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Sleep Now: 10 Health Reasons Why You Need to Have the Right Amount of Sleep

Sleep Now: 10 Health Reasons Why You Need to Have the Right Amount of Sleep

Last Updated on February 10, 2018 by Frank

It is undeniable that sleep can bring us a lot of health benefits. We know the effects of sleep since time immemorial, and that is because the mainstream and even the internet never fail to tell us so. For example, sleep can do wonders such as improving our mental and physical well-being.

However, despite the health benefits of sleep, there are still people that do not follow the proper sleep routine and stay up the night. For you to have the right amount of sleep, you need to have this refresher about the physical and mental benefits of sleep.

Sleep Now: 10 Health Reasons Why You Need to Have the Right Amount of SleepSleep Helps Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Strokes and heart attacks are most likely to happen in the wee hours of the day. The reason behind this is that our coronary arteries contracts all the more during the morning than the other time of the day, which will likely lead to cardiac arrests and strokes

However, if you have a good night’s sleep, it will help your coronary arteries to be more relaxed which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep Fortifies Your Immune System

A lot of people believe that sleep can reduce the risk of common cold. In fact, there is a study which affirms this theory. In this study, there were a total of 150 people monitored during their sleeping time to study their sleeping patterns and then subjected them to a virus that brings cold.

Those people who took a six-hour sleep or below were faster to get the virus than those who took an eight-hour sleep. Despite the limited number of participants in this study, it still confirms the belief of many people that sleep can strengthen the immune system.

Sleep Enhances Your Memory

If you are young and tend to forget things easily, now might be the right time that you go to bed early and take some sleep. There are plenty of studies that correlate having the right amount of sleep to a good memory and brain function.

Of course, having a good memory is important in a person’s life, especially if that person is still in school. Therefore, if you have that desire to improve your memory, go to bed at the right time and take that good night’s sleep.

Sleep Makes Body and Mind Regeneration More Effective

 Sleep Now: 10 Health Reasons Why You Need to Have the Right Amount of SleepWhen we go to bed and shut half of our consciousness from the world, our body and mind go into a relaxed state. In this relaxed state, our mind and body go into a regeneration process which repairs the adverse effects of stress and toxic elements that we incurred during the day.

Sleep helps in the production of proteins in our body which assist in the mind and body regeneration. Therefore, if you want to alleviate the harmful effects of daily stress, you need to take some sleep.

Sleep Cuts Down Your Weight

In spite of your vigorous workout in the gym, if you always stay up late at night, you will have difficulty losing weight. There are plenty of studies that point to lack of sleep as one of the leading cause of overweight and obesity.

When we sleep, our body releases two hormones called leptin and ghrelin. These hormones help in the regulation of our food cravings, so when we have enough sleep, our food cravings will be in a normal state.

If otherwise, we will crave more for food and drinks and consume more of them, which causes us to gain weight. Determined to lose weight? Then you need to accompany your gym workout with the right amount of sleep.

Sleep Spurs Creativity

Who does not want to be creative? For sure, we all like to be creative. Well, if you want to create unique and beautiful things, you need to take that right amount of sleep every night. As sleep improves our brain function, it will also help us have more structured and organized thoughts to create.

Sleep Have Positive Effects on Your Productivity

When you have lack of sleep, your focus and concentration in doing the tasks you need to do will be negatively affected. It will make you feel exhausted throughout your working day, and your productivity will be at the downtrend.

Thus, if you want to be more productive, you should go to bed at the required time and have the right amount of sleep.

Sleep Gets You in Good Mood

Lack of sleep causes us to feel more anxious, stressed, and gloomy, and I believe you feel it too. Yes, lack of sleep will not only have detrimental effects on your physical well-being but also on your psychological health. Therefore, if you want to be in a good mood always, make sure to get some sleep.

Sleep Boosts Your Sex Drive

If you do not get ample sleep, your appetite for sex will decline. For you to avoid this situation from happening, you need to have that rest every night.

It is because having enough sleep will maintain the right balance of your testosterone and libido levels, causing you to have a happier sex life.

Sleep Helps You to Prudent Business Decisions

Since getting sufficient sleep will have a positive impact on your brain function, it will help you have a clear mind when making financial decisions. You will be more wary of unsure financial decisions, and you will think more of the mutual advantage you and your business partner will get the deal.

Gone are the days of going for a big profit yet doubtful business deals. Therefore, if you want to decide on financial matters prudently, take the right amount of sleep every night.


Sleep plays a significant role in our everyday life. Having enough sleep, for instance, can do wonders such as alleviating stress, reducing the risk of heart attack, and decreasing the weight.

Sleep can also boost one’s creativity, increase sex drive, enhance memory, increase productivity, and cause us to make sound financial decisions. Thus, if you want to have a healthy mind and body, get yourself some sleep.

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