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How to apply perfume when your body has a lot of sweat

how to apply perfume

Last Updated on April 16, 2019 by Frank

You worry about the body has too much sweat. How to apply perfume when your body has a lot of sweat? Some instructions will help a improve your situation, help you confidently with your favorite perfume

The perfume is very hydrophobic perspiration odors, then if your body has a lot of sweat, not to “fool” the sense of smell by anointing themselves many perfumes.

Some solutions below by the Director of the Lolita Lempicka fragrance guide will help those with more sweat, especially heavy sweat smell, perfume used effectively

Should use deodorant before using perfume

With anyone, perfume also should only be used when the body clean. If your body has a lot of sweat or when to operate many, body odors, it’s best to use deodorant products after the shower. The deodorant products often used for armpit and leg (if you wear tight).

After using deodorant roll about 10 minutes, you will you use perfume. If perfume spray, spray only in paperback, behind ears, two in the wrist. Should avoid spray perfume onto the chest or the neck (where close to the armpit).

Should be used as a perfume and roller products

In the hot season or when you work in places with no air-conditioning, so use the perfume bottles roll. This is the perfume concentrate, have a roll in the jar lid, when using just rolling into the region necessary as instructed above.

There are many forms of perfume and roller types, those with heavy sweat smell should avoid purchasing these types of musk, allows the support and polyscias fruticosa. Because the scent is very easy to “blend” with body odor and produces an odor Tuesday, offensive to the opposite.

Roll to form perfume also suitable with men because of the way using simple, easy-to-carry of the business trips away. Roll to form perfume smell perfume spray more durable due to its density, so do not use too much.

Do not spray perfume on clothes

Many people mistakenly spray perfume onto the costumes will lose the smell of sweat.  In fact, when sweating, seep into clothes, will save odors longer.

If you want sweet clothes that don’t use up your body, you can choose to buy the perfume to the closet. However, the aroma of perfume when sprayed onto the clothes are usually not the same as when used on the body.


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