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Gentlemen, You Need To Know: 7 Rules of Dressing Up Business Casuals

Gentlemen, You Need To Know: 7 Rules of Dressing Up Business Casuals

Last Updated on September 29, 2017 by Frank

Not every corporate fashionista is a 20-something female with a detrimental obsession for Gucci.

As a matter of fact, men, especially millennials, reshape the corporate styles with fresh and crisp takes. Well, say hello to the modern-day Renaissance, where style is king, and corporate snaps are paramount.

People recognize the need to dress formally or appropriately for a workplace, and this mentality is evident to our culture’s penchant for tailored suits. But how about business casual looks? This dress code should deserve a recognition and praise for its mix of casual and formal wear.

Calling the attention of gentlemen, start sporting a perfect business casual look and follow the guidelines below.

Business Casual According To Men

Business casual, by men’s definition belongs to one of those dress codes that doesn’t follow the strict directive. You can define it as an office dress code that falls in between more than just a typical corporate wear, but not too casual for everyday wear.

Men, in general, should practice wearing an attire which is presentable and neat enough for a professional look but does not go overboard when it comes to formality.

Tailor it to flatter your build and features and make it youthful because they are the key to perfecting the style for this dress code. One reminder though, business casuals shouldn’t be an excuse for dull and careless dressing.

Rule of Shirts

Neutral button-downs are classic and traditional. It gives more aesthetic value if tailored to skim your body. While shirts are failsafe, there are ways to add some personal flavors to your business casual without looking identical with everyone else in the office.

Styling experts advise that you switch things up, and go for interesting patterns and fabrics to channel more color and texture to your office looks. If you prefer a more conservative look, you can choose patterns with classic or neutral color scheme. It will create a harmony with your overall look and shouts versatility at the same time.

But, don’t go too crazy with overly bright colors or prints, your goal is still to create an interesting and appropriate look that won’t fall flat in your company’s dress code.

Sweaters and Cardigans

Other items that men should add to their styling staple are sweaters and cardigans. These articles will work well with your business casuals because they add a relaxing element to your office looks without looking underdressed.

When it comes to cardigans, shawl neck is a must-have for men’s clothing. Stylists point out that cardigans fit well with the casual business look.

For sweaters, you can never go wrong with round neck cable knit sweaters for a classic and neat aesthetic that reads preppy and Americana but still sophisticated. You can countlessly wear sweaters because they are very comfortable to wear and are of good quality.

Don’t Forget Blazers

Wearing blazers for work shouldn’t be too casual or too formal, but they should still hold a dressed up element with them. Stylists recommend that you choose simple blazers because they are not overly conservative. Regardless of not being overly conservative, it still gives a professional look.

Pay extra attention to fitting too. Avoid wearing something baggy. It will overwhelm your look. Remember that correct fitting of blazers will lend your overall style with perfect edge and grounds the entire aesthetic of your look.

Chinos Are In

Chinos are good options if you want to sport a stylish business casual look because they are laid back but could still boost a casual look appeal. The fabrics used for chinos are also comfortable to your skin which make them adaptable for office fashion.

Stylists highly recommend black, khaki, beige and navy chinos. These colors go well with other hues. Chinos are also safe investments for your personal wardrobe.

Shoes Matters

The best thing about incorporating your personal style with business casual is that you can utilize what already exists in your wardrobe, especially shoes.

Loafers, brogues, oxfords and monk-straps are good shoe choices. However, you need to be extra careful with the materials, opt for something sturdy and doesn’t easily get heel drags.

Matte leathers and suede are adaptable for a more laidback vibe to your look. One more thing, make sure that you go for neutral colors. The last thing that you would want to happen is to look like a bright walking matchstick at work.


Men shouldn’t underestimate the power of personal style, and business casual clothing is certainly no exception. So take a shop on some online fashion destinations and curate your brand of style because clothing defines your individuality as a person and not just as a worker.


Andy Lim is a budding writer and designer. She is also a contributor for Seed Heritage and loves anything related to style and fashion. Apart from fashion, she also indulges in photography and shares everything that she knows in her blogs. On her downtime, she likes going outdoor and experience the beauty of nature, together with her lovable corgi, named Mako.

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