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How To Find A Fragrance In Summer

How to find a fragrance in summer

Last Updated on March 13, 2018 by Frank

When using perfume, seasonal usage is an important factor. A fragrant perfume and delicate softly under your shirt can become a disaster when walking in hot weather. So how to find a fragrance in the hot season and kept up the scent when you walk out somewhere with air conditioning? Please refer to some tips below.

Use EDT instead of EDP

EDT (Eau de Toilette) is a version of the fragrance, dense less than EDP (Eau de Parfum). So EDT perfume bottles with scents softer and has less flavor shine.

Try perfume outdoors

A drawback when trying perfume at the mall is air-conditioned, they are constantly cold spray and restrained aroma of perfume until you go out. Perfume flavor only really shine when exposed to hot climates due to the amount of oil in them. So, to feel the scent really like, please spray a lot and go out. If you still like the scent after a hot day outdoors, then this is the scent that you use regularly.

How to find a fragrance in summer

Look for the perfume bottle with wood or grass flavor group.

While not always true, but this can be seen as tips for choosing. The fragrance with citrus flavors (tangerine, lemon, orange, …) is usually very mild. With the aroma of wood or grass as background, we will not exceed concentrations and reduce the fragrance of incense cold season, so you’ll see this is a fragrance suitable for summer.

Try the taste alone

The majority of the perfume scent changes over time within the body. However, hot weather can accelerate the process, making the flavor overwhelms another and reduce the retention time of the aroma of perfume. The fragrance is only one kind of aromas like lavender, royal orchid, vanilla and jasmine, with the fragrance longer and you will avoid the unpleasant scent.

Try to use the perfume as “solid”.

If you become bored because every perfume scent disappears in hot weather, maybe it’s time to try a perfume in an alternate format. Solid Perfume subtly flavored than the liquid perfume and fragrance we also longer because in the form of solid wax to keep the oil in the perfume last longer.

Please consult a friend

Sometimes, the problem you face not only each of you feel that all the others too. Before deciding to buy, try and ask your friends to see too warm scent or not. This will save a lot of time and avoid annoying for those around them.

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