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Top 5 Best Burberry Perfume for Men 2019

Top 5 Best Burberry Perfume for Men 2019

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Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Burberry makes a difference in the fashion industry and accessories, with the image of a gown with unique square stripes becoming a symbol of the Burberry brand.

The Burberry brand has been awarded a Royal Certificate for the Royal Family’s exclusive UK outfits. In addition to fashion and accessories, Burberry also offers men’s and women’s fragrances with square shaped designs. Here are the top 5 best Burberry perfume for men you can choose:

Ultimate Guide to Top 5 Best Burberry Perfume for Men

PicturePerfumeStylePriceCustomer Reviews
BURBERRY Brit Rhythm for Him Eau de ToilettePersonality, strong, warm$$4.6
BURBERRY Brit for Men Eau de ToiletteMasculine, delicate, sexy$$4.5
BURBERRY Men's Classic Eau de ToiletteSeductive, masculine, sexy$$4.4
BURBERRY Touch for Men Eau de ToiletteRomantic, elegant, powerful.$$4.5
BURBERRY London for Men Eau de ToiletteElegant, light and warm.$$4.5

How to choose the right Perfume

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Review Top 5 Best Burberry Cologne for Men 

1. Burberry Brit Rhythm

Top 5 Best Burberry Perfume for Men 2017Burberry Brit Rhythm is a Leather fragrance for men. This new perfume is launched in 2013 and is made by perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Olivier Polge. The maker of Brit Rhythm is inspired by the joy, excitement, adrenalin, when you immerse yourself in music and energy from the crowd.

The fragrance opens with a refreshing green scent with a scent of basil and horsetail flavored with juniper and cardamom. From there, the middle notes become more attractive with the harmony of leather, patchouli, cedar and bodhi tree. Then, as the scent gradually settles down on the skin and gently radiates the scent of incense, sandalwood and warm tonka bean.

Brit Rhythm perfume bottle has a modern style with a rectangular shell with black cover, the style of the sculpture on the bottle is very sophisticated and mainly inspired by fashion style of Burberry.

The fragrance of the gentlemen at the same time has both the sophistication and youthfulness. Use this fragrance if you want to show your enthusiasm for life without losing your beautiful style. The scent tends to seduce and overflow the energy of the fans in the popular music events.

Burberry Brit Rhythm is really a wonderful cold season scent because of the warmth and energy that it gives men. Whether it is daytime or night, men are strong, full of life to continue the fun even after a long day of work.

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2. Burberry Brit for Men

Burberry Brit for Men has perfectly embody the great unity of modernity and tradition. To create the image of the British man, Brit For Men is created in a style that is luxurious, seductive but still very comfortable. Ironically, Antoine Maisondieu has turned the classic in Brit For Men into simple.

The fresh opening of the citrus blend (tangerine, bergamot), passion fruit ginger and cardamom gradually turns into a fierce masculine beauty with cedar and nutmeg, a little extra Delicate of wild roses. Top notes become sexy and seductive thanks to warm tropical woody notes, gray amber, tonka bean and patchouli. This oriental perfume is a wonderful blend of succulent green mandarin or fresh ginger slices, with a bit of wild rose and cedar wood.

Burberry Brit for men is really a masterpiece. The unique combination of rose and tonka brings together a pleasant, yet gentle, yet masculine, elegant and attractive scent.

Burberry Brit for Men is a masculine scent that blends elegantly and elegantly and is suitable for day and night, and especially in colder seasons such as autumn and winter.

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3. Burberry Men

Burberry Men is a is a woody aromatic fragrance for men and was launched in 1995. The fragrance of bergamot, lavender and mint begins with the aroma of bergamot, lavender and mint. All combined with a spicy flavor and somewhat similar leather of thyme. The scent now produces a cool sensation and immediately reveals the facial features of the woody notes in the middle notes, including cedar, sandalwood, geranium, and jasmine.  Finally, the scent creates a fierce contrast between passionate musk and mixed musk, fatty vanilla.

Burberry Men is a great scent for the real man when it comes to simple outfits. The elegant combination of aromas brings a sense of relaxation, ideal for dinner dinners with customers or meetings that require you to look good. Perfume is not only modern but also very useful.

Burberry Men is a daytime scent for spring and autumn, suitable for outdoor work. With a long-lasting fragrance that gives the user confidence in the outdoors.

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4. Burberry Touch for Men

Launched in 2001, Burberry’s Touch for Men offers a floral-wood-musk scent designed specifically for men. Burberry Touch For Men creates melancholic melodies of life, or simply a quiet and subtle silence.

The beginning is a fresh scent from plants (violet leaves, wormwood leaves) and as it slowly dissolves, the aroma will give way to the pleasant of vetiver. The touch of the Touch exudes the scent of Guerlain’s Vetiver fragrance (after just a few hours)  and finally deposited on the skin will be a mixture of tonka bean and sweet vanilla. Touch for Men will give you a fresh and clean feeling, a scent from the new clothes washed under the sun in the summer sunshine.

The pyramid bottle contains a pale, light blue perfume and incorporates a top-up conical lid to emphasize the uniqueness and masculinity of Touch for Men.

Touch for men offers a manly, masculine image of a stylish and elegant suit. There is nothing more appropriate to wear the Touch for Men at the evening social gatherings or female meals. Classy, elegant but no less mischievous, a bit more stubborn, that’s what Touch for Men will bring to the boys when used.

Touch for Men is a versatile scent, which can be used day and night in most seasons of the year, especially in cold seasons. Suitable for use in the office or picnic

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5. Burberry London for Men

The London for Men fragrance is a spicy oriental fragrance. This perfume has an endless aroma typical for modern men, exuding subtle confidence. The composition of fresh and intense amber notes in the top notes at the same time has created an unforgettable, seductive sensation in the middle notes, and when combined with the final flavor, it creates an odor. Incense endlessness and inherent characteristics.

The bottle design is quite masculine and elegant with a square-shaped classic, dressed up as a fabric with familiar motifs of Burberry. The square bottle with black color is very harmonious with the whole bottle design.

London for Men begins the journey of creating the scent by paying attention to the sweet orange lemon suddenly turning to pungent heat, like the warmth of pepper and cinnamon. The scent of dark red fruits is like sweet candies, but it does not have the sweet taste of Burberry Brit. Its sweetness is subdued by the smoothness of the aroma. The delicious plum fruit flavor is like a cake during the festival night, lightening the raw ingredients of the wine aroma and some other spices. The fragrance ends with the appearance of woody notes and amber, which combine with the bitterness of leather to leave an unforgettable scent on the skin.

London for Men is a scent that enhances attractiveness in men, expressing the personalities of modern men. If you are a man who loves mementos and is a “little talker, do a lot” gentleman, London’s elegant scent will help you express it.

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