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Do You Know The Difference Between Designer Perfume And Niche Perfume?

Do You Know The Difference Between Designer Perfume And Niche Perfume?

Last Updated on January 5, 2019 by Frank

The World Perfume Association uses this term to refer to fragrances manufactured in small scale, appearing little or nonexistent in trade centers or retail outlets. There are Aftelier, Goutal, Annick, Clive Creed, Amouage, Christian, Serge Lutens, Byredo, Guerlain, Acqua di Parma, Diptyque, Montale, Jo Malone … strange names with most of the perfumer. In contrast to the popular perfume you often find in perfume shops, commercial centers such as Lancome, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, … is called Designer perfume.

designer perfumes

Niche perfumes are not produced massively

Unlike designer perfumes that are mass produced and sold, getting a niche of fragrances is a whole process of researching the scent to bring customers the most distinctive perfume, most impressive. On the other hand, Niche perfumes are created by specialized perfumers, specialized in perfumery but not in fashion, such as designer perfumes. The goal of these companies is not to sell a lot of products at all costs, but they focus on the sophistication and feelings of perfume users.

Niche fragrances are not as salty as advertised. So sticking with celebrities like the designer line is almost rare. Are they only appearing on posts or interviews with the media. With these brands, the most effective advertising method is nothing but the reputation “self-incense”.

Niche perfume is said to be artistic and innovative, and although not widely available, perfume companies are still working hard to produce new products to meet their needs. For a segment of their own customers prefer the sophistication, unique, different to express themselves, their own personality.

Exclusive formulaNiche perfume

Because of the limitation of the customer at the distribution stage, niche perfume brands leave the sales maxim to sell for profit, instead forcing customers to withdraw their purse by quality. They say no to similar fragrances. Each brand has its own creative philosophy to create a difference and make a mark in the hearts of customers.

Some brands like Aftelier, Ayala Moriel, JoAnne Bassett or Florascent use exclusive natural flavors, including alcohol. Other brands such as Escentric Molecules, Commes des Garcons prefer synthetic materials. Les Parfums de Rosine or La Maison de la Vanille just like to give perfume a unique scent, not many layers of lang as modern samples. Brands such as Comptoir Sud Pacifique seek to re-create the scent of distant lands and Bond No. 9, Aqaba, Profumi di Pantelleria, Eau d’Italie or Parfum d’Empire synthesize fragrances from a fixed place, such as the cities, islands, countryside or the reigns of the ancient dynasties.

In addition to the impressive scent, each niche brand has a secret recipe that helps keep the fragrance much longer than designer fragrances. For example, No 1 Passant Guardant by Clive Christian after the shower is still stored in the skin with the fruit.

All proprietary formulas stay the same over time. This creates a constant and distinct value for the classic scent of niche fragrances.

The fragrance of Niche perfumes will make you unforgettable

 Although there are unique points like these, using specialized materials, but less production you do not think Niche is a luxury, expensive or expensive, there are also several hundred dollars, but there are also Those are just a few dozen dollars a bottle.

The most important of Niche Perfume is meticulous, the feat, as well as the spirit of the inventors, want to put in it rather than the product is industrialized, satisfy the masses only to generate high revenue. Niche fragrances are not always available, sometimes difficult to smell, the aroma of oil, smoke, leather, wood sometimes makes the user shock.

But Niche also has very rustic, simple and pretty bottles. Those who have a habit of drinking Niche often find it difficult to go back to using a Designer bottle, not a Designer less than Niche, but like a drug addict, it’s hard to go back to vacuuming. Compare that too a bit too but actually, the aroma of Niche fragrance is easy to make you crazy, especially the last incense, very delicate that you can not forget.


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