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7 main fragrance groups in the perfume you should know

7 main fragrance groups in the perfume you should know

Last Updated on March 7, 2017 by Frank

Typically, users who need to find or buy perfumes are referred to the phrase “the fragrance groups in”: fresh fragrance, wood fragrance, cool fragrance, … but most of them do not understand the concept of what is referred to and including the components, the following article will explain briefly, to understand the main fragrance in the world smells of perfume.


7 main fragrance groups in the perfume you should knowAromatic groups often use a combination of sage, rosemary, fennel, lavender and some plants have a scent of grass herb possesses passionate.

They are often combined with citrus flavor groups and groups pungent flavor. This aromatic groups that often occur in the perfumes for men. There are 5 types of Aromatic:


Group flavor combinations include the aromatic fragrance of sea and often present in the perfumes for men


Perfume of fern group, whose name is derived from the word “Fougere” (seed ferns) in French. You can often find coumarin molecular components located in the heart of the fragrance mixture. Perfume bottles started to use combinations fern aroma is perfume Fougere Royal from Houbigant brand, created by Paul Parquet in 1882. He combinatorial artificial extracts and fragrances used in times the first in the history of perfume. Molecular Coumadin can be found in nature, such as tonka bean plants, and co-owner with a heady scent just like grass cutting. This fern fragrance lines often use lavender, moss and wood. They are often used in fragrances for men.


AROMATIC FRUITYThis is a new perfume line appeared recently, are often used in fragrances for men and unisex. We have blended the fruit aroma and to bring the feeling of freshness, moisture and style of the remote area, unspoiled.


This fragrance lines used to group the green grassy flavor that complements the scent of the fragrance (lavender, rosemary, and wood)


This scent is mainly used mostly in perfumes men. With the blend of scents from the spice and the aroma of traditional aromatic fragrance line to bring a freshness and cold feeling to the user


CHYPRE Group native Cyprus (Cyprus in French) is named after the island nation of Cyprus – where the goddess of love Aphrodite was born. There are many materials suggested for the origin and provenance of this native group from the time of ancient Greece and is frequently mentioned in the notes of the perfume in the 18th century There are many native trees radiate rated chypre type to develop and grow on the island.

The scent of incense groups are often very warm and dry, it is based on woody and moss, bergamot, oak moss, patchouli and incense labdanum. Factors floral, fruit and wood are sometimes used to strengthen and exalted the aromas of chypre fragrances. Therefore, this fragrance group closely related to other native groups. There are 2 types of Chypre:


The taste like roses, orchids or jasmine components are the traditional ingredients used exclusively in combination with the lines of chypre fragrances.

In this perfume, you can enjoy the scent of chypre, including classic  woody, mossy has been embellished with floral aromas, to create a sweet feeling.


The air-suspension chypre fragrance a great way with the characteristic elements in fruits – especially fruits such as plums, apricots, and peaches, are often used to coordinate with moss and wood flavors. Chypre line is often considered a classic, but this new combination was more youthful, refreshed for the recent fragrances. (Sometimes they are also combined with a little extra spice flavor)


CITRUS scentsCitrus flavor group has emerged from a long and very much present in the perfume bottle. The combination of these groups are usually based on the taste of lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit or tangerines chum; mixed with citrus flavor, aroma, and other sour in men’s fragrances and flavors combined with the perfume of flowers in women. There are 2 types of Citrus:


This fragrance line in favor of the masculine over the feminine, this fragrance in the line: tarragon, rosemary and thyme – combined with the elements contained in the citrus flavor. Their scent brings airy feeling like the outdoors.


This line combines sweet aroma of citrus flavors (lime, orange), and species of citrus flavor other heading, add or draw districts combined with the sweetness of vanilla, caramel and fresh flowers.


FLORAL perfumeThis can be considered the most popular perfumes. Often described as extremely feminine and most recognizable. This scent is often conjures up images of the wedding in June, garden parties and the budding flower buds in spring. This native groups often have the presence of jasmine, peony, lily, lily of valley, magnolia, mimosa flower…

The interesting thing here is that two of the most favorite flowers – jasmine and roses – appeared in the middle notes of most fragrances available worldwide and can be seen as the cornerstone of perfume. True to the nature of floral, this scent two express my best but still smoldering under other native groups. Two scents often helps reinforce the scent, but sometimes you do not recognize them.

Group floral lawn can add warmth thanks to the aroma of fresh spices or additional parts thanks to fruity- these are just few of the sub’s perfumes floral fragrance group. There are 6 types of Floral:


The first perfume bottle within this group is the Chanel No. 5 perfume by hand Ernest Beaux created Chanel brand in 1921. The complex and sophisticated floral fragrance in combination with large quantities of incense security-dyke-breathing, a synthetic material used for the first time by Ernest Beaux.

Channel 5 perfume

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The use of aldehyde in Chanel No. 5 was put perfume industry into a new era. Aldehyde incense seemed to energize for perfume, make a first impression like a carbonated beverage. But not just limited to grass floral perfume bottle (aldehyde also can be added to most of the other fragrances, including the chypre and oriental), but they are most often used with the grass floral perfume bottle, perfume to add radiance. After an-floral scent dike-stable inhaled, the scent will bring a bring a soothing aroma pollen.


This is a fresh perfume line that uses sea water taste or aroma of flowers and plants living on and in the water.


