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[Top 8] Best Masculine John Varvatos Cologne for Men 2020

[Top 8] Best Masculine John Varvatos Cologne for Men 2020

Last Updated on December 21, 2019 by Frank

John Varvatos is a famous fashion and style brand launched in 2000 by the designer of the same name in New York. With a simple style but bringing elegance and sophistication, John Varvatos is a fashion creation to express individuality. John Varvatos has been named “Men’s Designer of the Year” three times at the prestigious CFDA Fashion Awards for American designers.

John Varvatos Fragrance was launched in 2004. A special perfume for you to express your confidence and style. Here top 4 best smelling John Varvatos Cologne for men 2020

Ultimate Guide to Top 8 Best John Varvatos Cologne For Him 2020

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best time to useCustomer Reviews
John Varvatos JVxNJ Men's Cologne, 4.2 Fl Oz4-6Spring and Summer4.7
John Varvatos Nick Jonas Eau de Toilette Spray, 4.2 Fl Oz7-12 Fall and Winter4.6
John Varvatos Vintage Men's Cologne Spray, 4.2 fl. Oz. EDT4-6 Fall and Winter4.3
John Varvatos Artisan Men's Cologne Spray, 2.5 fl. Oz. EDT4-6Spring,Summer3.6
John Varvatos Eau de Toilette Spray, Cologne for Men4-6 Fall and Winter4.2
John Varvatos Artisan Pure Eau de Toilette Spray, 4.2 Fl Oz4-6Spring and Summer4.2
John Varvatos Artisan Blu Men's Cologne Spray, 4.2 fl. Oz. EDT4-6Spring and Summer3.9
John Varvatos Dark Rebel Rider Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 2.5 Fl Oz7-12 Fall and Winter4.4

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Review Top 4 John Varvatos Cologne for Men 

1. John Varvatos Vintage

John Varvatos Vintage reviewIn 2006, John Varvatos perfume company launched a line of vintage fragrances with Chypre island wood for men. Vintage has a very deep unique fragrance that expresses masculinity and elegance. Vintage was created by the talented hands of famous perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

The perfume bottle designed by Jon Cisler with the theme of leather brings elegance to Vintage. The body of the bottle is dark brown, surrounded by a skin-like snake scales decorated with the John Varvatos brand logo in the middle. Overall perfume bottle exudes masculine, high class and trendy.

Vintage has a distinct aroma with its own unique characteristics thanks to its warm spice aroma combined with leather. Top notes are a rich combination of pungent pepper, lavender, cinnamon, basil and rhubarb, which bring a strong fragrance with strong attraction. In the process of developing the scent, Vintage delves into wood notes with suede, tobacco, Balsam Fir and patchouli. All intertwined ingeniously to create a unique scent somewhat daring and full of personality. Initially, the spicy smell, then the attraction to enchanting people and finally the fragrance is quite sweet.

John Varvatos’ vintage will help you know how great it is to be the focus of the attention of the people around you. Vintage is the perfect scent to use every morning to start a wonderful new day full of life or evenings with family and friends. Deep scent, class, suitable for the cold months, extremely masculine, bringing festive atmosphere, especially Christmas. Sample bottle impressive design and beautiful. Moderate aroma as adding confidence to the user.

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2. John Varvatos Artisan Black

John Varvatos Artisan Black reviewArtisan Black was launched in April 2010 and this is a limited edition perfume bottle. Artisan Black is a product of Rodrigo Flores-Roux moderator. Its scent has a longer fragrance and is more woody and musky than its predecessor.

The scent of Artisan Black is quite wonderful with a gentle start with the notes of fruits. The most striking and you will immediately realize is a blend of tangerines and watermelons, with the help of lemon and red-orange. Shortly after a few minutes, you will see its new aroma really began to bloom with the scent of floral diffusion, the smell of orange flower and neroli essential oil existing quite clearly. A hint of gentle jasmine resonates with the spice from ginger and coriander so the fragrance does not become feminine. Finally, Artisan Black features white musk with notes of wood notes combined with sandalwood and iris roots.

The Artisan perfume bottle is made of cast glass and looks like it is woven of black rattan with a certain gloss. This bottle design is the work of Jon Cisler with the style of a tropical island, hand-made to feel like warm tents in the sea. Just seeing the interesting look of a perfume bottle will make you want to pick it up and play with it for a while.

John Varvatos’s Artisan Black is not a night fragrance as you might think. It brings a fresh, powerful and elegant feature for the gentleman to use on working days that need to be successful and professional. Artisan Black is the perfect scent to use every morning to start a wonderful new day full of life or evenings with family and friends.

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3. John Varvatos Artisan

John Varvatos Artisan reviewArtisan is a refreshing scent that makes you feel comfortable and comfortable for picnics. This is a modern masculine fragrance with a citrus scent theme.

The fragrance opens with Sicily clementine mandarin, Mexican mandarin, thyme, marjoram and Greek lavender. Basil notes in Artisan perfume make the scent on the skin become more masculine. The middle notes add scent of North African orange blossom, ginger is combined with the scent of jasmine and orange, a mixture used in the creation of the first perfume line. There are three types of ginger: Nigeria, China and “purple ginger” studied in the Givaudan laboratory. Base notes include Kephalis and Geaorge wood blended with amber and musk. When the fragrance dries, the scent emanates from the fragrance of the wood and the gentle green aroma remains on the skin.

The Artisan perfume bottle is made of cast glass and designed to look like it is woven. The bottle-shaped design of a tropical island, made by hand feels like warm tents in the sea. Just seeing the interesting looks of perfume bottles will make you want to do?

Let yourself truly shine at the next events with Artisan perfumes by John Varvatos. This is the fragrance that can make you the center of all attention. Wherever you go, Artisan perfume will bring you comfort.

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4. John Varvatos

John Varvatos reviewIn 2004, perfumer John Varvatos collaborated with Rodrigo Flores-Roux to create a perfume bottle named after the brand’s “John Varvatos”. This perfume is for men with a modern, sophisticated scent mixed with a bit of a bold but also elegant, masculine. To create a perfect product like John Varvatos, perfumers had to pay attention to the selection and perfection to every small detail.

The basic aroma of John Varvatos is leather, plum and cinnamon. The scent opens with a sweet but not sweet fruity aroma but is very unique and delicate. At this time, the fragrance will bring a fruity aroma but will be somewhat spicy with the nose. After 5 minutes, the fragrance will start to become slightly sweet. By the middle note, the scent fades slightly instead of a dry aroma, while the smooth aromas of the final aroma appear and soothe the scent. At this stage, the fragrance has pretty much gone. And finally, the fragrance gives off a sweet fragrance without the much presence of sandalwood but is also very refined.

The perfume bottle was designed by Jon Cisler Design with a black bottle body decorated with a piece of leather wrapped around the bottle with the perfume/brand printed on it. John Varvatos exudes manliness and elegance.

John Varvatos brings the perfect fragrance for your romantic night outings. Attractive and attractive male love fragrance will help you make a good impression at the first date of dating or in celebration party for your love. John Varvatos truly is the perfect perfume line for the romance, elegance and luxurious of men.

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John Varvatos is a special and premium perfume for you to express your own confidence and style. Each scent has different characteristics but it exudes masculinity and elegance. If you are such a guy, choose this strong brand right for your life

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