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Discover The Power of Perfume You Are Using – Secrets that Men Don’t Know

Discover The Power of Perfume You Are Using - Secrets that Men Don't Know

Last Updated on March 8, 2019 by Frank

The connoisseurs of perfumes and especially the scent of male perfume have long touched each other’s story about the character of the user through the reflection of each fragrance note. Do you know how to use the power of perfume to express your personality?

Why is the price of a male perfume bottle so high? The problem is not only inexpensive aromatherapy or brand value but also in the research over the years to make the scents – both reflect the available personality of the person, can both play leverage potential instincts.

power of perfume to express your personalityThe same way a man chooses clothes or songs in the playlist. Men’s perfume has long been a part of men’s character.

“Scent is a direct effect on the brain region associated with emotional behavior. In other words, when faced with the choice of the perfume you like, we will most likely be inspired ”said James Craven, a fragrance expert.

For that reason, the choice of men’s perfume is also determined by his personality as well as a part of his personality.

“A man has a tendency to choose scents that bring comfort (unlike women who often choose scents that give them the feeling they will be loved). So, through selected notes, you can then deduce your interests and habits, ”said Sarah McCartney, founder of perfume 4160 Tuesday.

“It is very difficult for a guy to choose the scent of the sea if he is someone who has no interest in the ocean, we often choose scents that give us closeness and a sense of familiarity.”

This is also the reason why perfume companies always focus on portraying each portrait and personality for each of their fragrances. There will be male scent for timid boys, there are also scents dedicated to those who like to move. In addition, the personality of the perfume is also the factor that brands consider when choosing a representative face. The selected star not only has a good appearance but his image must reflect the spirit and emotions that the perfume bottle brings. Take a look at Johnny Deep’s example and Dior Sauvage perfume.

On a note, not only does the scent but also the perfume spray a lot about personality. Some people like the feeling that passionate perfumes can be felt from a distance, and gentlemen like some perfume just enough for those who are very close to smell.

Before you start, make sure you master the basic knowledge of perfume. Perfumes will usually have 3 notes: top notes, middle notes and basement notes with different longevity and sillage.

In a very diverse field like perfumes, knowledgeable people will divide perfume according to the basic aroma groups and notes. From there, it is possible to identify the nature, heat, cold and more season of use as well as the purpose of use of perfume.

Listening to myself is most essential when choosing a fragrance for use. According to experts, the scent on you should be something that supports and reflects your personality, instead of being too overwhelming or opposing. Perfume notes if appropriate at times will help you explore and develop internal strength or potential within you, stimulate creativity and reasoning. Here are a few common notes in male perfumes and the qualities it reflects:

1. Citrus group (orange, lemon, tangerine …)

You can find the most distinctive citrus notes in Clinique Happy For Men, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Atelier Cologne’s Bergamote Soleil and Dior’s Eau Sauvage Cologne, Citrus is often the first notes of many fragrances, due in part to their freshness, crispness and passion.

Sarah McCartney said: “In my experience, this flavor is often the choice of active and sporty boys. Athletes, joggers, basketball guys, and extroverted people “

This scent is also said to bring a positive, refreshing feeling, increased mobility and therapeutic ability. “Citrus incense really awakens your brain, while bringing a sense of comfort and balance.” A recent study also shows citrus scents that help boost emotions and increase productivity.

2. Gourmand group (chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee)

The group of scents originating from food materials has become more popular in recent years. It is hard to deny that these are sweet and delicate scents, evoke many layers of emotions and bring a warm, safe feeling.

“Men choose men’s perfume with the flavor of the base Gourmand is usually charming, warm and very stylish. These are also sensitive and delicate guys, hiding within them a certain sexiness and rich love experience ”- perfume expert James Craven shared. Vanilla is the most popular scent, thought to evoke feelings of intimacy and desire in the opposite sex. A fragrance full of sin but also sweet cannot be denied.

Thierry Mugler A*Men, Gaultier’s Le Male, Tom Ford For Men Extreme or Valentino Umo and Rochas man are some of the names you can refer to.

3. Wood Group

7 main fragrance groups in the perfume you should knowThere are many reasons for male perfume fragrances such as Gucci Pour Homme, Terre d’Hermès and Davidoff Horizon to be so popular. “First, it gives a feeling of men, masculine. Also, an undeniable element in the wood aroma group is the sense of trust and certainty that it brings, “said Sarah McCartney.

Wood notes also represent luxury, warm and somewhat nostalgic. A choice of gentlemen with a penchant for decent and decent personality. Do you remember the last feeling standing between a vast primeval forest and the scent of hundreds of trees around it? Feeling both pleasant and trusting, but also mysterious and overwhelming. A bottle of wood perfume can fully convey

Because of its low level and high odor retention ability, wood notes are often chosen as basement notes for many fragrances. Here top wood colognes for men here

4. Aquatic group

Considered the quintessential scent of the 90s, the saltiness of the salt and the freshness of the ocean is still very popular with boys today. Representing freedom, simplicity in lifestyle, as well as generosity and openness in thinking, the sea is the scent born for modern boys. In the emotional aspect, this flavor notes bring a feeling of charm, elusive, and not daring to approach nor leave. Just like our oceans, both intense and calm, deep and intimate.

If you’ve ever had a bottle of Marine perfume in hand, you will definitely feel the subtlety, lightness but still equally full of masculinity that this scent brings. Sea flavor notes also work as a therapeutic effect, bringing balance and relaxation to emotions.

Some aquatic scents you can refer to Best Aquatic Smelling Cologne For Men here

5. Oriental fragrance notes

Oriental is often known as a hard-to-identify flavor, consisting of typical ingredients such as ginger, pepper, musk, amber, dry wood, incense, tobacco … can be found in Opium Pour Homme, Gucci Envy For Men, YSL’s M7 and Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Gentleman.

A personality to describe these guys with this scent is drastic. They are people who do not easily give up the goal of pursuing, working to the end, passion to the end, who are also enthusiastic boys in love and sensuality.

However, this is a scent not for “good boys”. Oriental notes contain a certain rebellion and revelation, the boss of the wildest parties.


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