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How do Men Handle Wedding Day Stress?

How do Men Handle Wedding Day Stress?

Last Updated on July 4, 2019 by Frank

Believe it or not, women are not the only ones who suffer bouts of panic attacks before the wedding day! In fact, most men are waiting for that red-letter day with bated breath as well. The only thing is that they have cultivated mechanisms that don’t let them become emotional about the day. 

With the wedding day fast approaching, you might find it difficult to stay calm and relaxed as the hours and minutes tick to that moment. Below are a few tips that will help grooms deal and even entirely get rid of the anxiety. 

Be Prepared

You have most likely heard that practice makes perfect, and this saying also applies to your wedding day – but in this case, practice will make you the perfect groom. Many men have to deal with the fear of being the center of attention and even facing the crowd can make some feel like a cat on hot bricks. As if that is not enough, there is the added stage phobia

One of the best ways of dealing with these irrational fears is by practicing your part and do it well. Get your lady to rehearse with you the entire ceremony itinerary, at least several times. Practice helps you achieve perfection that will definitely make the day even more special – in addition, make sure you learn your speech by heart. 

Connect with Married Friends

Ladies openly share their fears, concerns, and tribulations with their friends, sisters, and mothers. On the other hand, men tend to keep to themselves and do not share the true state of their minds with their fellow men. 

When it comes to your wedding jitters, having a close circle of friends can save your nerves. Approach besties who have already tied the knot, they can offer you precious tips that will ease your concerns. 

While sharing, it is critical that you stay away from negative individuals. You will most likely have a clique of friends whose advice will turn out to be more confusing than helpful. Keep your distance from such, and choose a closed circle of friends. 

Help with Arrangements

Before the wedding day, the last thing you want to do is stay idle. While your family members are running around trying to get everything organized, it’s likely you will have plenty of free time on your hands. The idle time is the opportune chance for your thoughts to start wandering. 

Instead, you can keep yourself busy during the lead up to the wedding day as a strategy to distance yourself from negative thinking. Volunteer your services in duties such as maintaining constant communication with groomsmen and even visit Azazie online for unique wedding dress ideas. You will be doing your wife-to-be a huge favor by helping her in some of the decision-making. 

Spend Time with the Bride

Nothing beats sharing your concerns, anxieties, and insecurities with the woman you are about to make your wife. After all, you are both in the same situation. 

Furthermore, the bride has a right to have some insight into your thoughts considering that your future together is at stake. For both of you, the wedding is the start of a new chapter in life, so avoid any confusion and be honest with your feelings. 


While bachelorhood is an exciting stage in life, it cannot beat the true companionship that your coming marriage is set to bring. Men are bothered by the fact that marriage signifies a loss of independence and freedom, but keep in mind life after marriage also brings a set of unique charms. Keep the above strategies in mind and finally enjoy the nuptial day with your soul mate. 


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