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[Top 23] Best Powerful Vetiver Perfume For Men 2021

Top 23 Best Vetiver Perfume For Men 2019

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The present time, if you choose a fragrance, after the fluctuations, remain the same, pure and blue, probably nothing more deserving than vetiver. It’s weird! Not pine trees, cypress or sandalwood solid, nor wine, cigarettes characteristic but only green grass bring the smell of heaven and earth is called vetiver. 

Vetiver is a tough grass. It has persistence and origin from India, now widely grown throughout Southeast Asia. This grass is very useful. Vetiver is planted to prevent soil erosion because it is a grass that grows back into a cluster, with a strong, fibrous root that is deep in the soil. The world of aroma since then has an important member with a distinctive aroma, green aromatic, warm of earth and sky, close and only for men. Vetiver is a great suggestion for you when choosing office perfume or when you go to places where you need to show your personality.

Here are the Top 23 best vetiver perfume for men that you can choose:

Ultimate Guide to Top 23 Best Vetiver Cologne For Him 2021

PicturePerfumeStyleTime to useCustomer Reviews
Terre D'Hermes by Hermes for MenMasculine, matureAll Time4.3
Vetiver Guerlain by Guerlain for Men Eau De Toilette SprayClassical, elegantSpring, summer and Fall4.5
Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau De Parfume Spray for MenMasculine, attractive, seductiveSpring, summer and Fall4.1
Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme EDT SprayMasculine, elegant, mysteriousFall and winter4.2
Prada Infusion De Vetiver Eau De Toilette Spray for MenMasculine, seductive, sexySpring, summer and Fall4.2
Creed Original Vetiver for Men Elegant, charmingSpring and Summer4.2
Byredo Bal d'Afrique 1.6 oz Eau de Parfum SpraySeductive, Fascinating, AttractiveSpring, summer and Fall4.9
Etat Libre d'Orange Fat Electrician Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.6 fl. oz.Closer, NaturalAll Time4.2
Frederic Malle 'Vetiver Extraordinaire 50mlMasculine, elegant, seductiveSpring, summer and Fall5.0
Atelier Cologne Absolue Spray, Vetiver Fatal, 3.3 OunceNatural, SexySpring, summer and Fall5.0
Carven Vetiver Eau De Toilette, 3.4 oz.Elegant, charmingSpring, Fall and winter5.0
Ermenegildo Zegna - Haitian Vetiver Fragrance - Eau De Toilette - 4.2 FL OZ / 125 MLMasculine, seductive, sexySpring, summer and Fall5.0
MONTALE Red Vetiver Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.3 Fl OzMasculine, elegant, seductiveSpring, summer and Fall3.8
The Different Company Sel De Vetiver Edp Spray, 3.3 OunceNatural, ElegantSpring and Summer5.0
Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver Hombre Eau De Toilette for men 4.0 ozElegant, charmingSpring and Summer5.0
Annick Goutal Vetiver Les Colognes Spray for Men, 6.8 OunceElegant, fresh, matureSpring ,Summer and Fall5.0
The Art of Shaving, Cologne Intense, Vetiver Citron, 3.3 oz.Masculine, attractive, seductiveSpring, Fall and winter5.0
Franck Olivier Sunrise Vetiver EDT Spray for Men, 2.5 OunceMasculine, attractive, seductiveSpring ,Summer and Fall4.5
Royall Vetiver By Royall Fragrances For Men Aftershave Lotion Cologne Spray 4 OzCloser, NaturalSpring and Summer4.2
Helan Natural Vetiver & Rum Eau de Toilette 3.5 oz cologneMasculine, attractive, seductiveSpring, Fall and winter4.0
Bel Ami Vetiver by HermesMasculine, strongAll time4.2
Vetiver Insolent by Miller Harris Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz - UnisexCloser, NaturalSpring, Fall and Winter5.0
Diptyque Vetyverio Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.4ozElegant,SexySpring ,Summer and Fall5.0

How to choose the right Perfume for Men

If you don’t know, please read here

Review Top 10 Best Smelling Vetiver Fragrance for Men 

1. Terre d’Hermès

Top 6 Best Vetiver Perfume For Men 2017Talking about Terre d’Hermès is about the subtle and solid harmony between traditional and modern perfume. In this fragrance, we see the luxury and elegance created by the natural plant components, which are close to the old men’s fragrance. Commitment to the taste of color, throughout. However, mastering the scent is vetiver, incense grass, making the orange and pepper mixture less sharp acid, becoming warmer friendly closer. The scent is hard, but also familiar. Terre d’Hermès is loved because in a sea of fragrances for men gradually become lifeless, easygoing, lack of personality, this creativity is subtle, delicate and different. If you are new to perfume but do not like the unique feel of Aquatic, the Terre d’Hermès is a perfect fit.

Terre d’Hermes Parfum begins with a sweet and gentle citrus scent. Next came the combination of pepper, cedar, patchouli, and the seductive musk of a strong man. After a few hours, what remains on the skin will be the warmth of woody notes, benzoin and oakmoss.

Terre’s scent is the obvious polarization of the nuances but it does not break apart, just like the subtlety associated with simplicity, modesty and power. This fragrance will help you come to the “self” you have been searching for, showing people around your manifesto without speaking.

