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Top 5 baldness cure are popular for men

Top 5 baldness cure are popular for men

Last Updated on April 27, 2017 by Frank

It can be said that “bald” is always a big obsession for most men. Feel the hair blooms gradually every day, to abandon their favorite hairstyle and try to cover the scalp is increasingly empty. Join us in the latest and most popular methods of combating baldness for men.

The causes of baldness are numerous, the most common and most difficult to cure are due to heredity. In addition, strong effects on hair and scalp such as dyeing, bending or a very bad habit: hair loss as the hair becomes weaker and accelerate the process of baldness. Tension, staying up late and recently, many studies have shown that smoking more often promotes baldness in men. So whether bald or not, keep a healthy lifestyle, good hair care can be said that room is more than cure. Many boys proudly dyed their hair four times a year because they were dying for the first time, but their hair was thinning.

1. Tonic

As your hair begins to fall and fall, your tonic will be very supportive. Often these drugs can be purchased without prescription. Popular remedies like Phyto, HairAnew, Hair grown plus … These supplements often fortify vitamins important vit A, D, E; Omega 3 & 6; Minerals like iron, zinc and biotin stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. The first step in baldness in men.

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Advantages: Delicious, tonic, cheap and convenient.

Disadvantages: Usually do not bring significant effect.

Some of these supplements have the potential to inhibit DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that leads to men’s baldness, but the results are not sufficiently verified.

2. Drugs to drink

Many studies have shown that DHT is an important factor in hair loss and baldness in both men and women. Most baldness remedies usually modulate the metabolism of testosterone into DHT. The most popular are Follicin HG, and Ultrax Labs Hair Rush. However, DHT is also considered as a hormone of “love” and all of your good hormonal changes will be accompanied by many side effects. Therefore, besides the side effects such as dizziness, dizziness, change of inspiration, many people reflect their “style” is reduced slightly. Most importantly, once you stop taking your medication, after a few months to five years your hair will begin to fall as much as before.

Despite many side effects, Follicin HG is still the choice of many in the process of baldness.
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Advantages: Relatively high efficiency, easy to use

Disadvantages: Possible to affect physiological function

3. Topical medications

Advantage: Cheap, more effective (especially when using with tonics)

Cons: Complex and inconvenient. Potentially irritating.

Kirkland is the new good choice for men

Perhaps with the boys struggling with thinning hair, the name Rogaine is no longer strange. The main ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil. Often topical anti-hair loss treatment and baldness usually contain Minoxidil from 2-5%. You can buy freely or take

Perhaps with the boys struggling with thinning hair, the name Rogaine is no longer strange. The main ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil. Often topical anti-hair loss treatment and baldness usually contain Minoxidil from 2-5%. You can buy freely or take prescription from your doctor. When applied Minoxidil in the form of the application will limit the physiological effect as well as health compared to oral medications. Many people after use show that not only Rogaine slows hair growth. The same hair began to appear silk hair, generally hair grow thicker than before. However, it is not uncomfortable to brush your hair everyday. Especially when you have to always carry with you when traveling, work … Just like the medicine, when you stop using the miracle also run out.

Rogaine 5% will be more effective when combined with biotin, omega 3 & 6 supplements.Click Here For Best Price

4. The laser beam

The laser technology is amazing. Permanent hair removal is also thanks to lasers and now the hair follicle stimulator also uses lasers. Lasers work in a way that promotes adenosine triphosate and helps to promote hair growth and promote hair growth. The most famous laser comb product is Lexington’s Hairmax Laser Comb. However, the laser comb with the hair began to sparse, the hair is not bald hair.

Hairmax – the most popular laser product line today

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Camillus and iRestore are promising solutions for bald men

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Pros: Simple, easy to use

Disadvantages: High cost, cumbersome. The effect of baldness is still controversial.

5. Hair transplant

If Wayne Rooney can get out of bald, you too. Many people must be surprised because after many failures, now Rooney was extremely proud of his bobbing hair. Hair transplants can be considered as one of the first and most effective baldness treatments today.

Besides Rooney, many other names including James Nesbitt also changed with hair transplant.

Hair transplant method is not simple. After the expert examines the overall condition of your body, they will select each area of hair and body hair to be able to “extract” that part of the hair for implantation. During the first time, you will have to accept red streaks, traces of each implant, and patches of hair. This is a very important process, they have to “spit” how not to affect as well as leave the array in other areas empty. Experts will monitor and continue to transplant as necessary until the “bare hills” area is covered with green.

Hair transplants will not leave side effects like medications, but as the name implies, this method requires high technology, good professionals and a lot of money in the account.

Harley Street is the place that made successful hair transplant for Rooney and many cases. Each transplant will cost £ 30,000 (equivalent to $ 1 billion) and many trips to the center for examination. In addition, in order to be able to successfully transplant, you must have enough hairs/hairs to draw for transplant. Easier to understand, the amount of hair/hair does not increase, they just “move from one area to another.” So if you find yourself not having enough hair, hair to restructure, you can totally find someone who “donates” the hair. The rest will rely on the golden hands of doctors and specialists.

Advantages: High efficiency and long term.

Disadvantages: Expensive

And if you are confident and do not want to spend too much time or money to keep your hair like Rooney, you can  learn Jason Statham.

Without the glossy hair, he could still hold Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Angel


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