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Do You Know About Perfume Longevity And Sillage?

Do You Know About Perfume Longevity And Sillage?

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

Having often talked to my friends about their own experiences using perfume, I realized there was a theme that caused much controversy over longevity and sillage. There are simple questions, but not everyone can find a correct answer for themselves.

1. Why is it that on the skin of other people it is good longevity and sillage but not on my skin?

In fact, each of us is a unique being of creation. Two different people will have two different skin types. It is the reaction of odor molecules in the perfume when exposed to the skin will facilitate the perfume to evaporate, smells.

If your skin is slightly dry, the perfume will not last long, so oil also evaporates faster, more intense. If your skin is too watery, the oil can not stay, but weak attachment. Some people are happy with the scent of sweet fruit, partly because of the characteristic odor that comes in contact with their skin, becoming more fragrant, sticky longer.

More specifically, it is the emotions and attitude of the self that also causes the gravity of the perfume to change. So do not be surprised when a beautiful day, you naturally hate the bitter smell that you have fallen for it. All this, make up the beauty of the perfume. You use them, it is to bring up a delicate and exclusive jewelry, no one like anyone.

Do You Know About Perfume Longevity And Sillage?2. Is edt longevity and sillage weaker than edp?

Edt (eau de toilette) and edp (eau de parfum) are the two most popular perfumes. These two fragrances are distinguished by the concentration of essential oils contained in the bottle. If edt is only 5-12% is essential oils, edp contains up to 15-20%.

However, in each perfume line, the difference between edp and edt is due to the change in the concentration of each oil, which results in a change in the aroma response to the skin.

For example, the Terrer d’hermes edt perfume is richer in orange, the edp version favors pepper and wood. Fruity odors tend to evaporate quickly, so on many forums, the edt version is said to have better radiance than the edp. Not to mention, in each perfume manufacturer, their sources will come from different places, mix and formula are also different. There should be many cases when expensive luxury perfume bottles have a degree of clumping that is a few degrees away from the usual scent.

Do You Know About Perfume Longevity And Sillage?


3. So to improve the longevity and sillage of the scent, what can you do:

Start by learning about the aroma you own, ingredients that will be useful for use. Which fragrances are good for your skin? What is the aroma? Which perfume bottle do you find? Pineapple fruit such as citrus, sea scent is the sticky smell, suitable for summer. Flavors like sweet vanilla, candy … will cling longer, preferred when the air is cold.

Improve your skin by moisturizing your skin: Drink plenty of water, use moisturizing products. Note that Vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil are very good for perfume. Try a combination of coconut oil to moisturize the skin and spray on it a bit of candy fragrance, you will be surprised by the clamshell as well as the miraculous transformation of the duo.

The best places to spray perfumes will be the skin before the breastbone, the nape, the ear, the elbow. These places focus on blood vessels, moisture and temperature, which will make perfume much better. Limit the spray on hands and wrists because the place is very dry skin, repeated contact with the environment, not keep the aroma as expected.

The combination of two versions edt and edp is the art of controlling the fragrance. You will get a nice sticky remix. Will definitely bring a lot of praise and attention.


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