If you are looking deodorant same smell, you can pick here:Hermes Terre D’Hermes Deodorant Stick 

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2. Guerlain Vetiver

The most famous and popular vetiver perfume is Hermès’s Terre d’Hermès. Other vetiver fragrances, belonging to the “senior elders”, are not old and are still alive and well,  Guerlain Vetiver for Men. This masterpiece was born in 1959, immediately became the scent of success and longevity of the famous French flower state.

Vetiver fragrance with citrus notes. Fresh and fresh notes of green and woody notes are in the middle notes and are reinforced with peppermint and tobacco in the late incense. The middle notes are quite sharp and somewhat sour thanks to Vetiver and cedar incense. Thanks to this incense, the overall fragrance of the perfume is bitter and resembles metal.

GuerlainVetiver is loved so much that many years later, those who love the scent of plants and earth still respect and consider this to be the most unique theme of vetiver for men. Guerlain’s Vetiver smells lethargic, nostalgic, warm and dry like autumn leaves, with the smell of tobacco, taciturn, cuddly, close, and … not for young people. It’s the best cheap vetiver fragrances for you.

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3. Fat Electrician of Etat Libre d’Orange

Fat Electrician of Etat Libre d’Orange was released to the public in 2009 in its extremely popular bottle. Antoine Maisondieu is the perfume designer who created the oriental wood fragrance for men.

Fat Electrician is like the explosion of incense sticks when the perfume just touches your skin with bitter taste and the smell of smoke is accompanied by the sweet, fatty smell of chestnut and warm aroma The plastic makes up a nearly perfect combination. The aroma settles down slowly but still retains the aroma of incense grass with the appearance of sweet vanilla with the fat of the cream to create a variety of emotions for the user.

The scent of fresh green, sweet and sexy at the same time make a very special character for Fat Electrician. Wearing this scent, men are really alluring and fascinating.

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4. Gray Vetiver – Tom Ford

The Tom Ford brand has launched a new male fragrance called Gray Vetiver in September 2009. With the incense-burner in the lead role, Gray Vetiver is adorned with savory flavors and warm wood.

In Tom Ford Gray Vetiver, the protagonist is Vetiver that is crafted to bring freshness and appeal – classic, chic, bold and masculine. Vetiver will gradually appear from behind the wings to the main stage and continue to grow from incense to top notes. And this scent is extracted in a revolutionary way. The top notes are fresh, with a blend of orange blossom, grapefruit and sage, gradually wrapped in a warm film of woody notes and vibrant middle notes. Energetic energies are gradually radiated with a mixture of orris, nutmeg and pimento peppers. A golden amber incense scent led to the smell of aromatic and attractive aroma. Oyster moss brings natural green and woody aroma, this perfume completes the harmony of the perfume, creating a cool feeling, but also the scent seems to melt into the body heat naturally.

Gray Vetiver as the descendant of the “old man” Guerlain Vetiver when retaining the exotic aroma of vetiver, but instead of smoke cigarettes, scent fresh citrus fragrance. Gray Vetiver smell strong, full of vitality, youthful, bright, love life. Due to the woody aroma combined with citrus, the fragrance is particularly easy to use in all weather conditions, go to work – go play – go meetings are ideal.

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5. Encre Noire – Lalique

Speaking of vetiver that misses Encre Noire, it’s a big pity. Encre Noire is beautifully beautiful from form to content. Lalique, the French luxury hauteur, refers to the scent of the owner’s mark, printed on the skin, written in the air, in the mind. Vetiver this time is not only green, but also the smell of ink writing strange, creating the smell of green just pure black. Contrasts in harmony and poetry, scent is close and just quiet

Encre Noire is a fragrance by Lalique, a fragrance for men. The scent was released in 2006, is a creation of Nathalie Lorson. Encre Noire is a mysterious scent, is said to be dedicated to the elegant and mysterious gentleman. This is an excursion of the olfactory sensation through the jungle of vetiver, a rich woody scent, contained in a bottle of perfume that evokes the image of an ink bottle.

Encre Noire displays the scents of two types of vetiver (Bourbon and Haitian), cypress, cashmere and musk. This is a mysterious, pungent, somewhat nasty, not as bright, pure perfume as Guerlain’s Vetiver, which feels like toner. At the same time, its taste is recognizable, the aromatic notes of jasmine, rustic open the aroma complex, white musk and cashmere wood bring a warmth to the base notes.

Encre Noire really is a complex, impressive aroma for men, help you honor the mystery of yourself. Encre Noire is ideal for any occasions, this tempting scent will exalt the seductive sensuality hidden within you, help you become confident and energetic, ready to confront every challenge. This is a beautiful and delicate creation that is sought after by many people for its very affordable price.

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6. Infusion de Vetiver – Prada

Infusion de Vetiver is a limited edition perfume bottle from the Prada brand and was launched in 2010. Daniela Andrier is the one who refined the scent. With Infusion de Vetiver, the Prada brand first transformed into a male fragrance but still has the style of the Infusion collection.

