Top Tips for Getting the Right Work-Life Balance


There are many people that are happy to work all the hours they can, for them, they may have the perfect job that gives them immense satisfaction. For those people, the idea of trying to establish a work-life balance won’t be a problem. However, if you are getting to the point where you cannot wait to leave work, so you can have time to yourself, then perhaps it is time that you worked on your work-life balance.

Step Away from the Emails

Have you ever got home from work and spent the rest of the evening replying to work emails, or sending emails when ideas pop into your head? If you have, then you are not alone, many people also keep working after they get home. However, if you are going to strike a good work-life balance, then you will need to start leaving the emails at work. It can be difficult to purposefully avoid dealing with emails, and you probably tell yourself that it will save you time later, but, it won’t. You should speak to your boss and tell them that you are planning to do this, so they know that emails won’t be answered after a certain time.

Just Say NoJust Say No

If you have the type of boss that is always wanting you to be available at all hours of the day, then it might be time to reconsider that arrangement. No-one can work continually without a break, even if you are working from home. You need to start learning to say no to people that want to take time from you. If you don’t want to work all hours, then start to say no to your boss or others that want your time. It might be a shock for them at first, but they will soon learn that you need time for yourself as well.

Put the Phone Away

If you are out with your family or you are at home together, try to put your phone away while spending time with them. Spend some time playing games from Fun Attic or watching a movie and try not to think about your phone at all. It can be difficult, especially as so many things in life are used or run on your phone. However, you want to have some special time with your family without any distractions.

Work Smarter Not HarderWork Smarter Not Harder

There is a school of thought that suggests you should work more and sleep less to be more productive. However, this opinion is not supported by many in the mental health field. They say that instead of working longer, you should work smarter. The way to achieve this is to prioritize your work and keep tasks to a set amount of time. It means avoiding those unstructured meetings that can run on for hours.

By trying to organize your life and learn to say no, you can start to think about other things instead of just work.


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