simplicity. The Royal Water was as cool as a spring stream, tearing the thread of the master’s spirit and soul. The scent uses mint leaves and basil grass to create a cool, melting, pure water effect. Just a small amount on the neck or wrist is enough to make you confident for the day’s activities.

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6. Creed Tabarome Millesime

Tabarome perfume was created exclusively for a famous British politician who is fond of Brandy and cigars. The name “Tabarome” is used to praise the aroma of tobacco which is the main ingredient in the fragrance of this perfume. In 2000, Tabarome was officially launched. The 6th Olivier Creed is the one who created the fragrance of this perfume bottle.

The opening notes bring freshness and crispness and sweet aroma, with citrus notes – mainly bergamot orange flavor and fade slowly to create a sparkling feeling. The scent is very natural and blends well with tangerines and lemons (without leaving a bitter taste). Middle notes dominate by passionate ginger flavor and blend with ambergris in the base. When it comes to base notes, the cigarette aroma becomes more prominent – the aroma of tobacco leaves is fresh with some pipe tobacco and cigars (during the evaporation period – the fragrance does not contain smoke, but instead is the smell Churchill cigar flavored by hand)

Bring a little romance to your life with Tabarome aroma. The passionate fragrance in the perfume will definitely create a romantic atmosphere and warmth will help prolong this atmosphere. The aroma of Tabarome will make those who feel like being inclined in your arms. A great scent for the cool weather days.

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7. Creed Original Santa

Original Santa is a line of perfumes for both men and women with an oriental fragrance, inspired by the splendor and majesty of the Indian royal family. The essence of rare sandalwood from India combines with other ingredients to create a wonderful scent with mental strength and extreme calm. Launched in 2005, this Original Santal fragrance for both sexes is categorized as Oriental wood.

The overall aroma brings a mature and passionate feeling to the quite outstanding incense components such as ginger, vanilla, coriander, and delicious ripe fruit. The top notes were cinnamon, coriander, juniper, berry and sandalwood. Middle notes are lavender, sweet orange, rosemary & ginger. The base notes along with tonka beans, vanilla combined with sandalwood, musk and benzoin resin give a warm feeling to users.

Creed Original Santal is an elegant scent that will surely bring the spicy flavor of spices to your body. The scent of this growth will make people around you feel comfortable and awake. It is suitable for everyday use as a characteristic, simple and ideal scent when working or walking with friends

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8. Creed Erolfa

The scent of Erolfa for men from the prestigious Creed perfume company, released in 1992, is categorized into the attractive Cypriot fragrance.

Erolfa opened with a rather elegant note of green aroma with a hint of citrus. Mainly the scent of lemons and purple flowers, then the fragrance became more interesting with the appearance of Persian dill and orange. After a few minutes, the notes of melon also contributed and combined with the faint scent of jasmine, ginger, pepper and coriander. The base has the characteristic scent of classic Creed bottles: amber and musk, sandalwood and cedar. Erolfa contains a strong aroma of synthetic ozone, which was quite popular in the 1990s, bringing the flavor of clean laundry scent. The scent of the first-class aroma gives a little dusty characteristic to the overall scent as if to add the masculine features to Erolfa.

Add some style to your everyday life through the scent of Erolfa from Creed perfume company. Erolfa will help you feel the natural sophistication through daily activities, just with a little perfume on the skin in the morning before you leave the house and enjoy the energy it brings for you all day.

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9. Creed Bois du Portugal

The Creed Bois du Portugal of Creed brand is a perfume-oriental perfume for men and was launched in 1987. The perfume is inspired by the aromatic plants of Turkey.

The warm and charming fragrance of Bois du Portugal starts with the aroma of bergamot. Next is the lavender scent in the middle layer and a combination of complex wood notes that include sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood and ambergris. With the citrus aroma beginning and ending with wood notes, the perfume will help to enhance your mature style.

Bois du Portugal will add masculinity to your handsome look. Since its launch, this perfume bottle has overcome all the challenges of time and will continue to do so as a position to be one of the most beautiful and classic male perfume bottles. With the moderate passion of perfume, Bois du Portugal is extremely suitable for night outings, dates or any casual occasion you encounter.

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10. Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed belongs to the classic Fougere incense group. This is one of the most popular scents of celebrities. The fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. Green Irish Tweed was released in 1985, belongs to the group of flowers, grass and wood – musk.

