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Do you know how to get rid of dandruff in men?

Do you know how to get rid of dandruff in men?

Last Updated on April 5, 2018 by Frank

Do you feel unconfident whenever you see white spots falling on your dark shirt? Dandruff is always a big concern of people, especially men who often have a short hair. So, how to get rid of dandruff in men? We can figure it out in the following article.

1. What causes dandruff?

The scalp, as well as other skin areas in the body, always has dead cells which accumulate every day. Many studies indicate that the scalp removes 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells a day, but this amount will increase many times when the scalp is irritated, climatic allergies .etc. The process of accumulation results in dandruff in men. In other words, dandruff is an enormous amount of dead cells in the scalp.

To find the answer to “How to get rid of dandruff in men?”, we have to know what causes dandruff to be generated more and more. Then, we can find the solution for each reason.

  • Dandruff is not caused by pathology
  • Oily skin: Some people have the oily skin condition. The sebaceous glands secreting increases the appearance rate of dandruff in the scalp.
  • If you frequently shampoo or use shampoo with the strong detergent, you accidentally remove ceramide – the protective layer on the scalp. Thus, bacteria on the scalp can increasingly develop. It can cause the scalp itching, dandruff, and even hair loss.
  • Some people do not wash regularly due to the health condition or even the laziness, etc. But it is the main reason that causes itching and more dandruff on the scalp.
  • Let wet hair go to bed: Going to bed with wet hair not only affects directly your health but also encourages the growth of dandruff.
  • Hair dye too much: The process of straitening, curling or dying to our hair also are causes of dandruff.
  • Dandruff is caused by pathology
  • An allergic reaction to a certain shampoo, or other hair products
  • Some people who are stressed tend to have more dandruff.
  • A diet which is low in vitamin B or zinc can lead to dandruff.
  • Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s can develop dandruff.

2. How to get rid of dandruff in men?2. How to get rid of dandruff in men?

There are many reasons that cause the growth of dandruff in men. How to get rid of dandruff in men? Does it seem too difficult to find the solution? What do you need to prevent dandruff and treat when having dandruff?

  • Some useful ways to prevent the scalp from dandruff:
  • The common answer to the question “How to get rid of dandruff in men” is to choose shampoos and conditioners carefully. They need to be suitable to your scalp and hair. The good hair products should not contain the preservative or colorant. If your hair condition is not good due to the process of straightening, curling or dyeing, you can ask experts to choose accurate products.
  • After a swim, a sunbathing, it is recommended that you should use the conditioner immediately. It not only has a good effect on your hair but also prevent from dandruff.
  • Wash your hair with the moderate intensity: As we know, it is not good for your scalp to be washed every day. At the same time, infrequent washing is not also recommended. So, you should get your hair clear moderately. Twice or 3 times per a week is the highly-recommended rate.
  • Besides, you need to relax. Make a daily schedule which is suitable to your time, your health condition, etc. to avoid long-term stress. You should also take part in sports in your leisure time that will help you enjoy your life.
  • Whenever it is sunny, you should wear a hat to prevent your scalp, especially in men with a short hair, from the sunlight. Therefore, you can keep away from the irritation that causes dandruff.
  • Furthermore, you need to follow a healthy diet in which vitamin B and zinc are rich. Thus, you can prevent the scalp from dandruff.
  • With some useful way to prevent the scalp from dandruff, you can know some ways to keep away from this symptom. But, in case you are dealing with it, how to get rid of dandruff in men?
  • How to get rid of dandruff in men?
  • If your scalp are itching because of the appearance of dandruff, firstly, do not be too worried to avoid the stress that will encourage the growth of dandruff. Then, stay away from hair beauty products for a while until your scalp is back to the normal condition.
  • Then, choose a dandruff-free shampoo to remove dead skin cells. It can make a significant improvement to your scalp.
  • You need avoid scratching in the period of dandruff in spite of the uncomfortable itches. Scratching can cause your scalp hurt and the condition gets worse.
  • One of the great answers to “how to get rid of dandruff in men?” is to replace your usually shampoo with natural common methods such as bouillon, lemon, peach pomelo, etc.
  • Some home remedies for dandruff in men is also efficient. You can cure dandruff by using the warm beer after shampooing. Only every two days helps your scalp to be clear. Another common tip is to use diluted vinegar with warm water every day until dandruff no longer appears again.
  • In case the condition of dandruff lasts too long and grows severely, you should see a dermatologist for the better advice and treatment. Some people hesitate about going to the hospital or a clinic because of the cost or the lack of time but keep your scalp containing dandruff too long can lead to irritation or other serious symptoms.

Commonly, dandruff do not do harm to your health. However, it makes your appearance imperfect that leads to the unconfident feeling. So, it is about time to find the solution to escape from this uncomfortable symptom. Through reading the article above, hope that you know how to get rid of dandruff in men.




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