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Gentlemen’s Guide: Revealing the Secrets To Look Great In A T-Shirt

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It is unarguable to say that a man with a shirt and jeans can look stunning. A t-shirt is a staple item in every gentleman’s closet. Shirts started as an underwear and evolved as a daily wear for men. It is impossible to find a guy that doesn’t own at least five t-shirts.

A shirt is an old garment that has lived for a century already. Also, it is the only piece that fits in every occasion. Here are the keys to look great in a t-shirt.

Gentlemen's Guide: Revealing the Secrets To Look Great In A T-ShirtSecret # 1: The Perfect Fit

The way a t-shirt fit speaks a lot about a man. If the fit is too big and sleeves are hanging sadly on the shoulders, then it looks like a man doesn’t care about his appearance.

Neck Opening

The neck opening should not be very tight that the wearer can’t move around comfortably. Also, when the wearer raises his arms, there must be no huge gap around the neck. And if the collar looks stretched then it is too loose.


The sleeves must lightly hug the arms. Also, it should be hitting near the mid-bicep. Keep in mind that the sleeves must not be too tight that it looks like the biceps are choked. The sleeves shouldn’t have too much space for the biceps as well. It will make the shirt look tacky and cheap. It will also give the bicep a bad image to the people that will see it.


the perfect fitting t-shirt will be when you can pinch (not pull) between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach,


The right stretch of the shirt depends on the preference of the wearer. However, it is much better that the shirt ends between mid to upper crotch. If the wearer prefers a shirt that will not show his stomach. Then, it is better that it is closer to the middle crotch than the upper.

Gentlemen's Guide: Revealing the Secrets To Look Great In A T-ShirtThe shirt should end somewhere between the top to the center of the crotch.

Secret # 2: Choosing the Right Color


There is no better choice for underwear. Also, white-colored shirt paired with classic indigo jeans can be the best option. The good thing about a white t-shirt is it works on different skin tone. It is a highly recommended color for everyone.


Black remains an attractive shade for every man. However, it is not the best choice of color for a t-shirt. The same as black dress shirts, the color fades pretty fast and appears a little distinct during the daytime. On a positive note, black shirts are essential for layering. It matches a jumper or jacket pretty well.


Gray T-shirts are perfect for visually enhancing the body shape. However, when someone wearing a gray shirt sweats naturally, it can be very noticeable. Marl-gray or jersey gray are perfect in flattering the body because it gives more effect and volume.


Navy is a polished choice that offers the same effect as black. However, Navy remains less distinct because it is more depth than black. It matches blue tailoring and classic denim that are great in creating tonal looks.

Other Colors

Strictly there are no rules. A t-shirt is an item that is affordable, comfortable and efficient in experimenting different style.

Secret # 3: Checking the Preferred Neck Type

 Checking the Preferred Neck Type

Crew Neck

Besides being the most classic, crew necks are also considered the original. Being the most common, a t-shirt with crew neck has a higher neckline compared to V-neck or O-neck. The shape of the neck is a simple oval.

Crew necks are perfect for agents that have sloped shoulders or small chests. Crew necks also create an illusion that makes squarer shoulders for men with small frames. This optical manipulation helps in having a well-proportioned and broader body image. It gives a balance to guys that have little faces and longer necks.


A t-shirt with an O-neck is a little different from the classic crew neck. When cut, the fabric from an O-neck shirt creates a circular shape. The neckline is more rounded and slightly deeper compared to the regular t-shirts.


T-shirts with V-neck neckline works perfectly the as O-neck and crew neck t-shirts. Since V-necks are naturally elongated, it is perfect for a shorter guy to add up to an illusion of height/length, even in larger men that desire a slim look. Also, V-necks provides balance to wider or rounder face types.


Since t-shirt is a staple item in a man’s wardrobe, it is only right to know the basics about their everyday tee. Even a single shirt can give guys a neat look. T-shirts are everywhere and if there are great deals, men can buy it in bulk. Knowing the secrets to successfully choose the shirt that fits well in the body and face of the wearer. It is better in giving a good look and style to men.


Janis Walker is a designer, writer, blogger and entrepreneur that has an eye for unique designs. As an entrepreneur, Janis wishes to release her brand someday. As a blogger and writer, she makes sure to write and create contents that will help her audience. She browses fashion sites like French Connection as her source of the latest fashion trend.

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