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Best Mens Cologne When Go Out With Girlfriend 2018

Best Mens Cologne When Go Out With Girlfriend 2018

Last Updated on December 12, 2018 by Frank

How to choose the Best Mens Cologne when go out with your girlfriends?

Some of the suggested products below can help you to create an unforgettable touch with the person while giving a pleasant feeling to your romantic dating space.

A good scent will bring more emotions in your date. It is very important in promoting relationships, making impressions, raising emotions with her. This article I mention 10 Men’s fragrance seductive, strong, elegant. This is not a chart because each type has its own advantages. Choose a suitable fragrance for yourself and be confident with it when matching with her.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Cologne for Men

PicturePerfume NameLongevity (hour)Best time to usePriceCustomer Reviews
212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera For Men7-12Fall and winter$$4.3

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men
6-8Spring and summer$$4.5
BOUCHERON Pour Homme Eau de Parfum, Woody Citrus, 3.3 fl. oz.7-12All time$$$4.2
CARON PARIS Le 3eme Homme De Caron Eau de Toilette Spray, 4.2 fl. oz.7-12Spring, Fall and Winter$$$3.8

Desire By Alfred Dunhill For Men
7-12Spring, Fall and Winter$$4.4
Paco Rabanne 1 Million By Paco Rabanne For Men Eau De Toilette Spray>12Fall and winter$$4.4

Hermès Men's Terre d'Hermès Eau de Toilette Spray
7-12All time$$$4.5

Tom Ford Extreme By Tom Ford For Men
7-12Spring, Fall and Winter$$$4.5
FENDI Fan Di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounce7-12Fall and winter$$4.4

Guerlain Vetiver Eau De Toilette Spray for Men
7-12Spring, Summer and Fall$$5

How to choose the right Perfume for Men

If you don’t know, please read here

Review Top Best Mens Cologne When Go Out With Girlfriend

1. Boucheron Pour Homme Review

Boucheron is an oriental floral fragrance for men, launched in 1991 with the collaboration of perfumers Francis Delemont and Jean-Pierre Bethouart.Best Mens Cologne When Go Out With Girlfriend 2018 -Boucheron Pour Homme Review

Boucheron fragrances are masculine versions in contrast to the Boucheron Pour Femme fragrance for women. Top notes are fresh citrusy notes of bergamot and lemon verbena. The middle note of the aromatic and full of aroma of basil, sweet and fragrant roots mixed with the fragrance of flowers from roses, tulips to add a little freshness to the overall aroma. Top notes are warm sandalwood, patchouli, oak and musk moss, vetiver.

The perfume is designed with gold-plated rings combined with unique Sapphire stones. The design of the perfume bottle is inspired by jewelry, bringing luxury, luxury as a jewel in the perfume industry.

This perfume is suitable for romantic candlelight romance with your loved one. With the aroma of warm fruit and warm wood inside, Boucheron is the scent that is loved not only by the gentlemen but also captivates the girls love the romance. Use the citrus scent of this wood on the occasions of dating so that your friend can not take your eyes off you.

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2. Desire for a Man by Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill launched the Desire for a Man fragrance for men in 2000 – the year of the new millennium. Desire for a Man targets 25 to 45-year-olds. Bottles of perfume are very masculine but very natural, not too passionate, and bring confident, elegant full of user but very simple but not fussy. This fragrance is created by the hands of renowned perfumery artist Michel Almairac.

The scent is a sweet love drug with fruit flavor and pungent taste. It ends with the luscious scent of lavender and musk charm, along with the subtle scent of patchouli. Desire for a Man opens with a delightful mix of sweet apple and bergamot. When it came to the middle notes, the aroma of the apple was still there, but this time with the appearance of roses makes the scent becomes fresh, with the taste of flowers combined with fruit, sweet in the background.

Desire for a Man is a gift for men who have modern fashion always want to express themselves naturally. With fresh, young fragrance, the dynamic fragrance will help you become the focus of attention in the crowd. It would be great if you could hold your hand in the long streets with the scent of Desire for a Man that made her heart flutter

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3. Le Troisieme Homme de Caron

Le Troisieme Homme de Caron perfume (sometimes referred to as Le 3 / Le 3 / Le 3e / Le 3ème) was launched in 1985. The name Le Troisieme Homme was derived from The Movie. Third Man was released in 1949 with actor Orson Welles. It belongs to the fougère men’s fragrance line, which is adorned with floral aromas and pungent spices.

The combination of fresh lavender scent with sweet coumarin powder and oakmoss scent bring a unique aroma, full of surprises. The lavender scent and citrusy aroma emanate the aroma, like champagne, reappear on your skin. Then the aroma is reduced and gradually becomes sweeter. The faintly lavender scent, round in the incense.

The aroma of the perfume envelops a gentle melody that makes the flavor elements subtle and classic, emphasized by the warm amber scent. The harmony of dry and fresh scent is what makes the fragrance fougère, rustic and soft, making the fragrance even more delicate. While it is classed as the classic men’s fragrance, Le Troisieme Homme’s late-flowering scent has a scent of musk and wood with fragrant floral fragrances that fit into the femininity of the ladies. You do not mind the strong smell of it.

Jasmine fragrance highlights the rich sensuality of musk. Freshness is the main ingredient in perfume, kept throughout the time from the beginning of the aroma to the end, making you feel good to the extreme.

