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Reviews Dior Sauvage perfume – Strong, Masculine and Street Style

Reviews Dior Sauvage perfume - Strong, Masculine and Street Style

Last Updated on December 8, 2018 by Frank

Fashion designer Christian Dior was born in France and has a reputation in the fashion industry when taking curves women do accents. The foundation of the brand’s development cooperation work with the legendary fashion house in the middle of the twentieth century. In 1947, Dior launched “Newlook” resonated strongly and set new trends in Paris – the fashion capital of the world.

Also in 1947, Dior launched the first line of perfumes dedicated to his sister, Catherine, called Miss Dior, marking successful yellow pages of this brand. A back Dior perfume is long and prestigious. The first fragrance line launched in 1947 and the latest fragrance line launched Sep 2015 – Dior Sauvage. This fragrance is named the same as perfume Eau Sauvage, however, this new product cannot be confused with the classic fragrance in 1966 by distinct characteristics of contemporary fragrance characterized by liberal beauty, freedom.Reviews Dior Sauvage perfume for Men

1. Design

Dior Sauvage in 2015 designed looks extremely sophisticated and chic. Glass bottles shaped body of standing with mysterious dark blue light bottle slowly to the bottom. Meanwhile, the bottle looks a lot more meticulous with parallel ridges winding tower cap. design style but very modern classic.

Reviews Dior Sauvage perfume for Men

2. Fragrance

Dior Sauvage not only men but also caused fascination for women super comfortable. As a modern symphony always start by providing a warm feeling, notes Top notes bring the freshness of orange night begarmot, spend a little bit of passion. Center notes slowly bring olfactory feel sexy and seductive definition of species of geraniums, lavender, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, Vetiver, Patchouli plants. The main floor of this fragrance makes special highlight when combined male fragrance in perfume making sexy fragrance mixture which is reserved for women. Finally, closing this scent symphony is strong flavor notes ambroxan plastic, plastic labdanum and warm amber.

Reviews Dior Sauvage perfume

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3. Sillage and Longevity

This is one of the perfume lines of Eau De Toilette concentration but has a good fragrance on the skin, especially on clothes and hair. In parallel, the flavor shine experts rated as very far within 2m, very suitable outdoor spaces, generous and liberal.

Dior Sauvage perfume

4. Conclusion

Dior Sauvage which bring beauty fascinated with classic but modern. The men loved the wind and dust style, like the freedom aficionados, this is a perfect choice not more.

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