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Top 7 Best Ralph Lauren Perfume for Men 2020

Top 7 Best Ralph Lauren Perfume for Men 2020

Last Updated on March 10, 2020 by Frank

As one of the most famous designers in America, Ralph Lauren is an expression of elegance that never changes. From the collection of cravats in 1967, until now the Ralph Lauren brand has grown around the world with many different products.

In 1978, the first two perfume events for men and women were introduced at the same time as Ralph Lauren brought the Polo for Men and Lauren for women. Both of these fragrances have become classics around the world. Today, the collection of Ralph Lauren’s famous and award-winning fragrances is complemented by new fragrances, each featuring a distinctive personality and a different lifestyle in the Ralph Lauren tradition. Here Top 7 Best Ralph Lauren Perfume for Men 2020

Ultimate Guide To Top 7 Best  Ralph Lauren Colognes For Men

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best time to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Ralph Lauren Safari Eau de Toilette Spray6-8Spring,Fall and winter$$4.5
Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray, 4.2 Ounce6-8Spring,Fall and summer$$4.3
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men Eau De Toilette Spray, 6.7 Ounce6-8All time$$4.3
Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 4.2 Ounce6-8Spring,Fall and winter$$4.3
Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau de Toilette Natural Spray7-12Fall and winter$$4.2
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 4.2 Ounce7-12Spring,summer$$4.4
Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren for Men 4.2 oz Parfum Spray6-8Spring,summer$$4.5

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Review Top 7 Best Ralph Lauren Fragrances for Men

1. Ralph Lauren Safari

Ralph Lauren Safari brings aromatic fragrance for men. Lemon and bergamot extracts stand out very early, mixed with a bit of aroma like eucalyptus and other rhythms to stimulate a sour herb aroma. The middle notes are often depicted, so the spice garden usually intermixes a floral blossom of primrose, tarragon, and especially the wonderful blend of cinnamon extract and top notes to create a classic familiarity.

But then it was highlighted by the lightest floral scent, giving Safari a wider range of diffusion than the regularity of the scent. At the evaporation stage, cedarwood, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, leather and amber cede the moment of full bloom and then deepen to the depths of the herb extract of the middle notes to the end.

Called Safari, you recognize the men’s fragrance of the Ralph Lauren style icon that will inspire adventures and pursuits. A very masculine scent, very rich and possessing subtlety just enough to accompany you in a series of intimate events. Safari is a perfect choice for busy men and it is not uncommon for Safari to be extremely successful in the United States.

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2. Ralph Lauren Polo Red

Polo Red is known as a fierce energetic villain because of the aroma characteristic of red fire. Turn on the red grapefruit and mixed with cranberry and Italian lemon.

Polo Red brings fresh freshness inspiration. The middle notes are the red herbs and the sage and saffron as a juicy cocktail with deadly charm. The end of the smell in the red color cannot be more brilliant than the taste of wood and amber interwoven mixed with fragrant coffee beans. The beauty of wood and spices is blended perfectly with the incredible creativity of the state flower Olivier Gillotin evokes a strong masculine style.

Polo Red represents a trendy, power and distinctive perfume design. Red sensual scent brings inspiration, charm and excitement to the men who bring in their motivation. An inspirational product by Ralph Lauren, a fiery dance of spicy red saffron, luscious red grapefruit and lively redwood awakening the curiosity discovered in every man. Bring yourself Red, you really are a man that all women covet.

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3. Ralph Lauren Polo Black

Polo Black, launched in 2005, offers a gentle fragrance for gentlemen. Created by Pierre Negrin, Polo Black is a wonderful combination of tonka bean notes, sandalwood, patchouli, mango, sage, tangerine, lemon and wormwood.

The beginning is an impressive scent, fresh, just natural but also very passionate and masculine. As it gradually fades after about 20-30 minutes, a refreshing woody aroma mixed with a little passionate flavor. This is also the time when Polo Black became the brightest when the citrus scent took center stage with patchouli and sandalwood became so prominent. At the end of incense, tonka bean appears and blends with the base of the back.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black brings a new concept to the lifestyle of the Polo, a stylish urban lifestyle for gentlemen in modern times. Polo Black offers a seductive scent, a bit of mystery and a bit of provocation for those who feel it. This is a good day and night scent. Easy to use with many different skin types. Good for all seasons.