Let your sophistication shine with Le Troisieme Caron. This is the perfume for mature men. This masculine scent is a perfect choice for romantic dates, with a strong but not too strong scent that will not bother you, with a scent that lasts all night. Le Troisieme Homme de Caron has a modern, easy-to-grasp scent that is sure to be a modern fragrance after more than a decade in the making.

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4. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Paco Rabanne One Million could be likened to a new heathen from Paco Rabanne because before that time the perfume of the company always brings classic colors, courtesy to the surprise. Meanwhile, the young man at One Million shows a fiery youth from form to content. One Million is a fragrance that can make every girl’s heart melt

This scent for those who love the noisy lifestyle as the first incarnation of Paco Rabanne One Million, a mixture of fruity mixed with mint leaves like to beat down opponents in the first minute. Afterwards, the temptation of Paco Rabanne One Million officially begins with cinnamon, leather and amber, which is peppered with the sweet, spicy scent of a wine. expensive.

Young and liberal but does not mean Paco Rabanne One Million lack of maturity. Twinky and full of charisma playfully demonstrated the sharp Paco Rabanne One Million is still living in parallel is the elegance thanks to the very warm and gentle manners of wood and patchouli. If you have chosen Paco Rabanne One Million, then you are the guy who knows what he needs and what he does to achieve his goals.

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5. 212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Men

212 Sexy Men possesses a warm, sensual and refined fragrance of oriental Fougere fragrances for men.

212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Men

Peppermint and peppermint fragrances are combined exquisitely in the top notes, suggesting a gorgeous scene in an elegant Indian restaurant, where the curry is subtle. And very quickly, Vanilla fragrance as a mysterious forest will soothe the top notes make a 212 Sexy men full of but very sweet. Now when the top notes are back to the background, there will be only fragrant wood, warm amber, fresh tangerine and reflecting a little bit of seductive sweetness. All fragrances are combined in a delicate, harmonious way, especially if compared to the other Vanity perfume 212 Sexy Men really did a lot better to bring a charming and strong Vanilla fragrance.

212 Sexy Men will be the ideal perfume that any modern man wishes to add to his collection. With the scent of fresh tangerine, wood, 212 Sexy men will be the perfect choice to use when you are dating a woman. 212 will make you a strong but sweet guy

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6. Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men

Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men belongs to the Fougere group. Eternity has a fresh fragrance with a combination of the main aroma of spicy, lavender and amber.

The top notes are lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon. The scent of the middle is like adding freshness with a combination of aromatic incense, lily, orange blossom, juniper, basil, jasmine, sage, orchid and geranium. Warm late notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, mop and Brazilian rosewood. The scent becomes softer and softer when the perfume starts to evaporate. The aroma combines harmony and does not overlap each other.

Eternity will make your romantic dinner more perfect when you spray the fragrance on your wrist or on your nape so that the fragrance is subtle and evokes the power and masculinity in you. . Floating time is quite good even if you work all day. Eternity is the symbol of today’s man: sensitive but masculine, delicate but also very strong

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7. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto

In fall 2012, the Fendi brand expanded the Fan Di Fendi line with the Fan Di Fendi pour Homme for men. And before the summer of 2013, the company continues to release the fragrance Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua and in January 2014 Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto as a new version in this men’s fragrance collection. The scent of this fragrance is enhanced by warm orange fragrance with aromatic spices.

The aroma is very strong and uncomfortable with a strong spice blend of Guatemala Cardamom and lots of pink pepper. Middle notes are the presence of France sage to make the fragrance soften, followed by rare incense wood, vetiver and Indonesia patchouli as the wood flavor in the perfume rich. The base notes are quite warm with a bit of medicinal properties combined with tonka bean extract and citrus essence.

The perfume is designed in rectangular shape, the number 2 of “Fendi” logo carved finely. The rectangular lid with two black-orange tones is simple but exudes warmth, power and modernity.

Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto is a powerful, elegant, attractive and masculine fragrance for men who love modern, dynamic and discover new things in life. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto with long lasting suitable for use on the cold winter nights of romantic dating with her.

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8. Hermès Men’s Terre d’Hermès Eau de Toilette Spray

Terre D’Hermes is a very elegant fragrance for men, as a combination of heaven and earth, is like a journey through time.

Terre D’Hermes was discovered by Jean Claude Ellena experts. This scent brings many rich flavors of grapefruit taste bitter, strong woody, sweet aroma of fresh spices and tasty sweet from the sap. The aroma brings a strong feeling sexy, for those who feel it. If you are the type of men masculine, strong, sexy then this is your perfume

Terre d’Hermès brings a sense of security, stability is hard to have a girl who resists that smell, especially when it comes out from you.

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9. Guerlain Vetiver Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

All Guerlain perfumes that I’ve tried the Guerlain Vetiver balanced by its middle notes of incense and fresh ground flavored. Perfume brings us fresh and feeling fresh without using any notes or the sea air flavor characteristic of modern fragrances. It has the beauty of moss-covered ground.

It’s chic, sexy, and is a perfect fragrance for summer weather, I think it’s manly, maybe even masculine

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10. Tom Ford Extreme By Tom Ford For Men

This is a new fragrance by Tom Ford, it is considered limited edition of 2007 Tom Ford Perfume for Men Extreme intensive and more powerful than the original flavors of lemon, pomegranate, tree cedar, potatoes, patchouli will really give you a masculine and powerful in the eyes of your girlfriend. If you are the type of powerful men and masculine then this is your perfume

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