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Perfume Symbols And Information That You Should Know Before You Buy

Perfume Symbols And Information That You Should Know Before You Buy

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

When using perfume, it is likely that you will often see some symbols or information printed on the box or body of the perfume bottle but not all of us can understand their meaning. The following will be the best way to read information on perfume bottles so you can truly become smart consumers.

Perfume concentration information

In addition to the product name and brand name, perfume information is also the most clearly and prominently displayed information as this is important information for users to know the concentration of fragrance. included in the product. Commonly found perfumes are “Eau De Toilette”, “Eau De Cologne” or “Eau De Parfum”.

In addition, some brands also have other creations to indicate the concentration of essence. For example, the famous LancĂ´me brand of France used the phrase “L’eau De Parfum” instead of “Eau De Parfum”, “L’eau De Toilette” instead of “Eau De Toilette”.

The Lancome brand uses “L’eau De Parfum” instead of “Eau De Parfum”


The meaning of the phrase “Le Parfum”

“Le Parfum” is just a branding of the brand, the concentration is still divided by the EDT or EDP group. Elie Saab is the best rose perfume for her

In some perfumes, especially the French perfume brands, the phrase “Le Parfum” appears in addition to the name of the product. In fact, this is just a phrase for displaying the meaning of “perfume.” “Rather than to distinguish the concentration of essence as Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toilette as above. This is seen as one of the ways of naming products of brands

Meaning of notation “FL.OZ. “

The symbol FL.OZ. Short for “Fluid Ounce”, which is commonly used in the world. Almost all perfumes display the volume of the product in both Milliliters and Fluid Ounces with a conversion ratio of 1 FL.OZ equivalent to approximately 29.57 ml. Thus, some common types of perfume volume are as follows: 5ml = 0.16 FL.OZ or 0.17 FL.OZ; 50ml = 1.7 FL.OZ; 100ml = 3.4 FL.OZ …

Some common volume of perfume is Fluid Ounce (FL.OZ) and the same spray volume

The meaning of “Vaporisatuer spray” or “Natural spray”

The phrases “Vapotisauter Spray” or “Natural Spray” are used to indicate how to use spray mist spray. This means that fragrance products without the above phrases will be used in other forms such as dab directly on the skin or in the form of a perfume.

How to view the perfume expiry date

You can see the best shade of perfume by looking at the open box symbol as shown below, followed by numbers like 12M, 24M or 36M. This symbol appears on both the box and the bottle of perfume. This is the best time to use perfume for the number of months since the first use. For example, the symbol is 24M, the perfume is best used within 24 months.

However, unlike other conventional cosmetics, because the perfume is composed of a large amount of alcohol, the actual time of use of the product is much higher than the levels proposed by the manufacturer on the packaging. Products. This means that perfume can be used for up to 5 years or 10 years, which is much more economical than other cosmetic products.

The origin of perfume

One of the most important information is always interested users to know the product information. However, you should understand the meaning of this information to avoid confusion. Specifically, this information will represent the place of production and packaging of perfumes to market, not the origin of the brand.

For example: Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian brand but its fragrances are made in France, the source of the product will be “Made In France”.

Significant comparison code on box and bottle body

Each bottle of perfume and box contains a pair of matching codes that simply mean to ensure that the product is not changed. This type of code will usually be printed, etched or engraved on the bottle and box depending on the manufacturer. For a long time, the consumer was too critical of this detail and assumed that this was a kind of code that could assert real and fake goods but the truth is that this code does not work very well in defining This is because the clones have grown much more sophisticated today. Printing the match code is not difficult either.

Hopefully, with this basic and useful knowledge, you can easily understand the information on the product so that your own perfume usage is more effective.


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