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Dior Homme Parfum Review – The Gift For The Elegant And Charming Man

Last Updated on October 4, 2017 by Frank

Dior Homme Parfum Men’s Fragrances were introduced in 2014 and included in the line of floral fragrances – wood – musk. This new version will bring all the essence of Dior Homme perfume in an unconventional combination that brings urban style, impressive and passionate. Francois Demachy refined the fragrance of this version

1. Design

Dior Homme Parfum ReviewStaying faithful to the familiar design of the Dior Homme line, it is a rectangular, robust and sturdy box design that is well suited for men. Besides, in this version, the dark brown perfume increased masculinity for its owner. Black case with luxurious details and script.

2. Fragrance

With notes of wood and leather, the notes of Dior Homme Parfum are very warm. This makes it suitable at night or when the weather is cold, this scent really does not suit most people under the age of 25 because it is quite mature.

The scent of Dior Homme is the synthesis from sandalwood, leather, confident strokes and chrysanthemums flowers Tuscany-one of the most precious aromatherapy perfume industry because the process of extracting essential oils from aromatherapy is extremely elaborate and meticulous. Special things from the scent of Dior Homme is on each different skin, this product will give different scents.

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3. Sillage and Longevity

If talking about the sillage of smell then Homme Parfum is truly a “heavy artillery” by its scent can hold up to 12 hours after spraying. In parallel, it is the auras pretty far distance 2m around. However, it will be relatively uncomfortable with those who do not like the scent too elevated.

4. Conclusion

Dior Homme would be the ideal scent for those at dating or the sessions fun, meeting friends at night, you will surely attract the attention from the woman.

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