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Top Niche Perfume Brands 2018 That You Must Know

Top Niche Perfume Brands 2018 That You Must Know

Last Updated on January 5, 2019 by Frank

Niche perfume brands are increasingly affirming the level in the hearts of perfume lovers as they are known and loved more. Those who search for Niche fragrances are certain that what they are looking for is scent not only for use but also as a game, a journey to find special values for yourself. If you are also planning on choosing a niche perfume, try the Niche brand that is most popular today.


CREED BRAND This is one of the oldest niche perfume brands in the world. It was founded in 1760 in the form of handmade perfume and has been passed down through generations of families to this day. In the niche market, the Creed brand maintains its aristocratic and classic identity to create the hottest classic creamy flavors such as Creed Aventus, Creed Aventus For Her, Creed Millesime Imperial, Creed Original Santal, Creed Green, Irish Tweed …

Creed’s special feature is that the ingredients are mainly harvested from nature and combined in a smoother manner. This makes the fragrance of Creed even more impressive, it is easy to reach the majority of people love perfume, they are not too picky users.


PUREDISTANCE BRANDPuredistance is always on the top most expensive niche in the world. Founded in 2007, but over a decade, the company released the right eight fragrance perfumes show the meticulous investment and perfection in each fragrance creation. No need to over-marketing every time a new smell, but the production of this house is not enough to meet the need to increase the rare value of the product.

Called Master Perfumes, each Puredistance’s fragrance expresses sophistication and sophistication, and its aromatic notes cannot be imitated. Moreover, all the works of this brand are processed with the high concentration of oil from 25% -32% so expensive, but all are worth the level of the product. If this is the pinnacle of luxury, then there is nothing to protest.


Brand By Kilian was founded by Kilian Hennessy, the grandson of the founder of the prestigious LVMH Group, which owns a number of high-end fashion brands. The things that every creature from the luxury Kilian fragrance brand brings to the user through each product can only be called with a single word that is “artwork.”

The advantage that the most prominent Kilian fragrance is the perfect combination from the scent to the concept is that the user is lost in the main story is told through the fragrance. Kilian’s perfume is not difficult to use, but it is easy to get close to, but full of implications contain after each scent, each name is literally romantic and each line features a gorgeous design. Owning a work by Kilian is not only about owning a scent, but rather about keeping a rare treasure.


Jo Malone London is a luxury perfume brand from the UK that is emerging as an up-and-coming name, honored with the name “perfume of the nobility” by its own identity. Imitation comes from the expression itself in each product. Elegant, minimalist and full of delicacy bring a strange charm to the perfume tattoo at the present time when the scent is too ostentatious to make users feel boring.

Jo Malone is so handsome when it comes to the trend of “streamlining” in the perfume industry and the grave of exploring the scent by approaching nature but still solemn. If this is your fragrance you can not ignore this brand.

Besides the fragrance of perfume, the Jo Malone brand can be strong with fragrant products for interior space such as scented candles and high-quality body care products. All of them bring a classy and fashionable lifestyle to the users to feel the value of enjoying life perfectly.


It is not always the case that expensive perfumes are called niche, Armaf is the best evidence for that. This is a brand that originated in the Middle East with the primary aim of targeting only certain markets. Therefore, the number of Armaf products is quite scarce and not easy to buy.

The fragrance of the brand Armaf always express a strong, personality and especially whether the price of each product is very moderate. While not using expensive natural ingredients, the synthetic ingredients used by Armaf are perfectly quality to keep the fragrance stable.


From a young brand but with a different direction, Le Labo suddenly became a glittering star in the perfume village of the world known as the manufacturer of “fresh perfume”. Concept fragrances are created from the laboratory as the very meaning of the name “Le Labo” initially seemed boring not related to the fashion of the perfume but the idea of the original. This makes the name of this brand became famous.

All the fragrances created by Le Labo are named after the main ingredient name. The numbers show the composition of the perfume, for example the Le Labo Rose 31 perfume. meaning the main fragrance of this perfume is rose and is made up of 31 ingredients.

Le Labo excels in exploring the diverse aspects of each perfume ingredient and its ingenious combination to truly enhance the artistic value of every product the brand wants to make available to the public. Currently, Le Labo is only present in 10 countries with the quality raw material filter, so the possession of a bottle of this brand will be quite difficult to find the expensive price. This makes the desire to own Le Labo perfume even more intense.


The Library of Fragrance is perhaps the most scented perfume brand in the world, with a total of over 300 scents inspired by everyday life. The Library of Fragrance will change your perception of fragrance. It does not just give you a scent but a whole life experience, an unforgettable memory region or someone you always remember.

Unlike perfume brands, the fragrance of The Library of Fragnance is not confined to a glass of perfume. You can find in this “fragrance library” the flavors you have not even thought of or imagine how it can become a perfume.

Perhaps most of all, the scent is the most powerful impact on a person’s nerves, so that they may not remember the phenomena, but the fragrance associated with that memory region haunts them throughout their lives.

Do you smell the earth when it rains? The back of the throat is hard to describe, but the Library of Fragnance was miraculously transformed into a glass vase called “Wet garden”. Similarly, do not know how they can create the smell of the sun, the smell of tomatoes or even the smell of freshly washed dry.

And classic fragrances such as floral blossom, you can find the pristine, the best smell with The Library of Fragrance. They actually bring their own everyday life into each bottle of perfume with the commitment that everything is made by hand.

In particular, you can create your own scent so that the perfume is really the game of the scent and your own, not anyone else.


In another district, another segment, and a different scent approach, we have Serge Lutens with its signature square, signature perfume bottles.

Serge Lutens perfume separates himself from other luxury perfume brands by owning hundreds of unisex fragrances. It is hard to find a niche fragrance company to release so many fragrances.

Famous names such as La fille de Berlin, Fleurs d’Oranger, Santal Majuscule or Chergui fascinated a whole generation, helping Serge Lutens to survive to this day. Luxury from the design to the way the fragrance blends each perfume into a work of art. These are perfume bottles with thick and thick layers of perfume that you can use for a lifetime.

Sophisticated fragrances are what makes Serge Lutens the first name that the niche player thinks and wants to own the most.


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