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Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Men’s Hair Clippers and Using Them Effectively

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Men's Hair Clippers and Using Them Effectively

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Frank

Many men do not like making trips to the barber often, but they have to in a bid to maintain a clean-cut. This can prove to be quite a costly affair that some do not appreciate. You can avoid this by investing in a great set of clippers. This way, you can cut your own hair to keep everything in check without having to dress up and leave the comfort of your home.

Cutting your own hair can seem like a daunting task at first. However, you should not worry about this after reading the guide as you will be well-equipped with basic knowledge that will help you purchase the right men’s hair clipper and put it to good use.

What to Look for When Buying a Hair Clipper

There are several features you must look out for to get your hands on the proper clippers. Carry out in-depth research to know the options available. Consider some essential features discussed below to help you land on an excellent product from a reliable brand.

What to Look for When Buying a Hair Clipper1. Battery Vs. Mains

The first decision you probably have to make is whether to get a battery operated clipper or a mains powered one. A person who is always on the go may find that the cordless one is a great option because they can do their thing. Shoppers looking for maximum power can go for the mains powered option because they can run for longer periods of time.

2. Blades

Make sure you get a clipper with top-grade sharp blades to make your work a lot easier. You can go for the stainless steel option or better yet grab a clipper that has ceramic blades. The later work better in that they do not heat up like the stainless steel version during continued sessions.

3. Taper Levels

Most hair clippers come with in-built levers at the side of the cutting blades. These help the user to vary the length of the hair you are cutting. It is an important feature because it prevents the blades from catching the skin when you are working on sensitive areas. Using such a machine also means that you do not have to keep switching guards when you do not want significant variation in the overall length of your hair.

4. Guards 

Guards are useful clip features, especially for people who do not want to cut the same length of hair. Most manufacturers have the guards in the product’s package. You fix this on the cutters so that you can have different hair lengths on a specific part of the head. They usually have numbers that guide you on the cutting lengths. This usually ranges from 0.5mm to 25 mm.

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Men's Hair Clippers and Using Them EffectivelyHow to Use the Clippers to Cut Hair

After shopping for the hair clippers and identifying the one you like, it is now time to test it out. Below are the steps to follow to get a smooth and clean cut without too many complications.

1. Wash your Hair

It is advisable to clean the hair before cutting it as it helps to make the task ahead a lot easier. You can experiment with both wet and dry hair to see what works best for you. This also helps to cover up so that you do not end up with hair everywhere.

2. Pick the Ideal Blades

The next step is to pick the blades to work with depending on the style you want to achieve. Use the lower blade numbers if you want short hair. For first-timers, it is recommended that you start out with the gentler blades, and as you gain more confidence you can move on to the shorter blades. If you are not comfortable with the Clippers, try and use them without power first so that you can experiment with different techniques and pressure before starting the work.

3. Start Trimming

After cleaning the hair and getting the proper blades, it is now time to start cutting the hair. It is usually best to start cutting from the base of the head and work your way to the top of the head. For an even cut, focus on working against the hair’s direction. Slightly tilt your head and rest your clippers at the back of your head. Turn the machine on and apply firm pressure to start cutting the hair. Make sure you have a grip firm on the clippers as you repeat the procedure until you have an even cut. Stop once in a while and run a comb through the hair to make sure you have an even finish.

4. Move to the Sides

After successfully moving from the base of the head to the top, it is now time to pay attention to the sides. Work this in a similar manner by starting from the bottom side. Use one hand to pull the ears away so that you get all the hairs that are around that area. Repeat the procedure until you have the look you want. Make sure you cover the entire head so that you can also be proud of a job well done. Examine the whole head to know if there are parts you have missed and work on them.

Take good care of your clippers if you want to use them for a long time. After use, brush or rinse the hair off the blades. You can also wash them with water and soap using a light brush or cloth to get into the difficult parts. Leave them out to dry in a towel.

Do not dip the entire clipper in water as this can be dangerous. Just brush off as much hair as possible from the exterior. Once in a while oil the blades with lubricating oil. Do this while the blades are turned on and let the oil run for a minute before switching off and eliminating any spillage. Store the clippers well when not in use to have them ready for next time.


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