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7 Men Fashion Tips Every Gentlemen Should Know

7 Men Fashion Tips Every Gentlemen Should Know

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

How you dress up has a great impact on you and the people around perceives you. Clothing can affect your mood, confidence, and self-esteem. It is also one of the determining factors on how people initially see. Here 7 men fashion tips every gentlemen should know.

Most people can automatically generate an idea or first impression about who you are by just looking at how you present yourself in front of them, without knowing and talking with you. A study shows that an attractive person is more confident, highly sociable, happier and perceive to be more successful compared to unattractive people.

Just imagine if you are going to an important occasion, a date or a job interview, or even just going to park for sightseeing, you dress up. To keep it simple, you want to be presentable to the eyes of the people. Knowing how to suit up with confidence is essential for men to look good, feel better, and to do best.

Guys, here are some useful tips and style you could consider to have a proper and presentable look.

1. Fit is the Best

A well-fitted suit can render a flattering look with a guy who wears it.  Wear it together with your shirt,  and make sure it’s neither too tight nor baggy.

Look for a shirt that fits you. When it comes to a perfect fit, the shoulder seams should be well-rested at the top of your shoulder. Keep in mind that a shirt’s fabric should not be too tight enough not to squeeze you nor too loose to make you look like a hanger.

The cuffs of your shirt should also be tight enough so it won’t slide down below your wrist while still allowing you to move comfortably. It is easy to determine the good stiff shirts via rule thumb. Two fingers should be fit enough under the collar while giving you enough space and when you tuck in your shirt, it shouldn’t feel tight when you move your arms or bend over.

The best shirt fits you comfortably around your body or waist, under your armpits, shoulders, chest and should be long enough to give you a full range of motion.

2. Matching the Colors

Your belt, watch, and shoes should match in color. Although it is one of the old, classic style rules, it is still okay to apply these practices. The color combination of your shoes and belt will affect your overall appearance as well your watch.  It makes your look to be more organized and polished like you consciously selected the outfit that you wear.

3. Perfect Pair of Shoes

A wrong choice of shoes, no matter how clean and polished can ruin your outfit. Always remember that your suit and your choice of color for shoes should always complement each other.

Ideally, finding the right color for a pair of formal shoes that matches your suit can be tricky at first. However, once you’ve learned the right color combination for your outfit, it becomes easier for you to experiment and make your own creative choices.

There are three main colors of shoes that affect the mood of your overall outfit. Color brown leather shoes as more flexible and relaxed, the black as more formal, and oxblood or burgundy as more creative and playful color.

Which you could carefully pair with these colors of  suits:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Navy blue
  • Light or Medium-gray

Keep in mind that not all colors of these suits are compatible with any shoe colors. Let’s start with color black. A black colored suit is a classic piece, and only a pair of black shoe is compatible with it, any other color will make your look more casual.

Brown suit is compatible with oxblood or burgundy and brown colored shoes, but you must avoid black color. It is best for you if your shoe has a darker color than your suit because if they are identical, it makes your look a little bit off.

The charcoal gray colored suit is best if paired with black plane shoes. However, if you want a classy look, a deep burgundy can also do an excellent job for your overall outfit. The brown is the only color you should avoid with this one because brown leather shoes don’t match well with your suit color.

On the other hand, the navy blue suit can go with any of these three main shoe colors. It is because all of these three colors can blend in well with blue color without having a distractive look.

And lastly, light or medium-gray suit are less formal compared to navy blue, and you can also pair it effectively with all these three basic colors, but plain black shoes would be the best choice for your suit. There are a lot of shoe options for you, so go onward and wear your suit to perfection.

4. Keep Your Style Simple

The sense of keeping your style minimal does not imply that you should keep wearing plain and boring clothes. The main essence of it was for you not to over-evaluate things. It is better for you to only have 1 to 2 pieces of jewelry, wearing more will make your outfit too much overdrawn.

Thus, you don’t need to overdo your style. Instead, you should keep your style clean and simple while allowing you to maintain the things or styles that makes you unique.

5. Tees with Big logos

When you are wearing some tees with big logos printed on it, you’re taking the risk of looking like a promoter of that brand or something. Instead of wearing those type of shirts, you can try some classic or artistic choice of tees.

6. Trends is Not for You All the Time

All of us want to be aware of what’s new, but be careful of these fashion trends. In some instances, a lot of people tend to buy something because it is “in” without thinking that these trending fashion goes with a “come and go” style and ending up wasting some money with many clothes they don’t wear.

It is best for you to stick with your own choice of wardrobe and learn to make an extra twist in it with some of the new fashion styles.

7. Style Experimentation

Adding some spice to your style is also not a bad idea. By going out of your comfort zone, you can try and learn new ways to style yourself. Play with fashion and don’t be afraid to dress up the way you want to.

Sometimes you make mistakes, but just stay positive, and life must go on. There are lots of guys out there that didn’t realize this matter.


The core value of style and fashion are a good feeling that it can offer to yourself and the confidence of showing who you truly are. Your style and clothing should emphasize you’re good personalities. By carefully selecting the best outfit and wearing them properly, a typical guy can be presentable in the people’s perspective around him


Caleigh Martin is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. She has a particular interest in men’s fashion, and contributes to sites like Deal Wiki for the different style and fashion contents. Caleigh is also into music, and during her free time, she plays her guitar to unwind.

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