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Do you know Scents affect your mood?

Do you know Scents affect your mood?

Last Updated on January 10, 2017 by Frank

One of the great features of the perfume is an immediate impact on our emotions through scent it owns. The study found the scent could cause our mood became more agitated or calm. It can make us feel better or worse when reminiscent of the sad memories, funny or sweet dreams …

Ability to regulate the mood of the fragrance has been used in aromatherapy using aromatic essential oils.

The Chinese have a saying: “Each scent is a drug.” This proves that the scent has long been viewed widely used, is the tool of powerful delicate balance and mental health and substance for humans.

How to choose the right perfume

According to recent studies noted the impact of each fragrance are as follows:

  • Peppermint and Orchids Perfume bell enhances clarity and alertness during work;
  • Perfume Citrus help increase energy to start your day in a fun, refreshing;
  • Flowers  flavor enhances the ability to focus on the late morning and afternoon fatigue;
  • Perfume cedar help reduce feelings of fatigue at lunchtime and late afternoon.

Application results, to increase the productivity of employees, a Japanese company in Tokyo has installed pipeline mint scent in the office working. Another company to burn the flowers scent through the air conditioning.

According to an interview of consultant: Ann Gottlieb of Calvin Klein: “There are many products that are used in aromatherapy with traditional folk methods rather than scientific. However, a growing number of studies have demonstrated the ability scent alter mood. Soon, the scent is not merely a fragrance which also works to improve the psychological and physiological very effective. ”

Thus, if we have knowledge of the fragrance ingredient, the selection and proper use favorite perfume at not less also helps in improving the mood that you yourself.

In the senses, the sense of smell is closely linked to and affects the long-term memory, said Dr. Pradeep, a neuroscientist at Unilever. “It’s close to the hippocampus.” (This is our memory storage area).

The senses have the power to change emotions because they are motivated by memory. Therefore, when we smell the ocean, we become excited and happy.

“More than that, throughout human history, many scents are related to the same memories.”

Smell is the sensory perception that affects the nerves, so every smell that the “smell” is transmitted to the nerves and affect the mood of the human then. For example, when you smell food it will make you feel hungry or smell the fat will make you feel bored. And perfume, too, has a characteristic fragrance and when you smell, it will affect your mood and can change your mood and emotions right at that moment.

If you are in a mood of sadness, you want to be alone, the smell of wood flowers will help you integrate with nature, giving you a feeling of love nature than you quickly forget the mood in at that time. Green incense is also a great inspiration to make your mind more comfortable and refreshing and quickly dispel sadness, help you quickly integrate with people.

You are in a happy mood in love, so make your love more wonderful and passionate with the aroma of soft, sweet flowers. You are immersed in a happy love, so during each date with her, give yourself a fresh and soothing fresh scent that will help you and her to feel the sweetness of love. And help your mood always feel happy with the person you love.

If you are immersed in a romantic fall, so let’s make your mood softer and more tender in the fall with the fragrance of rose, jasmine, pure. The fragrance like this will help you to mix in the autumn romantic, to help you always charming in the eyes of the enemy and especially the mood you always feel love life than ever.


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