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Creed Aventus Review – Best Creed cologne for men 2018

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018

Last Updated on December 25, 2018 by Frank

Aventus is the best-selling men’s fragrance of the prestigious Creed perfume brand. This perfume bottle is extremely appreciated by both ordinary users and lovers of perfume, but to own a bottle of Creed Aventus is not easy because it is always out stock. So what makes this special attraction of this perfume makes the whole world hunt so much!


Introducing CREED based in Paris (www.creedboutique.com) founded in 1760, CREED is the only perfume company operating in the “hereditary” style in the world. The high-end CREED brand perfumes are enjoyed by the royal family and the elite in the past 251 years. Currently, the company CREED is Olivier CREED – 6th generation and he is also the creator of many popular scents.

In the late 20th century and early 21st century, Olivier CREED perfume specialist created a number of legendary popular perfume lines such as Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Spring Flower and 2 lines. Himalaya perfume, Original Vetiver with the contribution of Erwin CREED. Creed perfume is cooperated and modulated by famous blenders such as Olivier Creed, Olivier Creed Sixth Generation, Erwin Creed Seventh Generation, James Henry Creed Fifth Generation, Henry Creed Third Generation, Henry Creed Fourth Generation, James Henry Creed First Generation. Creed is located in the TOP 50 most famous perfume companies in the world.

Aventus is inspired by the dramatic life of Napoleon Emperor (war, peace, romance). This is the line of perfumes for men introduced in 2010 belonging to the Chypre Fruity fruity group. Initially, the product was sold with the main capacity of 75ml and 120ml but in 2017 the company officially produced only new capacity of 50ml and 100ml.

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 20181. Design

Aventus has a distinctive royal design of Creed perfumes. The perfume bottle is made of transparent glass material and is coated with a black paint material on the bottom half of the bottle to accentuate the metal label showing the emblematic emperor Napoleon image. The lid is designed as a crown that represents the power of the nobility – it is also the most creeded class in the history of the brand.

Besides, the box with embossed details and strong black color enhances the adjustment and perfect for the overall product inside and out. Just holding in your hand you will feel like the perfume bottle is telling you about the story and character of the mighty and proud Napoleon emperor.

2. Fragrance

Although somewhat royal appearance, thorny mystery but true Creed Aventus gives a very harmonious and balanced feeling, both masculine but also pleasant.

The opening of Creed Aventus is the lightning speed attack of a mixture of green apple, bergamot and black currant, which are ingredients that bring excitement and strong and fierce fighting spirit.

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018

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Next, talking about Creed Aventus is to mention the aroma of pineapple and fragrant smoke aroma right from the middle note until the last moments. The flavor of pineapple with bold sweetness has a slightly harsh part which is made smoother by the fragrant smoky aroma that surrounds it enough to make Creed Aventus have an extremely sophisticated and pleasant cupping approach but once it goes deep In it will definitely leave an unforgettable impression.

Creed Aventus is a combination of musk, ambergris and oakmoss. Besides notes vanilla notes and flowers again add sweet soft aftertaste to pineapple flavor notes. All together to make this pineapple and smoky aroma sublimated to the pinnacle of emotion, the recipients will be shaken by the harmony of infinity.

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018True to the gods when manipulating the fragrance of Creed Aventus, this perfume as a further strength and maturity for men but at the same time also fostering more romantic, gentle and polite.

3. SillageĀ and Longevity

Creed Aventus is produced in a concentration of EDP and in fact this fragrance also gives very good fragrance in the range of 6-9 hours on the skin. If used on days when the weather is cool or used in air-conditioned environments, the ability to keep the smell maybe even better.

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018And finally, the aroma is also the strength of this perfume because of its ability to spread the smell in a wide range but still does not make people feel uncomfortable. During the process of Creed Aventus fragrance on the skin, the fragrance also spreads smoothly and continuously. It will be a bit bold at first, but the fragrance will be subdued afterwards but still be felt easily.

4. Conclusion

If you are planning to start experiencing rare and unique niche perfumes, Creed Aventus is the perfect suggestion for you. Aventus still gives men a masculine, fluffy and sensual scent but not so lacking in complex, skillful and special subtleties. This will be a perfume for the guys to assert themselves, but the scent is not too gimmicky because just passing someone is enough to realize you are using Creed Aventus.

Creed Aventus Review - Best Creed cologne for men 2018

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At a fairly high price, it must be said that Creed Aventus is really worthy to invest in its own style because this perfume bottle gathers all the elements for men to show their confidence and assertiveness. and strong. In addition, the fragrance of Creed Aventus is easy to use at all times of the year and every time you use it, you don’t need to spray too much.

Currently, in the world the scent also has many lines of perfume with the same smell of Creed Aventus but it said to be able to recreate the spirit and perfection like Creed Aventus does not have any kind of water What flowers can do. In the grave of perfumery, the monument of Creed Aventus is considered as “unique”.

If you are still hesitant about the price, you can try sample below to find out about this scent before deciding to buy.

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