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9 Facts About Deodorant That You Probably Do Not Know Yet

9 facts about deodorant that you probably do not know yet

Last Updated on March 23, 2017 by Frank

Each person is born with a characteristic body odor. Deodorant wear has long been part of the daily routine of personal hygiene. This is the perfect savior for anyone or sweat. So how much do you understand this companion?

The following article is 9 facts about rolling deodorant that you probably do not know yet.

1. Deodorizing is not a “monopoly” of modern times

According to the New York Times, from ancient times, the ancient Egyptians knew the use of perfumes for the area under the arms. In 1888, Mum, the world’s first deodorant brand, was founded, and 15 years later, the first deodorant was created, called Everdry.

2. Deodorant and Antiperspirants

Deodorant products are divided into 2 main streams:

Deodorant: Works to help overwhelm the body odor or deodorant for those who have less sweat and less body odor.

Antiperspirants: Ability to control sweat and bactericidal. Therefore, these products are usually for people with sweat glands or athletes.

3. Deodorant is capable of disinfection

We still think sweat is the cause of body odor. But in fact, sweat almost no smell that the culprit to create unpleasant incense is bacteria. Many people think that only Antiperspirant products can be antimicrobial. However, Deodorant also contains antimicrobial powders to help prevent odor.

4. Antiperspirants do not work to stop the process of sweating

Antiperspirants active ingredients in the Antiperspirants line help control sweat and bactericide effectively. However, this control only moderation effect a certain amount of sweat. The Wall Street Journal report shows that all-day “deodorant” deodorants can only cut 20% of sweat from the underarm area, and this effect on brands labeled ” Extra Strength “is 30%.

9 facts about deodorant that you probably do not know yet5. You can be “immune” to the deodorant

The truth is that our bodies have the ability to neutralize the sweat prevention of deodorant products. The body will have a way to “open the valve” for the sweat glands to work and may even sweat more in other parts of the body. Therefore, it is best to rebrand the deodorant label every six months.

6. Sex completely does not affect the deodorant

You know, though, women have more sweat glands than men, but men are sweating more than women. Consequently, many people still think that there is a huge difference in male and female deodorant bottles. Actually, sex discrimination is just a marketing strategy, no more! Although there are differences in designs and scents, they are actually made up of the same formula.

7. Not everyone needs to use rolling deodorant

Deodorant manufacturers have been very successful at convincing consumers that we all need to seek their help. However, not everyone’s natural body odor is so bad. Even though some people are lucky, the body does not emit an odor. And you can find the answer to the question “do you really need deodorant products” by checking your earwax. If the ears are white and easy to remove, you can remove the deodorant to the side. But if the earwax is dark and sticky then you need to keep investing in these products.

8. No one has ever found what is causing yellow stain on the shirt

Several theories suggest that the cause may be due to the presence of aluminum in deodorants in response to the sweat, detergent or fabric of the garment you wear. It could also be that all of these factors add up. The only way to prevent this is to select non-active aluminum ingredients in the composition.

9. You can create your own deodorant products

Many vegetable oils or essential oils contain antimicrobial powder – the main factor that makes use of deodorant products. Therefore, it is very easy to create your own deodorant. However, it is difficult to find a 100% natural deodorant product, as it requires some chemical compounds to prevent odor and retain the fragrance for long. Consequently, 100% natural deodorizing products only work to prevent odor in a very short time.


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