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Top 12 Best Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Cologne For Men 2021

Top 12 Best Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Cologne For Men 2018

Last Updated on May 23, 2021 by Frank

Yves Saint Laurent often abbreviated YSL is a famous fashion brand in France founded by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent.

Laurent started his career in fashion when he was 17, and he was now Christian Dior’s assistant. Four years since Dior’s death, Laurent became the leader of Dior when he was 21. After that, the war for independence in the Algerian erupted. Laurent joined the army in 1960 and lost his current position at Dior. Military responsibility and the despair of losing the design chair at Dior made him hospitalized for some time. After recovering, Laurent founded his own fashion company and became one of the most influential fashion designers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Cosmetics and fragrances are always indispensable products in Laurent’s collection. Laurent’s first perfume was named Y (1964) for women. In addition, there are other perfumes such as Rive Gauche, Opium (1977), Kourous (1981), and Paris (1983) all became the classic perfumes in the world and until now this is still the best selling product. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme Eau Electrique Eau De Toilette(2017) is lastest men cologne from YSL

Today we will introduce Top 12 Best YSL Colognes For Men that you should know:

Ultimate Guide to Top 12 Best Yves Saint Laurent Cologne For Men 2018

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Jazz By Yves Saint Laurent For Men7-12All season$$4.4
Yves Saint Laurent L'homme Yves Saint Laurent For Men3-6Spring,Summer and Fall$$4.3
M7 Fresh By Yves Saint Laurent For Men7-12Spring and summer$$5
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme7-12Spring, Fall and Winter$$4.6
Live Jazz By Yves Saint Laurent 3-6Spring and Summer$$4.6
Ysl By Yves Saint Laurent For Men7-12Spring and Summer$$4.4
Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent for Men>12Fall and winter$$4.4
Yves Saint Laurent L'homme Parfum Intense7-12Fall and winter$$5
Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme Eau de Toilette7-12Fall and winter$$4.4
Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme Le Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce7-12Fall and winter$$4.2
Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros for Men7-12Fall and winter$$4.0
Opium By Yves Saint Laurent For Men7-12Fall and winter$$4.2

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Review Top Best YSL Men’s Perfumes All Times

1. Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent for Men

Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros was launched in 1981 as the Fougere Fragrance for Men. The creator of this fragrance is Pierre Bourdon.

Prelude is a combination of the strong scent of coriander and Bergamot orange with the characteristics of wormwood. Clove sensual with jasmine fragrance warms up the perfume mixture before combining perfectly with civet, oakmoss and leather. This is a powerful and unique combination of Chypre fragrance originating in Greece with coriander – civet – oak moss – leather.

The body kouros bottle is pretty simple with white covering the entire bottle, with metallic horizontal lines. Styles are judged to be strong and masculine.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros men’s fragrances are for men who like to find romance or want to impress their mate. Use it before going to dinner and dancing romantically with the one you love. Surely you will win the love and attention of the person you are trying to conquer

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2. Jazz By Yves Saint Laurent For MenJazz - Best Yves Saint Laurent Cologne For Men

Jazz was launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 1988 and the creator of this fragrance is Jean-Francois Latty. Jazz opens a new world with lavender, amber flavor and pungent masculine style for men.

The scent gives the appearance that the strong and successful man possesses. Therefore, the aroma is masculine and strong, fresh and vibrant with coriander. The geranium adds to the masculine sensation and quickly changes the image from a muscular man into a smart, warm, aesthetic, wonderful man with wormwood and cypress. The harmonious scent of the fern has been calmed down and Patchouli makes the mood deep and mysterious.

The male perfume bottle in a rectangular black box is a symbol of Saint Laurent. Symbol of masculinity, power and absolute luxury.

The great designers of Yves Saint Laurent in Paris launched the men’s jazz in 1988. Since then, Jazz has become the favorite fragrance for men and their women love it. Like this scent. Jazz is a perfect choice for everyday activities. Wherever you go, whatever you do, Jazz will make you stand out and be admired.

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3. Ysl By Yves Saint Laurent For Men

Yves Saint Laurent’s Yves Saint Laurent perfume is a fragrance for men’s fragrance for men launched in 1971. The first masculine scent of this company was created by designer Yves St Laurent.

YSL Pour Homme begins with a fragrance of Chypre lemon / herbal fragrance, but after drying it becomes a classic Fougere fragrance with a wild flavor. For a fragrance interposed between two almost seamless fragrances like this, it only shows the effect when it gradually dries out, and it is a testament to the art and appreciation of the Incense notes in the classic perfume. The aroma of exquisite spicy, the wood aroma difficult to distinguish but very deep. Finally, the wonderful manly scent left behind the timeless fragrance

Simple bottle shape made of transparent glass with the high oval cylinder and red cap. Bottle design designed by Pierre Dinand. The case is also designed with similar red tones but is adorned with white text

This is a very masculine scent balanced by spicy, mildly scented scent. YSL Pour Homme for Men is the perfect choice for men who appreciate sophistication, nuance and contemporary culture. For the discerning men, YSL Pour Homme is a great fragrance for simplicity, confidence that attracts.

