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How to Design a Balanced Kettlebells Workout

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

Many people don’t know where to start when designing their kettlebells workout. They are used to achieve many different goals, such as building muscle, or increasing endurance. Most beginners randomly throw exercises into a workout routine. You should instead start with a well-balanced program of full-body exercises, including one exercise for each of the following movements:

  • Pulling movement
  • Pushing movement
  • Squat movement
  • Core movement
  • Ballistic movement


Pulling exercises will work your lats, traps, forearms and biceps. Most beginners make the mistake of only including pressing/pushing movements. A typical beginner’s kettlebells workout might include 3-4 chest exercises and only one back exercise. Working out in this way leads to muscle imbalances. A general rule of thumb is to include at least one pulling movement for each pressing movement. One arm rows, renegade rows, and bent rows, are all excellent kettlebell pulling movement exercises. Also adding in some pull-ups and chin-ups is a good idea, if you have the equipment available.


A pushing/pressing exercise works the triceps and shoulders; it can also benefit the chest-area depending on the specific exercise you pick. We suggest working with the military press exercise. Military press develops shoulder muscles and creates a v-shaped look. Try any of the following kettlebell pushing exercises: double clean and military press, clean and military press, floor press, double floor press, see-saw press, seated military press, the sots press, or alternating military press.


Most beginners also neglect their lower-body. The foundation of your strength is built on strong hamstrings and quads. If you want a strong upper-body then you best have a strong lower-body to support it. Try the following kettlebell squatting exercises: single kettlebell front squat, double front squat, one leg squat, kettlebell behind the neck squat lunges, tactical lunges, double kettlebell deadlift, and the suitcase deadlift.

Core Movements

In addition to the above exercises a good kettlebells workout should include exercise movements that strengthen core muscles. Use the following exercises: the windmill, the Turkish get up, double windmill, and the get up sit up.

Ballistic Movements

Finally, complete your workout with a ballistic movement that will challenge almost every muscle in your body. Ballistic movements create the explosive power that athletes need for success, and when used in high repetitions, they are tremendously challenging cardio workouts. Try the clean, double clean, swing, and double swing, one arm swing, snatch, and double snatch. Doing this will build explosive power and/or unstoppable endurance.

The versatility of a Kettlebells workout is part of their appeal. All it takes is one kettlebell and a cleared out space to exercise. For your next workout select one exercise from each of the above headings, grab you’re kettlebell and get to work. Utilizing this well balanced kettlebells workout will strengthen every major muscle in your body.

Why Train with Kettlebells?

People have been using Kettlebells for many years to enhance their training. They work very well for increasing your heart rate and achieve optimum physical fitness, strength and conditioning.

Kettlebells are fantastic for the following reasons:

They are Small and Compact

They’re so small that you can very easily keep a few in your car, on the floor or in the trunk, and have them with you when you want to train or workout.

You don’t even need to get to the gym because your Kettlebells enable you to exercise wherever you happen to be.

Train Your Entire Body

Kettlebells are extremely effective in that they work several muscle groups simultaneously, unlike machine weights that isolate only one group of muscles. Fighters use their entire body so you need to train all muscle groups and Kettlebells are very effective pieces of equipment for training your entire body.

Develop Your Functional Strength

If you’re going to increase your strength it only makes sense to increase it in a way that your added strength is useful when you need it. Kettlebells are highly effective in developing functional strength, strength that’s effective.

Targets Main Muscle Groups plus Stabilizer Muscles

Because the Kettlebells are uneven in terms of weight distribution, you are forced to work much harder when you pull, push and try to control it. This is exactly why they’re so effective in building strength. They strengthen all your main muscle groups as well as targeting your stabilizer muscles.

Brings your Heart Rate Way Up

When you first start using Kettlebells during your workout you’ll feel your heart rate skyrocketing very quickly. Since the Kettlebell is targeting all your muscles you get a total workout and ultimately this will increase your strength and endurance. The more frequently you use Kettlebells in your workout the more your heart rate will get to the maximum rate and the fitter you will be.

Glutes Gain in Strength

When you perform the signature technique of the Kettlebells, which is called “The Swing” you will be targeting your glutes. This is the area that most training regimens and workouts neglect. The Kettlebell Swing will strengthen your glutes, developing a lot of power in hips and lower body. This helps you develop a strong sprawl and more power behind your kicks.

Full Body Training

With each exercise you are targeting over half the body. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the squat pull, the swing or overhead press, you are going to be using two or more muscle groups.

Strengthens your Grip

Because the Kettlebell has a thick grip it can’t help but develop a strong forearm and grip, whether you intend to do this or not. Once you’ve gripped the Kettlebell handle during a training session you will definitely feel it in your forearms, for days.

Unilateral Training is Possible

Unilateral training is training one side of the body at a time. When you train with the Kettlebell using only one arm you will be unbalanced. This forces you to use your core to stabilize yourself. So every time you exercise using the Kettlebell you can do this and really strengthen your core muscles.

Lose More Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight when you work out with increased intensity you’re going to burn more calories. Kettlebells do bring more intensity to your workout so you’ll lose weight.

Strength Increases

Your overall strength will increase very quickly when in Kettlebell training. You’ll notice this within the first three weeks. You will be training muscles in your body that you didn’t even realize were there. This seems to be a normal response for everyone starting their training with Kettlebells.

Flexibility Increases

The added flexibility is brought about by learning how to perform the exercises correctly. This improves your ability to attain a complete range of movement, more flexibility. Another reason why your flexibility will increase is that after every training session everyone should stretch for a good ten to twenty minutes. Having maximum flexibility is so important for having the power and strength you need for your kicks and guard that is difficult to pass.

Metabolism is Raised

Because of the intensity of a Kettlebell training session your metabolism is going to naturally increase along with the strength in your muscles. Your metabolism is the rate at which you are using energy while your body is resting.

Because you will be developing stronger muscles and muscles use more energy than fat does, your rate of metabolism is raised. So you will burn more energy when sitting in front of your computer.

Increase your Power, Speed, and Endurance

When you finish a complete Kettlebell Program you will begin developing more power, speed and endurance without a doubt.


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