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How to prevent hair loss for men?

How to prevent hair loss for men?

Last Updated on May 18, 2017 by Frank

In today’s modern society, not only women but men are also very concerned about appearance. One of the determinants of male appearance is hair. However, not everyone has the good fortune to own beautiful hair. Most men in their 30s suffer from hair loss. How to prevent hair loss for men? So what causes hair loss and how to treat it?

Genetic factors

95% of male hair loss due to genetic factors because of hair loss is dominant. If there are people with hair loss in the family, the chances of men suffering from hair loss are very high with varying degrees.

Endocrine disorders

This can be seen as the natural chemical reactions on the scalp. Unstable malefactors lead to altered testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT will attach to a receptor that stimulates the malefactor to cause complex and different effects. Excessive amounts of DHT affect the hair follicles, causing them to thicken, making the thicker protective film on the scalp, slowing blood flow to the capillaries. This is the cause of hair loss and slows down the process of establishing new hair.

How to prevent hair loss for men?Use medicine

Some drugs that treat cancer, neurology, anti-relapse … and chemotherapy can cause abnormal hair loss in men. Especially smoking habits in men is one of the causes of hair loss. Nicotine in cigarettes not only ruin the lungs but also harm your strong hair.

Stress over long periods of time

As a pillar in the family, men are under great pressure, many people are stressed for a long time. This is one of the “culprits” cause hair loss in men. When the stressed central nervous system causes chaotic plant cells to malfunction, the blood vessel’s vasodilatation function deteriorates, the skin around the roots hardens, and can not absorb nutrients.

Some other causes of hair loss in men

In addition to some of the main causes mentioned above, there are some other causes of male hair loss such as unhealthy habits, unhealthy eating habits, hair pulling, alcohol and stimulants,e at a lot of greases …

How to prevent hair loss for men

Male hair loss is a common and difficult to treat disease. Therefore, the best way to protect your strong hair is to be aware of this early. Some methods to prevent hair loss in men are:

  • Take care of your hair by choosing the right shampoo and shampoo properly.
  • Reasonable, balanced diet, note some beneficial nutrients for hair such as biotin, omega-3, protein, vitamin E, vitamin B12 …
  • Stay away from bad habits that harm your hair: plucking your hair, smoking, drinking, sleeping while wet hair, scratching your head too hard.
  • Relax, do not think negatively leading to stress.


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