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4. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme Eau de Toilette

In March 2009, perfume Yves Saint Laurent launched a new perfume collection for La Nuit de l’Homme. This perfume was created by the collaborative research of three famous perfumers Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye and Dominique Ropion. This is a masculine, intense and contrasting scent

In the first incense, the cardamom scent played a decisive role in creating a mysterious, powerful, spicy scent. Next, the combination of fresh orange scent with romantic lavender fragrance and pine wood fragrance has created a strong passion. In the end, the caramel blends with the greens to help the man look luxurious, elegant and unattractive.

The design of La Nuit de I`Homme perfume is similar to the previous model, but in this perfume, the designer took the black color as the main color of the show. Bottom of the bottle is shaped six-sided, and the body of the bottle is dark black, showing strength and power.

When the men use La Nuit de I`Homme perfume, they will emit an unforgettable aroma. This perfume is suitable for use before going to work or before engaging in other activities. With long lasting scent, you can rest assured work or play and still ensure a wonderful masculine scent in any case.

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5. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme perfume is a fragrance for men. L’Homme was launched in 2006 by Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye and Dominique Ropion. This is a wooden scent with a harmonious blend of citrus peel, ginger, basil, violet, incense and tonka bean. Thus, L’Homme offers a fresh sensation, in contrast to a traditional and sexy body.

L’Homme’s scent is a combination of lemon, bergamot, and fresh ginger and the scent slowly advances towards the center of the pepper, spice, purple flower and basil. The middle notes are somewhat natural green. L’homme finishes with base notes of warm and passionate cedar wood blending gracefully with incense grass and tonka bean, providing an extremely sensual scent and a sweetening balance. conceited.

With a cylindrical design and a large, bulky cylinder shape that adds to the masculine look of L’Homme. Yves Saint Laurent logo engraved on the bottle cap.

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’homme is a combination of attraction in a stylish and sexy man. This fragrance of fresh wood fragrance will surely make you excited immediately. This contrasting scent is bold, artistic, elegant and modern of elegance, elegant and immortal.

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6. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Parfum Intense

In August 2013, the Yves Saint Laurent brand launched a new L’Homme version called L’Homme Parfum Intense. This is a slightly warmer and warmer version than the original and refined by Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion.

L’Homme Parfum Intense is a combination of citrus, spices, wood and flowers. The fragrance begins with a strong aroma of lemon, bergamot and peppercorn, with a rich aroma of orange blossom, Indian spruce and violet leaves. The scent of scent on the top notes includes strong and strong notes of wood and acacia. Wood notes also contribute to the warmth of the fragrance.

The bottle is designed similar to the previous version with the cylindrical body made of transparent glass and hexagonal lid made of silver-plated metal. The difference of this version is that the color of the perfume inside is a golden hue of warm amber.

A more attractive and irresistible version of L’Homme than ever before with the power of attraction increased significantly. This perfume shows the intense charm of the men. This is a great cologne for the cold season

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7. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme

In 2003, perfume Yves Saint Laurent perfume Rive Gauche pour Homme perfume is a fragrance of natural grass for men. Rous Gauche pour Homme was created by Jacques Cavallier perfumers.

Rive Gauche pour Homme is a harmonious combination between classic and modern. This is a special gift that Yves Saint Laurent dedicated to men want to show strong attraction, appeal and elegant style, fashionable.

Top notes are a combination of the scent of rosemary, rosemary, and a touch of Bergamot orange to create a strong, passionate scent. But just a few minutes later, the aroma will soften gradually instead of lavender, cloves mixed with geranium and aromatic fragrance as traveling on the fresh herbs. The base notes is a delicate blend of geranium, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli and warm aroma of Gaiac wood for a refined yet masculine scent.

The River Gauche pour Homme perfume is designed in a cylindrical shape with a mysterious black metallic glass that highlights the masculine, elegant and fashionable look.

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8. Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros for Men

Yves Saint Laurent’s Body Kouros is an oriental-pungent oriental fragrance for men. Body Kouros was launched in 2000. The creator of this fragrance is Annick Menardo.

When used, you will feel a fresh scent of scent on your skin. Eucalyptus tree has a cooling effect with gentle aroma and pleasant, incense is diluted by the eucalyptus leaf overgrown. After about an hour, you can smell the wood, but the fresh eucalyptus is still attached. The scent is completely retained for the duration of use. The scented incense becomes the main flavor in the final flavor, giving the scent of masculinity and appeal.

The Body Kouros bottle is quite simple with moss green covering the whole bottle, with horizontal metallic rims. Styles are judged to be strong and masculine.

Body Kouros is men’s fragrances that understand the body and understand the importance of keeping fit. A strong and hot scent, which reflects a free, sincere and sexy personality. Body Kouros for men are both physical and intellectual.

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9. M7 Fresh By Yves Saint Laurent For Men

M7 fresh - Best cologne for menYves Saint Laurent’s M7 Fresh perfume is a fragrance of woody fragrance for men and was launched in 2004.

