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Niche Perfume – Personality Scent For You

Niche Perfume - Personality Scent For You

Last Updated on January 7, 2019 by Frank

The concept of “Niche Perfume” today is not only familiar with the perfume tastes but gradually develop, popular users are increasingly aware of these fragrances. So what is Niche perfume and how can it charm people so much?

What is the Niche perfume?

Unlike the perfume that is widely sold on the market, Niche perfume is seen as a contrasting array of products targeting only a relatively small number of consumers, hand or from rare, expensive materials. All these factors bring niche perfume and value to enjoy the different aroma.

Niche fragrances are usually made from niche luxury brands that specialize in perfumery and perfume production, completely different from designer perfumes (the term for fashion brands production both clothing, accessories, etc.) have a much larger customer base than niche brands. The famous Niche fragrances are highly acclaimed by both users and professionals such as Creed, Puredistance, Teo Cabanel, Jo Malone, Annick Goutal, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Serge Lutens, Acqua di Parma, Dyptique, Le Labo, Armaf, Kilian, Bond No.9, Caron…

Also, recently, when the trend of using niche perfume grows, famous designer brands such as Chanel, Dior, Lancome, Guerlain, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana … are still launching the perfume line. Niche brings creativity beyond the popular lines and of course, the price will also be higher, more difficult to buy to satisfy the taste of the more difficult users.

Special values from Niche perfumes

Actually, it is not until recently that niche perfumes have won the hearts of perfume lovers. The problem is only awareness because the day before the information is quite rare, the number of people access to niche perfume is really limited. But now that the media, as well as the number of people who love perfume, grows, the chances of reaching niche perfumes are not too difficult. Only once, you will understand the special value of this perfume.

First of all, it is the aesthetics and art that is reflected in every fragrance of Niche. That is the minimum requirement dedicated to this perfume category. Each fragrance, whether in the group of incense or style, also bearing bold marks for the perfect. So in order to create a complete niche, manufacturers must carefully adjust the ratio of the formula to product design or tell the story so that the bottle reaches artistic efficiency as intended by the manufacturer

Next, niche fragrances tend to exploit and manipulate scents or ingredients depending on the style of each maker. Thus, you will find that the same notes, but between the popular perfume and niche fragrances will have a very different way. If compared between the niche perfume, each brand will bring a unique identity without using the same type of incense. For example, just the scent of roses or woody incense, there are thousands of different expressions coming from countless scents from Niche brands.

The ingredients used in niche fragrances are carefully selected ingredients, mainly natural essential oils. This in part makes niche perfume expensive and the amount of production is limited, it seems that a defect but for those who love and passion for perfume is not a problem, the opposite. The higher the value, the less valuable the niche

Thirdly, it is singularity and a pioneer in the trend, if the perfume market pressure sales if you do not want to stop production early, often rely on the famous fragrance to reach. The majority of users, niche perfume always carry the title of high singularity. With the niche, the smarter the better or no one can imitate is important, not profit or reputation is vague. So every niche brand has exclusive formulas as a secret weapon.

In addition, the fourth element that helps niche perfume conquer the user is the vast majority of flowering incense or perfume of this perfume is very good, can easily keep the smell of the body over 8 hours depending on the concentration degree or group of incense.

If you say niche perfume conquering the user, it may not be completely accurate because there are many cases. New users are conquerors. Here it is said that the creation of niche perfume fragrance reached the level of smell and rare that truly passionate people have to put effort and money to be able to own a bottle of perfume unique. Those are the real values that we aspire to find rather than a bottle of perfume without personality but expensive because of the diamond or gold attached to it.


The trend of niche perfume development and increasingly resonate does not mean that the perfume market is dead. Each perfume group is aimed at different users, depending on the needs and preferences you choose for yourself the aroma. Do not be tempted by the expensive niche fragrance but it does not fit your style or needs. All you have to do is start from the simplest of things. Once you have a better idea of the art of scent, experience the journey from the popular scent to the new niche fragrance. That is worth it.



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