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[Top 3] Best Smelling Histoires de Parfums Cologne for Men 2019

[Top 3] Best Smelling Histoires de Parfums Cologne for Men 2019

Last Updated on June 18, 2019 by Frank

Histoires de Parfums is a premium French perfume brand founded by perfumer Gerald Ghislain in 2000. It is a perfume brand with unique and stylish perfumes. The first perfume lines of the collection are named after the year of birth of celebrities who inspired. A range of additional fragrances in the collection is based on flowers, plants, famous places in Paris and unique aromas. Here best smelling Histoires de Parfums cologne for men 2019 that you can choose.

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Review Top 3 Premium Histoires de Parfums Cologne for Men 

1. 1725 Histoires de Parfum

The 1725 scent of Histoires de Parfums perfume is a fragrance released in 2001. 1725 carries the bottle design similar to its brothers in the company and has the aroma of the exclusive fern fragrance group for mature men

1725 Histoires de Parfum - Review on Leo Passion

1725 opens with the fragrant aroma of citrus and grapefruit and is a quite strong licorice aroma that gives the herb its aroma for its aroma. After that, there is a mild spicy taste of anise flavor that blends into a natural, lavender scent, which will surely make you fall in love, comfort and enjoyment. In the background, its balanced aroma is also perfect with the appearance of almonds and vanilla bringing a little fat and sweetness to the perfume bottle, finally, the amber closes the aroma in a subtle and subtle way. dexterity.

The body of the bottle is designed in a square shape with two peeled upper corners giving a softer feel to the transparent glass material to see a light-colored perfume solution inside. The name of the white perfume printed on the body of the bottle is in contrast to the black cylindrical lid which makes a simple but unique and equally personality.

1725 of Histoires de Parfum perfume is a masculine, deep and nostalgic scent. This is a modern and very elegant fern fragrance but also very charming. With lavender and vanilla is a great combination for men who are groomed and attractive to women.

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2. 1740 Marquis de Sade Histoires de Parfums

The 1740 Marquis de Sade, 1740 of the Histoires de Parfums brand, was launched in 2000. This is a masculine and passionate scent with spices and wood notes creating an appeal. and attractive to women. The fragrance has a very long-lasting fragrance.

1740 Marquis de Sade Histoires de Parfums - Review on Leo Passion

The incense layer starts with spicy and passionate. This is the sound of smoke and leather of the combination of incense notes suitable for cold weather of winter. Spices are longer than other notes, but only slightly. After about half an hour, the aroma also retains the vanilla flavor with gentle grass flowers. The deposition stage of perfume is extremely special with patchouli, leather, cedar wood and cardamom. For lovers of patchouli, you will feel that the notes are carefully refined and give you a great feeling. Finally, the aroma exudes a rare aroma. The aroma of 1740 really shows the best in these final stages.

The bottle shape design is in the form of a rectangular shape with two ends on the corner, made from transparent glass and see the deep golden flower color inside, combined with the black cylindrical bottle cap to create a simple whole. But also very angular and masculine.

1740 Marquis de Sade is actually a bottle of winter perfume exclusively for gentlemen, who like to sit on the campfire and sip scotch and cigar. The subtlety, masculinity and relaxation of this fragrance are what women feel sexy in men.

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3. Ambre 114 Histoires de Parfums

Ambre 114 of Histoires de Parfums brand perfume is a pungent oriental perfume bottle for both men and women and was launched in 2011. Gerald Ghislain and Magali Senequier have refined the scent.

Ambre 114 Histoires de Parfums - Review on Leo Passion

The scent opens quite interesting, the nutmeg is refined intellectually to bring a sweet taste along with the scent of vanilla and amber-covered roses. Amber aroma seems to be blended with some kind of flavor like fruit, creating a fanciful feeling. The top notes are chalky and almonds like a gourmand scent. Finally, when the perfume has gone, leave it on your skin with a hint of amber mixed amber. The scent is not light, but it also feels quite warm.

The bottle shape design in the form of a rectangular shape with two top corners cut, transparent glass material shows the pale yellow perfume inside combined with a cylindrical black bottle cap to create a simple overall but No less luxurious.

Ambre 114 is a perfume bottle that occasionally smells with charming and juicy charm. The fragrance of fragrance is extremely long on the skin with moderate sillage. Ambre 114 can be seen as a great scent for the day.

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Wish you choose the best Histoires de Parfums cologne for men from our suggestions!


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