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How To Find Best Men’s Skincare Products 2020

How To Find Best Men Skincare Products 2020

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Girls have long been aware of the fact that a regular applying a face cream helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and helps to get rid of a whole range of dermatological problems. Do men need face cream? What should it be like? Is it possible for a strong half of humanity to “borrow” cosmetics from women?

In this article, we will try to reveal the secret of men’s Skincare products, learn how to choose a cream for men and what types of products are most popular with the males today.

Top 9 best skin lightening cream for men 2019Do men need face cream?

Men’s skin really needs special care. First of all, this need is due to the peculiarities of the male type of epidermis. The action of testosterone and its derivatives, melanin, makes the skin prone to clogging pores, oily, spongy. Due to much of collagen in the skin structures, the epidermis acquires a greater density and thickness. This is only part of the reasons for applying special creams for care, different from female analogs of cosmetics.

Men’s skin gets older faster than women’s skin because young men rarely worry about applying sunscreen and protect their faces from external influences. Increased allocation of sebum by the skin also contributes to a rapid change in skin structures, and daily shaving only exacerbates the problems that arose. On the basis of the foregoing, it is safe to say that men’s skin needs care no less, and sometimes even more than women’s.

Types of men’s face cream

Taking into account the specificity of men’s skin, manufacturers create many skincare products aimed at a very different effect. For the most part, the purpose of creams does not differ from the purpose of applying women’s cosmetics, but this does not mean at all that a couple can use one cream for two, because the formulas of the products vary significantly. Among the currently available on sale face creams for men, several categories can be distinguished:

  • Moisturizing – can be used by owners of all types of skin, moisturize the skin and help retain moisture inside the skin structures;
  • Nutritious – intended for applying on dry, flaky, thin skin, the action is aimed at restoring the skin, softening, normalizing the barrier functions of the skin;
  • Anti-aging – used on the skin with signs of aging, affect the firmness and elasticity of the skin, soothe your brow;
  • Aftershave – helps to get rid of the effects of mechanical skin damage, act soothingly, relieve irritation, and eliminate redness. When choosing a cream by category, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on the needs and type of skin.

Features of men’s cosmetics: the composition of creams may be different

As a rule, men prefer creams with a lighter texture, weightless and quickly absorbed. Such cosmetics do not leave traces of stickiness on the face, do not make the skin heavier. Manufacturers try to take into account all the features of male skin and audience preferences. The composition of face cream for men often includes:

  • Mint, wood, special aromatic notes inherent in men’s perfumes;
  • Soothing plant components – extracts of aloe, chamomile, witch hazel, etc.;
  • Tonic elements – caffeine, vitamin complexes;
  • Wound healing and anti-irritant components – panthenol, allantoin, shea butter.

Unlike the composition of women’s creams, men’s cosmetics can be called more saturated with moisturizing and soothing components, while it remains easy and uncomplicated to use.

How to use a man’s face cream

The process of applying cream on a man’s face is not much different from the procedure for female care. Particular attention should be paid to representatives of the stronger sex problem areas – dark rings under the eyes, the area exposed to shaving. Both day and night cream should be applied top-down:

  • put the cream over the entire surface of the skin of the face, moving along the massage lines from the center to the periphery of the face;
  • first, the product is put on the upper part of the face;
  • then the cream is applied to the area around the eyes and in the temples;
  • after applying the product on the cheeks, cheekbones, and nose, you can start applying the cream to the lower part of the face;
  • aftershave cream is used in areas that are prone to shaving.

Do not use nightly potent remedies for those men whose skin is prone to edema. In such cases, daily morning care and regular applying of aftershave will be enough.

How to choose a male cream

Choosing a face cream can bring a man out of balance. After all, there are a lot of offers on the market! Do not get lost – take into consideration several parameters when choosing a product:

  • determine the type of skin – dry, oily, normal, combination;
  • pay attention to the marking on the cream giving of age restrictions for use;
  • apply common sense looking at the condition of the skin – if there are any peeling, redness, wrinkles, traces of acne, scars;
  • consider the frequency of shaving and the tendency of the skin to irritate after using a razor.

If no special dermatological problems are found, the feeling of tightness and discomfort do not bother, shaving does not cause irritation – choose a good moisturizing product. For sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic product is more suitable, for skin with signs of aging – anti-aging.

TOP 5 the best men’s creams

Manufacturers of modern men’s cosmetic products try to guess the desires of consumers as much as possible. Among the products that are very popular today, there are 5 creams that can truly be called the best in their categories. Try it and see for yourself on your skin.

1. Novexpert Velvety Hydro-biotic Cream

The cream is the perfect choice of cosmetics to moisturize and soothe the skin. The cream helps to normalize the hydro-lipid balance in the skin structures, restores the microflora of the epidermis. The composition of the product includes prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, Omega-3, magnesium, shea butter. Order the product and make sure – it is perfectly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

2. Regenerating Cream for Men Thalgo

It helps to significantly reduce facial wrinkles. The product intensively nourishes the skin, restores its structure and rejuvenates it. The best developments from Thalgo – Marine Complex, Matrixil, Algo Blue Vital® are in the composition of the popular regenerative care.

The cream promotes the synthesis of its own collagen by the skin, stimulates the energy of cells, fills them with strength, improves the course of metabolic processes. This tool is an effective tool to fight skin aging.

3. 3Lab Hydrating-Vita Cream Moisturizing Day Cream

The skin of the face is created for intensive moisturizing of the skin, its protection, and rejuvenation. Like other products of the famous American brand, this cream has a complex effect. Created on the basis of innovative formulas and high-tech components, the Hydra Vita cream for men from 3 lab has become an excellent treatment option to fight wrinkles, dry skin, impaired blood circulation in skin structures, loss of energy and tone. A vitamin complex, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, Abesinne 657 is in the formula of the product.

4. Rexaline Hydra-Dose

Cream for intensive moisturizing for normal and combination skin Rexaline Hydra-Dose Cream has a light texture and loved by men. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no trace on it. Buy this cream for the skin of the normal and combination type. Regular use of the product helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and smooth. Intensively hydrates the face. A hyaluran, extracts of red algae, lupine, worlds, desert roses compose the product.

5. Juvena REJUVEN® MEN Superior Overall Anti-Age Cream:

is one of the recognized leaders in the fight against signs of aging male skin. The composition of the product is babassu oil, pentavitin, rioflora extract. The formula of the product saturates the skin with essential fatty acids, which contributes to the natural alignment of the relief and increases the elasticity of the skin. This cream is recommended for use by men over 40 years old.


When choosing a face cream for the male population, one should remember that it is better to buy one remedy, but with an effective effect, than several dubious products of unknown origin. If the process of choosing cosmetics is in doubt – do not hesitate to contact the store’s consultants for help.

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