Popular French Perfume Brands


The most famous French perfume in the world – this is undeniable when it comes to this unique perfume industry. Not only the top fashion capital, the place of beauty is always honored. France also produces hundreds of perfume brands, including Chanel, Lancome, Kenzo, Guerlain … Let’s explore the most famous Popular French perfume brands.

1. Chanel

Of course, if you mention the famous French perfume brands, Chanel is always the first name to be honored. Considered a queen in the perfume village, Chanel is now a true symbol in the fragrance world. This centennial brand was built by the young Coco Chanel in the early years of the twentieth century. Stepping through many ups and downs, then flourished to this day. If only in the field of perfume, Chanel has been very successful with the immortal scents of Chanel No.5 or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle … all are the products of Chanel reputation. It proves the truth that, although time has drifted away but the charm from Chanel will never fade. Here the top Chanel cologne that you wear

2. Lancome

Lancome - French Perfume Brands
Not comparable to Chanel in terms of history, but Lancome is still one of the famous French perfumes, known and trusted by many women. Lancome is associated with the symbol of gold rose and passionate beauty in ancient France. The father of this brand was Armand Petitjean, who officially founded Lancome on February 21, 1935. The first product was launched in 1935, this is a bottle of perfume launched in a fair. The famous fragrance of the company can be referred to as Tresor, Miracle, Hypnose … At present, Lancome also produces skin care products, cosmetics besides the strength of the fragrance. Here some good Lancome perfumes that you can try

3. Kenzo

Kenzo perfumeCreated by an oriental man – Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, so the subtle, seductive and mysterious oriental flavor is completely reflected in each fragrance of the company. Kenzo. Although the “age” is young but if not mention Kenzo in the list of famous perfume brands in the world, it is a great lack of mercy. The most successful perfume of Flower by Kenzo, inspired by poppy, launched in 2000, this fragrance helped Kenzo claim its place in the world of perfume.

4. Guerlain

Guerlain cologneConsidered the “second sister” in the scent industry, with a history of shaping and age greater than any other name. Guerlain began with Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, a man born in Abbeville, France in 1828. The famous French perfume brand originally sold only imported perfumes but later on Fascinated by the scent of scent, Pierre decided to make his own signature products. The honor to produce a perfume for King Napoleon III and Queen Eugenie – Guerlain emerged after the event. Up to now, French perfumes have owned over 300 different fragrances, these products are always the dream of any girl who loves perfume.

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5. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent cologneYves Saint Laurent was founded by duo designer Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, who was initially well known in the field of fashion design but decided to switch to perfume. considerable success. Started producing perfume in the 1980s, Opium is one of the most sought-after fragrances by its users. Although Yves Saint Laurent retired in 2002, but with personality and style has been affirmed, this famous perfume company still achieves much success in the scent industry.

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6. Hermes

Hermes is a well-known brand with premium products in France founded by Thierry Hermes in 1937. Hermes initially focused on the business of equestrian accessories. Then the company developed and expanded its business into leather handbags, scarves, accessories, fashion and perfumes. Ten years after Hermes’s first perfume, the perfume was named.

Since then, Hermes has been recognized as a perfume brand in the market. The most distinctive spirit of all Hermes fragrances is the depth and sophistication of French art. So once you have the fragrance of Hermes, you will never be confused with other brands. Besides the main flavor is orange, licorice and vetiver bring a very characteristic identity for Hermes fragrances. And the masterpieces that makeup Hermes’s name are perfumes such as Terre D’Hermes, Voyage D’Hermes, Eau D’orange Verte, Kelley Caleche For Women.

7. Teo Cabanel

The first perfume bottle, Teo Cabanel, appeared in 1893 in Boufarik, Algeria, created by a chemist and French physician Theodore Cabanel. His first achievement was the successful production of Colognes fragrance and essence for the scent. And soon he became a perfume maker loved by aristocrats.

After his death, his granddaughter Caroline inherited 150 formulations of perfume from Cabanel and continued to blow a new breath into the classic French perfume. The characteristic of this brand is the traditional hand-made method, from the selection stage, processing aromas are carefully processed and strict.

In addition, the natural scent, pleasant and gentle aroma of ingredients is usually a floral scent that feels close to nature and comfort for the user is also a dominant feature makes up. The difference of Teo Cabanel. The aroma of this company represents the subtle and gentle romance. You can experience with your senses through Barkhane, Alahine, Early Roses, Lace Garden, Julia …

8. Caron

Caron is the legendary perfume brand of France founded by Ernest Daltroff in 1904. Although not a professional or well-trained perfume, he still has a passion for perfume. The perfume is passed down from her mother and added to it is a talented nose.

He longs to be able to create the eternal and most popular fragrance in history. Narcisse Noir (1911) is the first perfume to bring the brand to the Caron brand. This fragrance then becomes the immortal symbol in the movie “Sunset Boulevard” and then becomes a souvenir for the soldier’s gift to the lover as a reminder that “do not forget him.”

Tabac Blond, introduced in 1919, was created for women in a new style – no smoking in public. Caron is also famous for its splendid perfume bottles of all sizes and bubbles made from extremely beautiful Baccarat glass. The company has 55 fragrances and also regularly launches new fragrances on the market.

With its long history, the Caron brand seems to have been ingrained in the minds of many French generations and to date has maintained its chic, elegant and classic style.


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