The perfume bearing fruit floral fragrance market was flooded with perfumes in the mid-1990s, thanks to the demand of users that increasingly younger, and as a result of the perfume industry chasing tastes consumer. Perfume mixture in this line brings a refreshing feeling, gently with a sweet timbre of fruit. The number of the perfume bottle according to this line of fruit flowers on the increase


FLORAL FRUITY GOURMANDPerfume bearing flowers and fruit flavors constantly expanding. So the groups are mixed with the aroma of the food taste is not unusual, and deserves to be a separate classification flavor line. This fragrance line, in addition to fruit and floral flavors that, we can feel the sweetness of the caramel like sugar, chocolate, sweets candy…


The natural green flavor – from the leaves of the plants (such as violet leaf), herbs, freshly cut grass, moss and a resin called galbanum flavor shine – can help to “cool down” the scent of flowers, add freshness and sometimes create more depth to the fragrance. The green flavor brings freshness factor and sharper than the fragrance of the grass, so if blended properly, can make perfume scents added sports sections and ventilation.


The perfume fragrance as the leading grass reinforced with woody, musky aroma or both to help add depth and a sense of warmth and timbre of chalk on overall flavor aroma


LEATHERLeather group incense bring echoes several offers, from velvety floral fragrance brings to sour taste, smell smoke.

Creating odor on leather products aimed at covering up their true scent. Because leather has and the smell of urine and feces of cattle, as well as the smell of blood and the tar used in the traditional production methods. This marks the beginning of the leather scent of perfume industry


ORIENTALWith the aroma of spices, musk, sandalwood and resin, oriental perfumes have a long history in the perfume industry. They are used and preferred first in oriental countries – India and Arabia to the dawn era of perfume industry.

These classic materials such as heliotrope, sandalwood, smells of coumarin, iris, vanilla and resins used in oriental perfume scent – but can be adjusted to accommodate for both men and women.

The scent is described that quite sexy, attractive and extremely charming, oriental flavor to this group brings a touch of pretty mature – variety of flavors that taste is warm, somewhat heavy and quite tasty, consistent for use at night. We lingered for quite some time on the skin of users and emphasis on class flavor and makes the scent last a long stay more. There are 5 types of Oriental:


The oriental floral perfume is a delicate combination of the two incense varieties mentioned above and many perfume bottles fall into this category, incense lines can be considered as a kind. Private and independent. This fragrance blends the district of flowers (jasmine, South African, orange blossom) with spices, warm wood and sap. The result produces a sensual and sweet scent that is attractive but softer and lighter than a regular oriental fragrance.

This group develops quickly, and it is very likely that in the future, this group can develop more of its aromatic groups. This aroma enhances the warmth of spices, wood and fruits.


ORIENTAL FOUGEREThis fragrance is a harmonic composition of oriental oriental elements (warm woods and spicy scent notes) with the aromas of lavender, rosemary, oak moss and coumarin to create a cheery sensation.


Hot and sexy spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are unified with oriental ingredients such as wood and resin.

As its name implies, the spices are sweet and flattering oriental. Sometimes there are added jasmine, orchid, and sometimes a bit of sap and incense. All make up a mixture of sexy, seductive perfume.


Although it is called vanilla, the perfume unifies oriental aromas (wood, sap, flowers and spices) with sweet flavors such as caramel, chocolate, almonds, honey, … not just vanilla


The elements of wood in sandalwood, broccoli and patchouli are used to make the traditional spicy oriental flavor more intense and more mysterious. Unlike other oriental fresh and refreshing oriental flakes, this oriental scent line is ideal for casual dining and dancing.


WOODYJust mentioning the name of this group is your flavor may already know that this meant the group incense scents of wood and negative effects similar to chypre perfumes. We share many characteristics of chypre perfumes but no negative effects floral such as chypre group.

The designers are very favorite perfume fragrance group and often use them in their artifacts with flavor: sandalwood, cedar, incense, guaiac wood, patchouli and incense and all the grass. (Patchouli and incense grass is not all one type of wood, they are roots and leaves, but the smell has very similar characteristics of wood and hard to recognize.

Woody perfume can be variations by mixing with the scent of spice / fruit or herbs. Most of this perfume smells very masculine but also some female perfume brings woody. There are 5 types of Woody:


This fragrance combines woody notes in a center of perfume mixture with fresh elements and scents of the sea.


WOODY AROMATICA very masculine combination of wood and aromatic scents of aroma of male perfume. Warm and lasting notes of aromatic herbs.

The perfume for women in this incense line is very little compared to men’s perfume. The aromatic herbs – lavender, geranium, cinnamon, dill, rosemary, sage, … are used to create a fresh, natural feeling for the woody notes. Tree bark, moss and patchouli are also common, and sometimes even with sap, to warm the entire perfume mixture.


Oak oak and labdanum are the traditional ingredients of the chypre group and are combined with the main woody notes, creating a passionate and attractive scent.


This is a fragrance of woody aroma and dominates in the middle notes, accompanied by a floral scent (Violet and South African orchid) and ends with a musk.


The soft and pleasant scent of rare woods in the district with warm and bitter spices such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon.

Sometimes the fruit is also added to this line to create a sweet. Certainly very suitable for winter than summer. You will also find that there are more men in this fragrance than women.


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