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How to make your perfume last longer?

how to make perfume last longer

Last Updated on January 7, 2019 by Frank

Why your perfumes are expensive but scent still flies very fast? How to make your perfume last longer? When it comes to perfume, fragrance options shown are typical of your style is only half of the journey – the second half is how to use a moderate scent, faint but pervasive and save it on your body throughout the day. 

Want to spray perfume properly and not wasted, please follow the following tips:

1. Method point circuits

When you use the eau de cologne perfume, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and  perfumes, you just spray into the creases where the body such as elbows, wrists, neck, mid chest … Please do not rub wrists together or just rub skin perfume. It makes scents like crushed.

2. Spray into the air

How to make your perfume last longer?

Misting is a common way to perfume. Spray a little perfume into the air, then go straight to the aerosol medium. This way perfume diffuser evenly over your body. Let’s start with the lower body, then moves upward. This method you should use the perfume smells initial bold. Care not to drop of perfume falls directly into your clothes. It will make you permanently stain clothing.

3. Methods of dispersal

Layering perfumes is a process of using multiple lines of products with the same scent to make the perfume smell is naturally arouse the fullest. Wash skin prior to moisten. The perfume will not last long with dry skin. Apply lotion or spray nursing. Make sure the lotion smell similar to the smell of your perfume. Finally, spray perfume on your body. With the lotion, you can make your feet smell from the body. Perfume adds to the durability of natural smell. Like the scent will be radiating from your entire body.

4. Restriction of shower gel and body cream with rich flavor:

To ensure other scents do not “distort” the aroma of your favorite, try not to use lotions and scented lotions. You can use unscented lotion and odorless sea butter to moisturize your body when you want to use perfume. Currently, there are some perfumes that came with both shower gel and fragrance so easy for you to use perfume.

5. Use after bathing

Time “gold” to spray perfume is right after you’ve showered. Spray perfume on your skin moist towel dry immediately after and before wear clothes. At this time, your skin will absorb smells a lot better. If you do not have enough time to shower, apply a bit of unscented lotion to add water to the skin before using perfume, this approach also helps to prolong the retention time than the smell of perfume.


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