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Mr. Burberry Review – The Scent of Gentleman

Mr. Burberry Review - The Scent of Gentleman

Last Updated on March 19, 2019 by Frank

The Burberry brand perfume is still famous for its elegant and sophisticated style for both men and women. In recent years, Burberry wants to bring a new scent with Mr. Burberry perfume. This is a completely different scent than what we have seen before about the image of Burberry man who is very familiar with everyone.

1. Design

Mr. Burberry is the scent that was released following the success of My Burberry perfume, so both have the same design language that is inspired by the famous Burberry jacket. The body of the bottle with the square shape of glass when holding you will have a very strong feeling of the hand and the plastic lid based on the image of a black buttoned jacket that shows a masculine and strong style in Mr.Burberry scent.

Mr. Burberry design

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Right from the outside design, Mr. Burberry has made a difference when it is no longer as simple as the previous Burberry men’s scents like Burberry London or Burberry The Beat. The highlight of the perfume bottle is a black bow that strangles the neck and also designs this part. There are many conflicting opinions of users. Some people believe that it is a rather feminine detail, but most other people still realize that it is the image of the elegant bow tie that gentlemen still use when wearing luxurious costume sets. Overall, Mr. Burberry bears the image of very well-groomed and sophisticated gentlemen in the way of dressing. When you look at it, you can immediately see this design suggesting a man wearing a bow tie and a classic British black hat.

2. The fragrance of Mr. Burberry 

Mr. Burberry is a perfume line belonging to wood incense group and produced in the concentration of EDT. First feeling when you spray Mr. Burberry that a fresh and exciting scent of grapefruit mixed with a little sweetness of cardamom. Compared to many other scents, this first class of Mr. Burberry is not strong, so it is quite pleasant. After that, about 5-10 minutes later, the scent gradually changed to the characteristic of wood perfume. The easiest thing to see is that the aroma of dry cedar still proves the toughness of men. Besides, there is a slightly spicy scent of spice coming from the humiliation of the stage to blend into the more masculine. This is a rather classic combination and often brings a sense of gentleness and elegance to men.

Mr. Burberry Review - The Scent of Gentleman

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At the end, the middle notes are the presence of a symphony of woods in the base notes, including guaiac wood, sandalwood and vetiver. Despite the combination of many types of wood, but moderately moderate, the scent of Mr. Burberry is very harmonious and delicate. The sweetness is moderately warm but it is enough to depict the depth of the attraction of an adult man. In the middle of nowhere, you still feel the signs of modern youth appear in Mr. Burberry thanks to the aroma of vinegar and sandalwood. These are two factors that contrast with the classic style of the remaining notes but do not break the final harmony in the fragrance of Mr. Burberry

3. Sillage and Longevity

Mr.Burberry’s fragrance does not belong to a strong scent but can keep the smell up to 6-8h on the skin even though it is only EDT. About the smell, Mr. Burberry is at a moderate level enough for you and the people around you to feel the gentle, polite scent of Mr. Burberry is the most subtle way. This seems to be the traditional style of Burberry perfume to create the characteristic aromas that are very British in many years. Good to use in Spring, Summer and Fall.

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4. Conclusion

Mr. Burberry is very popular with gentlemen because of its easy-to-use and strong scent, its style is quite biased towards classic and elegant but still has bright points of youthful modern vitality. A bit of eroticism appears in Mr. Burberry also has a lot of strength for you to be confident when dating a woman but when you need a polite look at work, Mr. Burberry still helps you perfect your shoulders. That helps Mr. Burberry easily access and conquer men of all ages, classes or different styles.


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