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How to treatment body odor?

How to treatment body odor?

Last Updated on April 20, 2017 by Frank

Sweating is a small matter, but the smell of the body caused by sweat is a big deal. So how to keep your body fresh all day long?

When you work, do exercises, bike, climb stairs, carry bags, cook, get sick … sweat soaked, especially in hot season, your sweat goes out more.

what causes body odorMany sweat and bad breath are caused by illness, movement, food, drink

You have 2-5 million sweat glands. As the body temperature rises, the nervous system directs the glands to sweat to the surface to cool the body. The composition of sweat is mainly water and salt (NaCl) and a small amount of electrolytes are substances that help regulate fluid balance in the body.

Many factors make your sweat a lot and heavy, that is genetics. If parents are sweaty and smelly, their children are “inherited”. Having some food like coffee, wine, spices can also cause sweating and unpleasant odors. You eat onion, garlic, fish, dog meat … the smell of sweat also has the smell of that food.

Medications that can cause sweating are psychiatric medications, morphine, thyroid hormone thyroid hormone, aspirin, acetaminophen, etc. Menopausal women have flushing flurts that increase sweating. Men have low levels of testosterone male hormone, gonadal hypothyroidism can cause flushing.

People with diseases: low blood sugar, infection fever, thyroid strength, heart disease, tuberculosis, malaria, some cancer … increased sweating. When you work hard, exercise, sports, walking, running, climbing stairs, carrying heavy … especially do it when it is hot, the sweat pour more.

After the sweat will have an unpleasant odor

Bad consequences after sweat will be bad smell

Nail fungus, foot fungus: If you sweat a lot, are more susceptible to infection with many types of fungus. Jock pruritus is a disease caused by fungal infection of the itch or burning sensation around the groin. Infections and warts: More sweat can cause skin infections, cause skin warts due to papillomavirus infection, rash, etc.

The hairy areas, such as the armpit, more sweaty groin and more bacteria, the smell is heavier. You notice that each person has a bad odor, unlike anyone. It is due to the skin and the natural holes of each person with some different types of bacteria living parasites, forming a particular organism in each person. Each type of bacteria and each lice complex on a person’s skin will produce a characteristic odor.

The smell caused by fermenting bacteria combined with the “available” odor of sweat makes your odor unmistakable. The smell of perspiration is due to the food your disease produces. The smell is still in the clothes radiate.

When sweat is secreted, it permeates into clothing, bacteria spread from your skin to clothing and bacteria in the environment, the air clinging to clothing causes fermentation in sweat clothing. As long as the smell from clothing sweat as bad. If you forget to wash and wear next, the next day, you go to where will smell foul there.

armpit odor treatment How to deodorize the body to fragrant throughout the day

Thanks to the advancement of science and living standards, you can use many of the following body odor remedies:

Reduce sweat by using fans, air conditioners, door extensions, increased ventilation to lower the temperature of the environment where you work. Occasionally, you should drink a glass of cool water to help sweat. Use anti-perspirant medication. You can ask your doctor for advice to use a remedy for your health.

Deodorize the body by cleaning the skin with regular cleansing, cleansing the area with clean water and antibacterial soap. In the summer, you need to wash frequently.

Examination of skin diseases such as boils, itchy sores, wounds … For women, daily cleansing solution should be used, and examination and treatment of gynecological diseases actively. What’s the end of the inflammation is the smell of the area.

In summer, cotton clothing should be good for sweat and clothing should be changed several times a day to avoid odors from clothes. If your clothes are sweat-dry then you need to change them when you go home. Clothes must be soaked or washed immediately so that bacteria do not have the opportunity to smell. You also need to change socks and wash your shoes regularly if you have bad breath. The use of anti-smoking armpit, most commonly used deodorant.

Formulations of deodorant rolls usually include: microbicides, armpit sweat reducing agents, odorant catchers. These substances work with armpit odors, which make the compound odorless.

You buy deodorant rolls and follow the instructions on the package, but you need to monitor if your skin is allergic. If you have allergic itch, you must stop using it immediately and wait until you have completely recovered, you can use other non-allergenic to your skin.

If you do not have the condition to buy deodorant rolls, you can use a number of Oriental medicine to treat armpits as follows: bath clean, cut fresh lemon, take half rub rub on the armpits, wait about 5 – 10 Minutes to wash, do once a day; When the odor ends, rubbing the lemon twice. Or use fresh ginger, crushed, decoction of water applied to the armpit, once a day.

You can also use alum sulfur powder, rubbed on the armpit, once a day, after 1-2 days all the odor you maintain by rubbing twice a week. You should abstain from heavy foods such as onion, garlic, curry, dog meat, and fish with a high odor.


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