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Trusted Tips On How To Identify What The Best Shampoo For Men

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Nowadays, many shampoo brands are coming up and they made people confused about what the best shampoo for men or women is. Men, like women, should be well-groomed all the time. However, the products that were made for women should not be used by men because there are counterpart products that are made especially for them.

If you want to skip all the text, the best shampoo for men in our opinion is definitely. People have different hair types, which means, the best shampoo for men depends on their hair types.

The best shampoo for men with thin hair will not be the best shampoo for men with long hair. There are a lot of different hair types, so in the following we will sum up all types and find the best suitable shampoo for you.

Colored hair

This type of shampoo is gentle because its ingredients maintain and preserve the color of the hair.

Most shampoos of this type have vitamins and organic vegetable proteins that adds body, energy and shine to the hair. Hair color brings cool style to men but they should always remember that they should take good care of their colored hair and use shampoo which is made mainly for colored hair, otherwise the color will most likely be gone after some washing procedures.

Curly hair

Men with curly hair should use creamy shampoos rather than clear ones. After bathing, a curl boosting spray or a curl-enhancing pomade could be used to bring healthy gloss to the hair. If they want to straighten their curls, they should use a straightening pomade to smoothen the waves of their hair.

Additionally, you can also blow your hair dry afterwards for an increasing curly effect.

Dandruff removal

For men who want to minimize or remove their dandruff, they should use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Menthol or evergreen treatment shampoo has the ability to reduce flaking as well as revive the beauty of the hair. It is also gentle for everyday use. You may use it whatever your daily activities are. One good thing about it is that it rejuvenates the scalp.

Dry hair

Yes, men could have dry hair too even their hair is mostly shorter than that of the average woman. Shampoo for men with dry hair contains gentle cleansers and rich protein conditioners. Those ingredients balance the acid that the shampoo contains. Which means this shampoo is best for dry and damaged hair. Damaged hair is caused by chemical treatments or lack of care. So always be sure to make use of the best shampoo for men, otherwise you will end up with damaged, dry and thin hair in the end.

Fine hair

Most of us love to have thick hair. And having thick hair is one of the greatest dreams for men with fine hair. Don’t worry, there is a product especially made to enhance the thickness of the hair. This kind of shampoo is clear, gentle, and rich in protein. It also contains panthenol that penetrates the hair follicle and also thickens the hair. Furthermore, this shampoo is perfect for everyday use. Another hint, make sure to wash your hair daily with this shampoo so that excess oils from the scalp will be eliminated. It is because an oily scalp flattens the hair.

Gray or white hair

Lack of pigmentation causes gray hair to men. Without pigmentation, hair will have no color and will be transparent. Shampoos made especially for gray or white hair have Omega 3 that is deeply penetrated into the hair follicle and delivers nutrition to keep the follicle in its original color. The oil called “follicle awakened” is present in this kind of shampoo which prevents the possibility of having gray hair. Omega 3 is a must have for everyone who wants to properly grow their hair and prevent the case of getting gray or even white hair.

Oily hair

Having oily hair is a nightmare to most people, even men. If having dry hair is a problem, having oily hair is as problematic. It is a fact that too much of something is bad enough. Oily hair is caused by excessive secretion of sebum. It is also caused by dirt, genetic factors, heat, humidity, and pollution.

Please also take note that excessive use of hair styling products may cause oily hair. Shampoos for oily hair contain correct or enough amount of oil that balances the pH levels of the hair and scalp. You may use herbal shampoos with natural extracts to treat oily hair as well. It’s safer yet also effective.

Long hair

I advise most men with long hair to take a look at the best shampoo for women. The ingredients are mostly perfect, because in general the hair of men and women do not differ that much.

However, most shampoos for women have a lot of unnatural ingredients and can badly hurt the appearance of your hair. You should test and check out different products until you find a shampoo which is perfect for your hair.

Normal hair

Well, there is not much to say about the average man with normal hair. You can be glad because you are able to make use of nearly every shampoo out there. Just make sure not to overdo it, otherwise, you will end up with oily and dry hair. And no real man wants that.

Conclusion on the topic, best shampoo for men

Most people have problems with their hair. Who doesn’t? Well, if you don’t have hair problems, you are so lucky because you are having benefit with your crowning glory. However, we should always consider the hair types and specific hair problem before choosing what the best shampoo for men


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