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Best Nasomatto Perfume Review for Men 2019

Best Nasomatto Perfume Review for Men 2019

Last Updated on February 22, 2019 by Frank

Nasomatto is a new perfume brand based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is the niche perfume company that is cooperated and modulated by famous blenders Alessandro Gualtieri. Focusing mainly on the quality with the highest concentration for its products, Nasomatto offers users special and distinctive scents.

Ultimate Guide to Top Best Nasomatto Perfume For Men

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best time to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Nasomatto Extrait de Parfum Spray, Black Afgano, 1.0 fl. oz.>12Fall and Winter$$4.1
Nasomatto Pardon Extrait De Parfum, 1.0 Fl. oz.>12Fall and Winter$$5.0
Nasomatto Duro Extrait De Parfum, 1.0 fl. oz.>12Fall and Winter$$5.0
Nasomatto Absinth Extrait De Parfum, 1.0 Fl. oz.>12Spring, Fall$$3.4
Nasomatto Silver Musk Extrait De Parfum, 1.0 Fl. oz.7-12Spring and summer$$5.0

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Review Top Nasomatto Cologne For Men 2019

1. Nasomatto Black Afgano

Black Afgano is a perfume with a passionate fragrance for both men and women. Black Afgano is created by the talented hand of the famous perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. Black Afgano is one of the products in the Nasomatto project. This fragrance has the highlight of Hashish’s scent – tobacco flavor made from young tobacco leaves and Cannabis in Turkey

Nasomatto Black Afgano review

The top notes are an explosion of cannabis that brings a strong, passionate scent. The Cannabis itself has created a dark brown color of Black Afgano perfume. In the middle notes, you will feel the wonderful scent by the combination of Cannabis and tobacco flavor and a little wood scent crept into the top notes. After that, the scent of Black Afgano will develop almost like dry marijuana flavor blended with herbal leaves. In the base notes include oud, amber, patchouli and wood incense, giving a warm, subtle and attractive scent.

Black Afgano is a mysterious passionate fragrance only for bold people. It is appealing to the aromas as equally as dangerous. The fragrance will envelop your body in a sensual but luxurious and mysterious way. This is a great scent for cool days with longevity up to more than 12 hours.

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2. Nasomatto Pardon

Nasomatto’s fragrance Pardon is a fragrance for men that was launched in 2011. Also with the same bottle as other members of the company, Alessandro Gualtieri’s Pardon is a fragrance impressive with radiant and very strong fragrance.

Nasomatto Pardon review

Pardon opens with a strong but beautiful floral scent, the magnolia flower, you will be overwhelmed by this beginning but it will soon subside. Then there is the scent of dark chocolate as it blends into tonka beans and cinnamon gives a feeling of fullness, strong and full of energy. Finally, the incense is warm and attractive but still sweet.

The rectangular box body made of transparent glass can see the deep yellow perfume inside. The highlight of the design is the black rectangular shape lid, which is larger than the bottle body, creating a unique, impressive and equally luxurious bottle.

The fragrance of perfume for men is extremely intense and strong, capturing and satisfying the tastes and preferences of Eastern people. You can use this perfume from the morning and it will last all day but the scent on the skin still does not disappear, and the scent keeps embracing your body in a harmonious and attractive way.

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3. Nasomatto Duro 

Duro of Nasomatto perfume is a scent that defeats all the concepts and feelings of male masculinity launched in 2007. Duro was created by renowned moderator Alessandro Gualtieri.

Nasomatto Duro  review

A passionate and mysterious scent will attract your attention right from the first moment. With notes of dark wood notes, add a little spicy flavor with a little sweetness wafted around. Next, the original incense layer will also be filled in your sense of smell but more smoke and wood, very familiar, very natural and full of masculinity. The base notes with the softness of the soap are added to the rhythm with the warm and strong deep wood initially creating a new and distinctive scent.

The rectangular box body made of transparent glass can see the pale yellow perfume inside. The highlight of the design is the black triangular shaped cap that is larger than the whole body, creating a unique, impressive and equally luxurious bottle.

A bottle of perfume with a spicy and masculine woody aroma, both rustic and simple but equally refined. The sillage and longevity are very wonderful and surely this beautiful creation named Duro will not disappoint you. Duro is a great option for scenting cold days

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4. Nasomatto Absinth 

Absinth of Nasomatto is a fragrant wood fragrance for both men and women, which was unveiled in 2007 under the creative hands of the famous perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri.

Nasomatto Absinth review

The scent begins with the fresh scent of vetiver that glides on your skin and gradually hides quickly. Instead, the appearance of Wormwood makes your spirit more comfortable and the fragrance lasts for a long time on the skin, in which Green Notes is cool and vetiver also contributes.

A fresh, pleasant, highly relaxing scent, is a unisex perfume worth a try once in a lifetime. Suitable for those who love the fresh, relaxed spirit in the mild and pleasant weather days of spring and autumn.

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