Top 7 Best Hugo Boss Perfume for Men 2018


In 1984, Hugo Boss introduced the first perfume. Since then, the brand has constantly added the fragrance featured in this line, bringing Hugo Boss perfume into the brand as well as other brands in the field of perfume. Here  Top 7 Best Hugo Boss Perfume for Men 2018 that you should try:

Ultimate Guide To Top 7 Best Hugo Boss Colognes For Men

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best time to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss for Men4-6All time$$4.3
Boss Selection By Hugo Boss For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray4-6Spring,Fall and winter$$4.1
Hugo Boss JUST DIFFERENT Eau de Toilette, 2.5 Fl Oz4-6All time$$4.5
HUG0 RED by HUG0 B0SS eau de toilette spray 2.5 oz.(75 ml)4-6Spring and Summer$$
Hugo Boss BOTTLED Eau de Toilette, 3.3 Fl Oz4-6Spring and Summer$$4.2
Hügo Böss Böttled Intënse Cölogne For Men 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray + a Soap FREEBIE7-12Spring,Fall and winter$$
Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited 2 Piece Gift Set4-6Spring and Summer$$

How to choose the right Perfume

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Review Top 6 Best Hugo Boss Perfumes for Men

1. Hugo Boss Selection

Hugo Boss Selection represents the style of confident, elegant and successful men. Fragrant Fougere fragrances are fragrances created for men who are proud of their careers. Start with the luscious scent of lemon and citrus spice. The aroma of the aroma of the fruity mainstream, fading a few modern flowers and cedarwood. The warmth of the heliotrope and musk is so full of harmony and depth that the Hugo Boss Selection fragrance is full of fragrance.

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2. Hugo Boss Just Different

This is a simple, versatile fragrance that can be used for day and night and in most seasons. Hugo Boss Just Different represents the modern, seductive and elegant young generation. Starting with the vibrant scent of mint and green apple, to the center of the scent is the harmonious combination of South African orchids with a little basil and aromatic herbs, making the fragrance a unique part. The warm aroma of patchouli, cashmere wood, aquaria and labdanum.

Hugo Boss Just Different created a pleasant innovation, this product will be suitable for the young, dynamic.

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3. Hugo Boss Hugo Red

In 2013, Hugo Boss launches Hugo Boss Hugo Red Oriental fragrances. This fragrance of dynamic and bold men. Hugo Red’s main notes are rhubarb, pineapple and metallic incense. Top notes are the explosive mixture of grapefruit, pineapple flavor and metallic flavor. The middle note is a combination of fruit not too sweet and strong with metal flavor. Later on, the fruit flavor fades away leaving the freshness and exhilaration of the aroma. This is the scent typical of the strong, masculine and daring men.

Hugo Boss Hugo Red perfume is a pleasant aroma, so it is not too picky, but it is more suitable if it is for a guy over 25 years old.

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4. Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited

Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited perfume launched in 2014 with outstanding notes create a mixture of extremely masculine and strong aroma. begins with the aroma of refreshing aroma of the doctor led olfactory sense is soothed with the sweet scent of pineapple. Finally, close the fragrance chain with a strong and charming aroma of precious wood and labdanum.

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5. Hugo Boss Bottled Intense

A new fragrance will be released in 2015. Hugo Boss Bottled Intense perfume is inspired by the fragrance of men’s fragrances, modernity and personality. Bottled Intense is a better choice. For guys who have shaped their own style, mature, elegant. The warm woody notes add to the elegance and confidence of the first Hugo Boss Bottled.

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6. Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Bottled Night is another version of the 1998 original Hugo Boss Bottled Scent. With its distinctive, mesmerizing scent of the mysterious night, Bottled Night creates an alluring charm. Guys, give them more confidence, master everything at hand and do it easily. Bottled Night will fit in the night, as its name implies.

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