Of course, when it comes to fresh fragrances, we always feel the scent of citrus notes, but the difference that makes the M7 Fresh is the incense, which adds an equality. Luxury level for perfume. M7 Fresh begins with a burst of orange and lemon, then minutes later, the warmth of ginger and acacia leaves a cool sensation, although somewhat similar to the bitterness of the drug. Huong oranges still exist during the incense blossom, but the lemon flavor is completely gone.

The M7 perfume bottle was designed by Tom Ford and Doug Lloyd. Bottles of perfume keep the design simple but exude elegance, class of the original version, but the perfume bottle has turned to a clear yellow color to show the purity and freshness of water. flower.

If you love the aroma of the original M7 but are afraid to use it when you go to work because of its passion, you will quite love the M7 Fresh version with a relatively gentle aroma and more refreshing, But still retains all the features that make up the M7 perfume line.

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10. Live Jazz By Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent’s Live Jazz perfume is a perfume fragrance for men and was launched in 1998. The perfume of this fragrance is Pierre Bourdon.

Live Jazz opens with a sharp, lively aroma of cool mint flavored with a few notes of grapefruit and lemon. Although quite powerful and sharp, but fragrance never overwhelming. As the perfume began to evaporate, the rhubarb flavor began to spread and was supported with aromatic coriander making the middle notes become quite warm. Mint flavor continues to burn until the last note appears and is balanced with vanilla and cedar to make the whole scent more attractive and attractive.

Bottle design of Live Jazz is the same as the original Jazz version, the difference of this version is the bottle labeled “LIVE JAZZ” instead of just a “JAZZ”. And the box of Live Jazz brings color opposite to Jazz.

Since its launch, Live Jazz has so far been one of the top choices for men. Fragrances are completely separate from perfume bottles with similar aromatic components. Take the opportunity and turn Live Jazz into your own signature fragrance.

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11. Opium By Yves Saint Laurent For Men

In 1995, Yves Saint Laurent launched the Opium Pour Homme perfume line with the oriental fragrance of the oriental spice for men. Opium Pour Homme was created by famous perfume maker Jacques Cavallier.

Top notes are the explosion of fresh and sour-sweet notes and pungent spicy scent. Next, the new scent of galangal and pepper helps Opium to create a distinct, powerful aroma that activates the senses of you and those around you. The final flavor is a combination of Tolu, cedar, Atlas, a bit of Bourbon and added a little raspberry flavor. All blended together to create a masculine scent, strong attraction and passionate women.

The Opium Pour Homme perfume bottle is very simple in rectangular shape and the oval cover is similar to the Opium design for women. But Opium Pour Homme shows masculinity with a black lid and a nice golden border.

Opium Pour Homme is a fragrance in the collection of fragrances for the men of Yves Saint Laurent and has won the hearts of many people through the scent of bright pungent and warm woody notes with warm incense. Helps to stimulate the sex appeal of men. Using Opium Pour Homme you will be completely different from those around you with elegance, class and fashion. Feel the charm of yourself when the beautiful girls will not be able to take your eyes off you.

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12. La Nuit de L`Homme Le Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme perfume is a fragrance of the Fougere oriental men’s fragrance and was launched in 2010.

The fragrance begins with a sweet taste, but not overwhelming. Perfume pepper is slightly more subtle than fruit, but still perform well Oriental and repentance also contributes to balance the fragrance at the start. Right at the middle notes, the fragrance is really subtle and pleasant, sure to please anyone who uses it. The sweet taste is still there but it has softened and lavender fragrance brings a fresh feeling. Aroma incense scent to the skin of the user. Right here, the fragrance is similar to soap with vanilla, patchouli and greens.

The bottle is designed similar to the previous version with cylindrical barrel body and hexagonal lid. The difference in this version is that the bottle body is made of black glass and the bottle cap also has a black tone, as a statement that the ingredients used by perfume are very strong.

Express your elegance and look with La Nuit de L’Homme Le Parfum. This delicate fragrance is suitable for afternoons after a day of hard work or an evening out, partying with friends.

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YSL Perfumes Gift Set

You can try different scents before deciding to buy a large size perfume bottle. With this Gift Set, you also have a more diverse choice of scents to use in each case and specific needs: go to work, go out or fragrance party ideas… Besides if you are a travel companion the mini perfume Gift Set is the smart choice for you.

You can try some Best YSL perfume gift set below:

  1. YSL La Nuit L’Homme Set (3.3 Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.3 Shower Gel)
  2. Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent for Men Gift Set- Eau De Toilette 3.3 oz + Body Wash 3.3 oz
  3. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme Travel Set Eau de Toilette Spray 3.4 oz & All Over Shower Gel 3.3 oz Travel Offer 2 pcs
  5. YSL Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Libre Gift Set for Men (3.3 OZ EDT Spray, 3.3 OZ AFTERSHAVE LOTION)

Wish you find a pleasant scent. If you know of other good scents, please leave a comment below!!!


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