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Top 7 Best Stunning Hermes Cologne For Men Helps Conquer Women In 2019

Top 7 Best Stunning Hermes Cologne For Men Helps Conquer Women In 2019

Last Updated on April 4, 2019 by Frank

2. Hermes Bel Ami

Bel Ami is a new perfume bottle, born based on the inspiration from the famous novel of the same name by writer Guy de Maupassant. The scent of the perfume is refined by Jean-Louis Sieuzac with a strong scent of leather. Bel Ami belongs to the group of Chypre perfumes and carries in it the characteristic aroma of this fragrance group thanks to the rich blend of aromas that create a unique, attractive and unexpected fragrance.

The scent starts with a fragrant lemon scent and a gentle but gentle scent of sage. This flavor is added thanks to the carnations and herbal aromas extracted from basil, making the scent warmer. The essence of jasmine is present in the perfume class, thanks to Orris root, the fragrant aroma becomes more and more gentle and passionate. The top notes gradually fade, a warm wood scent comes out. All thanks to the cedar-scented fragrance make the middle notes become warm, bearing the breath of the earth. The scent of patchouli is gentle, though obscure, elusive, but if you look at it, you can still see its subtle, graceful features. Finally, remaining on the skin is the fragrance of Styrax with the scent of the skin and the taste of coconut creating a gentle, sweet scent.

Designs, colors and scents are all classic. Perfume bottles are designed with body bottles made of transparent glass, contained inside are yellow, classic and elegant perfume.

Bel Ami was the perfume bottle from the scent to the style that was strong. With a pungent aroma, it gives confidence to anyone who uses it. This is a favorite scent for generations. With an elegant classic wood scent but very luxurious and sexy. This is a great option for men who like romance and warmth.

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3. Concentre d’Orange Verte

Concentre d’Orange Verte is a new perfume, designed by Françoise Caron. Inspired by the fresh, fresh images and flavors of the morning dew drops on the leaves. This fragrance helped Concentre d’Orange Verte claim itself as a symbol of the Hermès brand, especially known for its refreshing, refreshing fragrance.

This fragrance is especially suitable for hot and humid afternoon sessions. Starting with a refreshing scent from the sweetness of the orange, adding a flavor to this wonderful scent is the flavor of basil and cedar, making this fragrance mild and pure. The smell of patchouli exists in the incense layer, although it is not obvious but still gently expresses its charm. The fragrance retains its purity forever from the beginning to the end. All thanks to the aroma of fruit and wood, but simple but still impressive.

Concentre d’Orange Verte is a symbol of pure emotions, joy in life, with a free, liberal look. Concentre d’Orange Verte has a fresh green nature, thanks to its sweet orange flavor and warm aroma of wood. All create a sparkling and energetic scent for spring and summer days.

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4. Hermes Rocabar

Rocabar is inspired by traditional saffron, red and blue stripes on saddles, which are produced in the Hermès workshop. The scent is masterpiece by expert Gilles Romey “Rocabar” is a scent started with woody aroma and aromatic oils. At the end of the incense layer is the spicy aroma characteristic of cypress.

The scent begins with the classic scent of lemon and is full of bergamot. After that, the scent gradually became more pronounced with the scent of coriander and evergreen trees. We can see the sweet scent of juniper and the long-lasting lemon resin essence. The added point is the luscious green flavor of juniper and carnation. Other layers of incense settle down, finally remaining a wonderful scent, radiant fragrance. At this time, the scent becomes soft, fragrant with honey, vanilla, dry and cozy grass of patchouli.

With its classic style, Hermes products always retain the image of traditional bottles. Transparent glass bottle design with gold color perfume attached to the black lid and Hermes brand.

Rocabar has a beautiful, mysterious and warm beauty. This is the perfect perfume bottle for men, strong, quiet but wise with a bright smile.

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5. Un Jardin Sur le Nil

Un Jardin Sur le Nil is the perfume that was released to the market in 2005, which is the second destination in Hermes’s unexpected journey diary. Its scent leads us to the gardens on the islands of the Nile in Assouan, this is the inspiration as well as the starting point for the olfactory journey along the interesting scent combination. this. This scent is a masterpiece created by Jean Claude Ellena.

This perfume is suitable for both men and women, starting with a combination of citrus scent and ripe mango fruit. This aroma is very delicious, stimulating the taste, following it is the wonderful taste of grapefruit and carrots. The opening fragrance is really wonderful and no less natural. During the beginning of the perfume class, the fragrance continues to retain its qualities.

The middle notes bring a gentle touch of natural flowers and plants with the presence of lotus and reed. Interestingly, when exposed to the skin, the middle layer becomes fragrant. Orange and peony aromas tend to take turns expressing their strengths. Lotus flowers contribute to an extremely delicate feeling, like the taste of water. The base notes the flavor of the oriental perfume group with the flavor of incense, cinnamon and iris. The base notes also make the scent more perfect, encapsulate this aroma combination, make it wild and extremely unique, bringing a gentle spiritual atmosphere in the church.

Jardin Sur le Nil is a scent that gives us a fresh and pleasant feeling for spring and summer days. Put on this scent to feel youthful, strong and charming from the breath of nature.

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6. Voyage d’Hermes Parfum

After the success of Voyage d’Hermes, the Hermes brand in 2012 launched a new version of citrus flavor that was slightly reduced and added with the amber and wood notes to create a warm and pleasant feeling more than the original version but at the same time more intense.

The combination of incense ingredients in this perfume bottle is built around the original components of the original version but is added to more floral and amber notes. The scent opening with cardamom and lemongrass district creates a feeling of lavender. The middle flavor layer echoes the green tea flavor but the wood and amber aroma has been strengthened and strengthened. The passionate end of the incense layer blends musk district with warm yellow and amber woods.

A subtle aroma expresses elegance in the aristocratic style of modern times, bringing a sense of freedom for users. The scent is gentle but still very attractive and attractive. You can use it for spring, summer and autumn days

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7. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

Hermes launched a new perfume of Un Jardin perfume in 2011. This is a collection of fragrances inspired by the fresh, fragrant flower gardens called Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, good also known as the “Rooftop garden”.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is a very lively, sharp and new perfume bottle. Its scent reminds us of a beautiful and mysterious garden. Its scent is a wonderful blend of the apple tree, pear tree, magnolia flower, in the atmosphere of Paris. All create a wonderful scent, full of light and joy, attraction and excitement.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit fragrant start of the fruit from the delicious, ripe pear and apple is the wonderful scent of roses and magnolia. Thanks to that, the aroma added the sweet and fragrant part, making this aroma combination become light and comfortable. This is a very bright and refreshing scent like standing in a flower garden in spring and early sunshine.

In addition, it is very fragrant with the natural, green smell of the flowers, which is due to the presence of grass and herbs in the background. When coming to the final incense layer, the scent becomes slightly sweet and smells of flowers, grass notes begin to fade away and keep this fragrance for four hours. This is definitely a great scent for summer.

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As one of the three most expensive fashion brands in the world, over 200 years of formation and development, Hermes is the pride of France. Hermes products are class, noble and so expensive that not everyone can own.

As part of the brand’s glorious history, Hermes perfume carries a special story with luxurious, elegant and unique and precious extracts. The fragrance is always a view of the world in the artistic eyes of artists Hermes bringing both their souls and their beliefs in every creative retention of great moments in life for each of us.


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