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5 mistakes when using deodorant

5 mistakes when using deodorant

Last Updated on April 18, 2017 by Frank

Deodorant is considered a salvation product for men who regularly exercise and sweat. The use of deodorant seems to be an indispensable daily activity of men. Although every day to use it but in fact most men still make mistakes when using deodorant.

If you have the following habits, please fix it now.

Only use deodorant during the day1. Only use deodorant during the day

Only using deodorant during the day is a mistake not only men or women. According to a recent survey, most participants said they only used deodorant during the day, before going out without use in the evening.

According to experts, deodorizing is most effective in the evening, especially when used in the evening before bed. By going to sleep, the sweat under your arms lessens, so the ingredients in the deodorant roll are not diffused and work better. The use of deodorant during the day and especially at night before bedtime has a strong effect on the suppression of sweat glands under the operating arm, which can last up to 48 hours after use.

If you only have a habit of using deodorant during the day, then create a habit of using it in the evening before bed.

2. Only use deodorant when sports

Others have a habit of using sports deodorant. Of course before you play sports or practice you need to use deodorant. But use deodorant with more frequency. If you do not exercise at least you should use 2 times in the morning when you wake up and the evening before bed.

In fact, sweat does not cause a lot of body odor but it is an environment conducive to fungal growth and reproductive odor. So reducing the amount of sweat secretion will limit the ability to create body odor.

3. Do not clean the area under the arm before using the deodorant

This habit will not be good and will reduce the performance of the deodorant. Before using deodorant, clean the area under the arms, then dry with a clean towel and then use deodorant. So that can be high efficiency and rolling deodorant to promote its full features.

Dress as soon as the deodorant has not dried4. Dress as soon as the deodorant has not dried

Wearing a deodorant under your bare hands will make your blouse susceptible to yellowing. So let the active deodorant dry and soak into the skin before wearing the shirt.

5. Do not shake well before use

The ingredients in the deodorant bottle will be deposited on the bottom of the bottle. When not shake the active ingredients will not dissolve will reduce the nature of the deodorant. Before using, you remember to shake well then roll to the skin under the arm to borrow the skin you want to prevent odor.


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