Pure gingerbread notes, with passionate spices, create a feeling of grapefruit. The scent is then blended with vinegar, which has an aroma of herbal remedies and basil combination. This aromatic scent leads us to peppercorns, giving a pungent and sweet feeling. As it settles down, the perfume unveils Vetiver notes of fresh, light wood mixed with a bit of crushed green leaves. You can also feel the aroma and the smell of chalk, as in the original Infusion d’Homme perfume.

If you are a fan of Vetiver, you should try Infusion de Vetiver. A simple yet passionate scent with attractive notes of Vetiver and added with spice notes give warmth and elegance to the user. The fragrance of perfume will give you a feeling of cleanliness and refreshment as you have just bathed and nourished throughout a long day. This is a bottle of perfume for the day, suitable for spring and summer.

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7. Original Vetiver by Creed

Orginal Vetiver is a new and modern look for the classic incense scent. These fragrances often extract their aroma from the roots. However, Original vetiver blends the aroma of the leaves to create a fresh and unique effect. Original Vetiver was launched in 2004 and featured a scented perfume fragrance. The creator of this scent was Olivier Creed 6th and Erwin Creed 7th.

This unisex bottle combines incense grass with lemon and Mediterranean spices to create a warm, sexy and delicate fragrance for the fragrance of the perfume. The scent stimulates the sunshine of summer in southern France. Original Vetiver fragrances are sure to appeal to men and women

Original Vetiver has always been a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a classic fragrance to their fragrance collection. Its scent is suitable for a variety of occasions, from dating to hanging out with friends or romantic meals with sweethearts. No matter where you are, this fragrance will surely attract attention on your part.

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8. Frederic Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire

Frederic Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire perfume is a fragrance of the oriental floral woody fragrance for men and was launched in 2002. Dominique Ropion purifies the scent of the perfume.

The fragrance begins with a lemon-lime scent, but is present briefly, before the spice flavors come in to make the aroma quite intense and diffused. After the aroma gradually settles down, the aroma brings a dewy taste of moss, wood and incense. Fragrance almost unchanged from moment to moment. If you really like incense grass is full of an ideal choice for you.

The shape design of the cylinder body, made from transparent glass, shows the pale yellow perfume inside. The cylindrical bottle cap is black in accordance with the black ring around the bottle body, creating a unified whole, simple but equally delicate.

The aroma of Vetiver Extraordinaire really highlights the nature of the aromatherapy grass rather than mixed with the sweet and bright. With a wonderful flow of aroma from 7-12h, this is definitely a perfect perfume for a strong and dynamic man.

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9. Bal d’Afrique by Byredo 

Inspired by the Paris capital of the late 1920s and the influences of African culture, art, music and dance at the time, the Swedish, Byredo brand was launched a new fragrance named Bal d’Afrique in 2009. The famous perfume producer Jerome Epinette created this wonderful perfume combination. This is a good vetiver fragrance you can choose to use.

The Bal d’Afrique opens with a fresh citrus scent, not too sharp and strong. Sweet, feminine flowers will make you feel anxious. The sweetness is not as intense as the perfume gourmand (vanilla) , which is quite fresh and delicate. Sometimes you can also find something that is both salty and cool. The base notes with vetiver and Virginia Cedar will remain warm and passionate on your skin.

The cylindrical shape of the bottle is transparent and translucent in green, with a black round cap that creates a simple yet luxurious fragrance.

Simply amazing. The delightful combination of fruits and flowers brings a sweet, dramatic sweetness, creating a unique character for Bal d’Afrique. The aroma is quite good and the flowering time range is over 8 hours, surely it will be one of the perfect scents for those who love sweet scent and vetiver.

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10. Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

In 2006, The Different Company perfected the perfume fragrance Sel de Vetiver, which is suitable for both men and women. Sel de Vetiver was created by the hands of the famous perfume artist Celine Ellena.

Celine Ellena expresses the scent of two greens (Bourbon and Haitian) wisely and skillfully with the help of sea salt and gourmet bourbon geranium. This is a mysterious, pungent flavor with the onset of spicy cardamom against the freshness of grapefruit and bergamot. At the same time, the taste of Tahiti vetiver, woody aromas, rustic geranium bourbon led the aromatherapy blend. Meanwhile bourbon vetiver and sea salt bring a unique, interesting and deeply into the senses to finish the scent.

Elegant and luxurious perfume bottle with angled and stable glass body, revealing classic yellow perfume inside. Cylindrical cap with a pretty metallic three-layer design.

Sel de Vetiver is really a complex scent. Sel de Vetiver is ideal for any casual occasion. This seductive scent will exude the sensuality, seduction hidden inside you, help you become confident and energetic, ready to face every challenge.

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Whether you have 100 perfume bottles or never had a scent, do not forget Vetyver, the only scent that is only for men.

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  • Lalique encre noir is my favourite and signature vetiver perfume… i loved it..
    And I use Guerlain’s Vetiver layered with citrus as a bug spray. It’s a great combination, both fragrance-wise and as a bug deterrent

  • Guerlain Vetiver and Frederic Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire is nice scent with me. Thanks Frank for the review. I love Vetiver scent so much

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