Green Irish Tweed has a base of top notes of Iris and horsetail. The middle notes is the outstanding fragrance of purple flowers. The base notes are amber and sandalwood. The delicate combination of citrus notes and wood notes creates a manly and powerful male fragrance.

Green Irish Tweed is suitable for delicate men. The fragrance will be more perfect when used during the day. Spicy aroma creates confidence and sexy. Sillage is considered quite long.

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11. Creed Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water is inspired by a boat trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean. This is a beautiful island with white sand beaches and unspoiled nature. This island inspired the Sixth Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin Creed, the creation of Virgin Island Water perfume in 2007. This scent is intended to celebrate the wonderful tropical scent and period. imagined by the wind of the Sir Francis Drake canal.

The perfume has a sweet taste in the serenity of the tropics. Top notes like a citrus cocktail of bergamot, Jamaican lemon and Sicily tangerine. The citrus aroma is combined with coconut rice flavor to create a new unique. The middle notes are jasmine, hibiscus, orchid and spicy ginger, cool. The top notes are warm with sugarcane, musk and white rum.

Virgin Island Water is really a pleasant fragrance that radiates warmth. Virgin Island Water has a complex but balanced structure and combines incense notes used. Just a small amount on the neck or wrist is enough to make you confident for the day’s activities. A gentle tropical scent that still brings freshness and refreshment, with good Sillage and continuous for many hours

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Creed has released Royal Oud for unisex and unisex after receiving many offers from customers, but they have changed the scent in the style of Creed brand. The composition of wood, leather, marble and gold – the ingredients that made up the Persian palace – was inspired to create this fragrance of Persian and Parisian styles. Royal Oud Unisex perfume was introduced in 2011. The cologne is a wooden incense group, created by Olivier Creed 6th.

Royal Oud is a stylish scent and warmth from the nuances of wood, green and spicy. Agarwood composition is an indispensable part, playing a role in balancing other incense ingredients. Described as “fresh and aromatic”, the top notes are citrus notes with pink pepper. The middle notes are blended by white cedar, cedarwood and angelica. And base notes end with incense wood incense and other dry and strong incense.

Royal Oud is for men and women who like modern, knowledgeable fashion. This fragrance has been used by at least 5 members of US presidential family lives. With this unique blend of incense ingredients, Royal Oud gives users a sense of luxury and charm. Suitable for daytime use.

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13. Creed Original Vetiver

Original Vetiver is a new and modern vetiver odor for classic vetiver fragrances. This unisex perfume combines turf with citrus and Mediterranean spices to create a warm, sensual and delicate fragrance for the fragrance of the perfume. The fragrance evokes the warm sunshine of summer in southern France.

Original Vetiver has been and is always a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a classic scent in their perfume collection. Its scent is suitable for many different occasions, from dating out with friends or romantic meals with lovers. No matter where you are, this fragrance will definitely draw attention to you.

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The beginning of this scent is the explosion of fresh, succulent fruit of bergamot, red pepper as the background for fresh, natural tangerine and sweet Neroli orange flowers. Next is the green, sour taste of green apple, the intense aroma of Bulgarian rose but warmed up slightly thanks to the cedar wood flavor in the middle notes. Olivier has subtly brought the essence of charismatic white musk and sweet sweet cinnamon and the natural flavor of Haiti vetiver to make the fragrance more depth.

A youthful, fresh daytime scent for both men and women. With a reasonable distance of incense and incense, it will give you confidence, youthful, dynamic in every situation such as going to work, walking around the street or outdoor parties with friends.

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At the present time, the world of scent has flourished with many names, extremely diverse and constantly being replaced. More than ever, this rule of elimination in this dreamy and flying hobby is extremely realistic and fierce. However, before the “whirlwind of scent” is both hot and easy to fall into this forgetfulness, there are always a few names that stand and survive. Creed is one of those few.

Not as flashy and easy to identify as fashion names as perfumes, nor easily found in commercial centers, Creed is an independent and traditional perfume. Called independent and traditional because Creed did not draw pants, Creed had only one passion to create scents. In other words, Creed is not dominated by any element of the fashion industry – cosmetics, no trends, no movement, no manipulation or subjugation to large corporations. Creed is hundreds of years diligent with the only way, which is to collect and preserve the essence of natural ingredients and concentrate all the enthusiasm that create scents. Not to say too, in the world of high-end scent, Creed is a pioneer who creates many trends.

Wish you choose the best Creed cologne for men from our suggestions!


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