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9 Most Stylish Pants that Every Man Should Have

9 Most Stylish Pants that Every Man Should Have

Last Updated on March 25, 2019 by Frank

Do you think that your clothes speak a lot about your personality? That the way you present yourself can build someone’s perception about you.

Now a lot of men think that dressing well only means wearing fashionable clothes which aren’t entirely true, along with good clothes you also need to make sure that you dress according to the place and time.

Do you want to look stylish too? Do you want to know what will add elegance to your clothing and make you look charming?

Then you must know that the most common mistake men make is that they focus on top wear too much and do not give enough attention to what type of lower they are wearing. If you do the same you should know that pants are also an important part of your wardrobe.

Therefore, here is men pants style guide for you listing down 9 of the most stylish pants that are a must for every man:

1. Chinos

9 Most Stylish Pants that Every Man Should HaveIf you are looking for pants that will make you look simple yet fashionable then you should definitely get yourself a pair of Chinos. It may seem a little dull at first but once you wear it you will realize how amazing they are. It does not just give a classy look but are also super comfortable.

There are 2 types of chinos wide-leg and slim. You can wear the wide-leg chinos during summers. This is the perfect time to wear chinos as it is trending in men’s fashion these days. It can be worn in the formal outfit and casual both.

2. Cargo Trousers

9 Most Stylish Pants that Every Man Should Have

Although it went out of fashion a while ago cargo trousers can still be chosen over many new pants style for men. It is a very good choice especially during travels as it is relaxing and has a lot of pockets where you can keep your things. Plus cargos will make you look cool and funky. 

3. Jeans

Whenever it comes to pants for men or even women you just cannot ignore the significance of jeans. Jeans are one of the most popular pants types and will never stop being stylish. You have so many options in jeans to pick from such as slim fit, skinny fit, low rise, narrow fit etc.

Jeans are really eye-catching and will enhance your appearance but the best part about jeans style is that you can pull it off with anything t-shirt, shirt, polo, you name it and that is the reason neither it has nor it will be out of fashion.

4. Pleated Trousers

You might be thinking that isn’t pleated trousers old-fashioned? Well, if you have observed the latest fashion trends closely it is all about bringing back the long lost trends. Pleated trousers just like any other retro fashion will add elegance to your personality.

Being stylish doesn’t always necessarily means to wear what everyone else is. You can take a break from loose and oversized joggers and put on pleated trousers during outings. It will give you a look perfectly balanced between casual and formal and because of this these trousers definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe.

5. Joggers

If you want to wear something that will give you a stylish sporty look and in which you can stay eased then joggers are your pants. You have different types of joggers for a different time like you can wear sporty joggers in the morning and everyday joggers throughout the day. These can be your weekend pants too.

The only question that arises is what to wear with joggers? You can style it with a t-shirt, hood, jacket, tank t-shirts and almost everything except a few things such as a blazer or any formal outfit. You can wear it at home, the market, and even at parties.

6. Cropped Pants

Talking about fashionable pants for men another type of pants that are in trends are the cropped pants. It is absolutely perfect to wear during summers as it will give your feet relief from the heat and will not affect your get-up at all but rather glorify it. Since your footwear is highlighted on cropped pants make sure you wear the one that goes with the trousers.

It can be worn at offices, get-together and on events too. You can buy cropped pants or any other trouser from Yoox fashion site. Also while shopping at this store you can save something from your budget you just have to use Yoox coupon codes when you buy any product.

7. High-Waisted Pants

There can be all different types of pants for men in the market but still, nothing can beat the epitome of trousers, the high-waisted pants. No matter how many cargos, jeans, and joggers are in your wardrobe it cannot be completed without a high-waist trouser in it.

However, you have to be really delicate regarding the fitting of your trousers as it isn’t just some regular waisted pants. The size and spacing for these pants are very important unless you want to look like a lame out of fashion guy. Tuck-in t-shirts and semi-casual shirts will be good to wear with these.

8. Wool Trousers

You surely should get a wool trouser for yourself. Well, there isn’t much difference between any other trouser and a wool trouser but still, it will be kind of change in your pants style. Although these trousers haven’t been the most popular of all but have been a decent choice over the years.

You can wear them with sweaters, coats, and high necks. For footwear, you can complement it with either formals or casual shoes depending on the occasion to which you are wearing it.

9. Tracksuit Bottoms

Apart from all the stylish pants for office, parties, events and other occasions you should have a tracksuit bottom as well. If you follow orthodox fashion trends you might just be wearing these for sports purposes. What if there is more fashion to a tracksuit bottom?

If you are going to a random meet or if you are visiting someone in the other neighborhood you don’t necessarily need to get all dressed up your track bottom will do. Get a nice pair of sneakers with it and any casual jacket or t-shirt according to your convenience.


Good clothes will not just make you look good but will also make you feel positive. Since it is said that people read by eyes first you should be ready to leave a healthy impression wherever you go. Talking about the importance of lowers in the fashion world, above mentioned trouser types will help you be a fashion icon on your own.


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