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Do you want to appreciate someone in your life but have no fresh idea how to do it?

Do you want to appreciate someone in your life but have no fresh idea how to do it?

Last Updated on June 25, 2018 by Frank

Everyone has those people in their lives that constantly do things for them, even when they least expect it. For instance, your parents, who still care about you and do so much for you even if you have moved away from home, your significant other who loves you and supports you in everything you do, your best pal who always lends a helping hand and listens to you, as well as co-workers that make an attempt to understand your struggles in the workplace.

Do you want to appreciate someone in your life but have no fresh idea how to do it?With all these people in your life, you may want to show your appreciation for themmen life but may not know exactly how to do it. Or you do not want to use a cliché way of doing it. Here are some tips you can use to show your gratitude to the people most important to you.

1. Writing and designing a hand-written card

Cards are so convenient to get from the local supermarket, and it is easy to thank someone through emails or SMS, but have you ever thought of going the extra mile and thanking them through a creatively homemade card, filled with your own handwriting?

When was the last time you thought about doing such an action? Regardless of the occasion, sending your loved one a handmade card means so much more than the impersonal cards you see for sale. The recipient will even view it as a thoughtful act, and you get bonus points for extra creative ideas.

2. Making a toast

Making a toastIf you can, having a dinner date with your friends, significant other or family is the perfect chance to make a toast and express your thanks for them being a part of your life. It may not be specific to certain incidents, but it feels nice to acknowledge them – and the recipients will be forever grateful for it.

An even better idea is to make it a surprise (as long as you know the recipient is okay with it). You can stand in the middle of dinner, make a short speech, and propose a toast to the person or people – you will leave people feeling emotional, and they will not forget it.

3. Purchase a gift card

Gift cards come in handy if the person in question wants to do an activity or purchase something, yet they may not have the resources to do so. You can use this to reward your friends and family as a way of saying thank you.

For instance, do you have a friend that is in love with coffee and would like a day to explore different flavors at their favorite restaurant? A gift card from a coffee chain like Starbucks would make their day. If they have always wanted to go for a massage and nail care session, a gift card to a spa can be the ultimate present for them.

Maybe you can even buy a gift card to organize a trip out of town for a weekend so that the person in question can relax for that time.

The good news is you will never run out of ideas for gift cards, as they cover almost everything you can think of. The only thing you need is information from the recipient of the gift, and ask them what they have always wanted to do or place to go, and organize the rest for them.

4. Use social media to thank them

There are many people who do not enjoy the world of social media, and that is completely understandable. However, you will find many in your circle that use it on a regular basis to connect with the people in their lives and interact with new people.

If a person in your life has done something amazing (like helping you to recover from drug abuse by encouraging you to sign up at IL Recovery Village) and they are on social media platforms, consider giving them a shout out. For instance, you can send them a tweet and tag them, you can update your status on Instagram or Facebook mentioning them, or even post a nice picture of them – just make sure they are okay with it in the first place.

When people receive recognition on online forums, it is a simple but great way of showing that someone out there appreciates your presence in their lives. It is easy, yet so effective.

5. Take them out

If you have a significant other, you may be thinking of taking them out to dinner as a way of expressing your thanks for their support. In fact, the best idea is trying out somewhere new – either you have never been there, or both of you have not been there, in order to keep it interesting.

If you prefer going somewhere you are used to, then you can make a dinner reservation and go there alone, as a gesture of thanks. This even gives you both more time together, which is a great bonus.

6. Give some physical affection

Give some physical affectionThis is completely dependent on the individual and the relationship you both have, as there are some people who are not comfortable with physical displays especially in public. If they are, a simple hug will do.

Physical affection remains one of the best methods to touch a person and express your thanks. It would probably be more appropriate if you were expressing it to your best friend, your significant other, or a family member.

7. Do a favor for them

If these other options are not possible (at least for now), you can offer to do a favor for the person in question as a mark of gratitude. Not every favor has to get a favor back, but it does not hurt to ask what you can do for them.

It remains good practice to offer someone something in return for them helping you – whether in monetary terms or otherwise. Just express your gratitude to them frequently. It can even be inexpensive, like buying a coffee or lunch for your coworker after they offered to drop you off at work, or covering their shift.

8. Be real

Do not be fake in expressing your sincerity –do not go overboard with your expressions, and always be genuine when thanking them.

Final thoughts

Expressing your thanks to someone is something that you need to cultivate early. Nothing beats the expression from a grateful person, and it always makes the recipient even more motivated to help you out when you are in trouble yourself.


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