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5 Newest Perfume for Men 2017

5 Newest Perfume for Men 2016

Last Updated on December 15, 2018 by Frank

Fashion is changes rotation and replacement style from time to time of year. Colognes too, always change the flavor transfer between to suit each season.

Conversion rules of the male perfume scent similar costumes and pretty easy to grasp: The grass smells fresh for spring. Flavor reminiscent of the sea or the sunny afternoon the wind is something for the summer. Meanwhile, the feeling of luxury, warmth is what we should look for when time moving back to the cold end of the year.

We will introduce to you the newest perfume for men is considered as worthy to choose from in the last days of 2016 and New Year 2017.

1. Acqua Di Parma Colonia Note Di

Newest Perfume for Men - Acqua di parma note

Scents Acqua Di Parma latest, Note di Colonia, is not only known by the aura of the brand that truly fascinated by itself.

Marking the 100th birth fragrance collection is di Colonia Note I, II and III. And throughout the collection, we see the existence of orange fresh citrus top notes in class; followed by gentle blend between rose, jasmine, basil middle notes in class; to finally taste warm wood characterize every winter flavor line: sandalwood, cedar and myrrh.

It is said that Note di Colonia is a melodious song brought a fresh image, the fashionable blend of the old values, which once touched quite difficult to miss out. A change worth consideration for this year’s Fall – Winter.

 2. L’Homme Prada Prada

Newest cologne for Men -L'homme Prada

Scents latest male fragrance Prada, L’homme Prada, is a mix between the notes delicate floral fragrance gently (iris, geranium, neroli and patchouli-scented grass). But under the power of the scent, Prada did not feminine, whereas it brings soothing vibe and brighter when you’re wearing the same thick materials, contemplation of the winter wardrobe.

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3. Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Vert

Tom Ford Private Blend Les Extraits Vert

Private Blend line of Tom Ford fragrance is a nostalgic picture, contain inspired by the 70s and with Les Extraits Vert, it was a different nostalgia, is a classic idea is ingenious compromise with modern glamor. There are 4 choices for you: Vert d’Encens, Bohème Vert , Vert de Fleur and Vert des Bois in her the essence of turpentine, lemon, bergamot, repatriated Greeks, plum and jasmine.

For those who seek the calm demeanor of the ’70s classic, but still subtly seductive little trendy, this is an option worth trying.

4. Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Him

If you talk about in the nostalgic vibe, do not ignore France. Classic is the soul of art, architecture and what creates the spirit of life and love of the French. Zadig & Voltaire launched fragrances for men listened closely to the philosophy.

This is Him! As a fragrance express the classic masculinity: strong and generous, is equally sensitive and thoughtful. The message is shown clearly in the mix: the outside layer of flavor is fresh, spicy mixture of grapefruit and black pepper. Incense inner layer represents calmness, salience frankincense and sandalwood.

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5. Absolute Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Absolute Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Scent inherited caste elite from the predecessor: Gentlemen Only Parisian Break, Gentlemen Only Absolute is considered standard definition night taste of the cold winter days. Base notes are built up from the warm, warm spicy and sweet taste nasty dive wood.

True to its name, perfume gives a picture charming gentleman of the night dating. The scent is a blend between nutmeg and cinnamon; while the first floor is the flavor of saffron.

Givenchy Gentleman Only Absolute is a great choice for the season to date last year, it awakens the inner warmth man nature, making women more passionate and confident.

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