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4. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Polo Blue belongs to Aromantic Fougere Fragrances. The product is designed for men and was launched in 2003. Top notes are watermelon, citrus, cucumber. Middle notes are basil, sage and wormwood. The base note is musk, aromatic wood and suede.

Polo Blue started with a mixture of melon and cucumber, along with cucumber and tangerine, which brought the freshness, sweetness, and sweetness of the fruit to maturity. The middle note is the spicy flavor of the vinegar with aromatic scents of sage and basil, which makes the sweetness of the aroma softer, while also exposing the strong and gentlemen. Finally, there is a mixture of green moss and woody notes mixed with delicate scent of musk and essence of patchouli – all make a fragrant, poetic fragrance. Only available at Polo Blue.

Elegant, polished, the Polo Blue is simply designed with a fresh, crisp, deep blue ocean that delivers a classic yet never outdated look.

Inspired by the freedom of the vast sky and the strong waves of the ocean, Polo Blue delivers a fresh, fresh fragrance that is a perfect perfume for you. dynamic male. With a wonderful combination of cool and warm aromas, the perfume bottle offers a fresh, seductive sensation with a classic, elegant look. Polo Blue deserves to be considered as a precious green crystal of Ralph Lauren.

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5. Polo by Ralph Lauren

Polo by Ralph Lauren was introduced in 1978. Polo is one of Ralph Lauren’s first perfume and was created by Carlos Benaim. This masculine scent possesses a harmonious blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss.

True to the masculine nature of the fragrance, Polo does not contain floral fragrance except for chrysanthemum. However, this fragrance brings more grass than floral fragrance.

Top notes of fresh, full of vitality, aroma, basil, thyme and spice blend of cumin, cilantro and lilac. The aroma is extremely strong and masculine as a coniferous forest, added to the scent of patchouli, moss and vetiver. The base note is the wrapped tangerine wrap of skin tones, tobacco and thyme that inspire great depth.

This stylish woody fragrance is well suited for everyday use. The pleasant and mysterious scent, attractive for women

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6. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport perfume was introduced to the public in 1994. A bottle of perfume draws on the lifestyle and values of sport and physical. Polo Ralph is a great success in men’s fragrances in general and a success in the process of brand modernization in particular.

A fresh, sporty scent of lemon and bergamot blended with mint and Asian fruit has created a truly unique fragrance. In addition to perfume, there is a fresh, warm and sporty floral flavor, combined with a harmonious blend of fruit notes. Aroma of ginger is present in the middle notes. And the notes on the skin with sandalwood and musk in the late incense. The result has created a scent that is somewhat complex but not overwhelming.

The design of the Polo Sport is very simple with the cover by cool blue eyes, full of freshness. Fragrance products have stood the test of time and are becoming a good seller everywhere. A fragrance makes the user happy and always received a lot of praise. The product is recommended for use on summer days, for sports enthusiasts or for work in the office.

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7. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Released in 2017 by bartender Olivier Gillotin, the design of Polo Red Extreme is a two-tone contrasting black and red color that creates a distinctive highlight for the perfume bottle. With a characteristic wooden scent, this perfume bottle is suitable for the brave, masculine and strong men, who dare to break their limits and hold true freedom for themselves.

The aroma is an addictive blend and the purity of the essence of black coffee, bright Blood Orange with black ebony note. By splitting up these three layers of fragrance, we immediately discover the secret that makes Polo Red Extreme burst with the unique oriental wood fragrance. Blood Orange for a sweet taste combine with a strong coffee, giving the taste like roasted cocoa. However, the appearance of ebony incense is the perfect highlight for this perfume bottle. Ebony wood appears in perfume bottles with the characteristics of wood and this is also the most favorite dark material to produce the most magical scent.

The degree of incense is considered to be relatively wide with a close fragrance. Polo Red Extreme is especially suitable for daily office environment or on hot summer days while keeping the sweet, passionate aroma.

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Wish you find a satisfactory scent from the brand Ralph Lauren!


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